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  • Modernization fund school buildings on the basis of territorial spatial educational models (оn the example of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic)

    The paper deals with questions of modernization fund school buildings on the basis of territorial spatial educational models. Revealed three specific models for the country, the use of which can contribute to finding optimal solutions in the design and architectural modernization of school buildings.

    Keywords: architectural design, modernization, model, school building

  • From gypsum-alumina expansive cement to expansive cement Type M. Changes in the expansion kinetics

    The composition, basic properties and application scope of the two main types of expanding binders historically most widespread in Russia such as gypsum-alumina expansive cement and expansive cement Type M are given. The expansion kinetics of the binders ranging from gypsum-alumina expansive cement to expansive cement Type M is observed. The role of lime as a supplement and as a hydration product of the Portland cement in the expansion process is shown: as a supplement in small values (2-4%) to gypsum-alumina expansive cement with higher gypsum concentration stabilizes the hardening and expansion process, in higher values boosts the expansion process to self-destruction. Optimization criteria of the expansion kinetics aimed at obtaining project expansion in 10 days of hardening without any additional chemical additives are proposed.

    Keywords: gypsum-alumina expansive cement, expansive cement type M, expansion kinetics, lime

  • Calculation of the strength of reinforced beams with an aggregate of bimodulus of elasticity material with the use of different theories of strength

    The paper considers arbitrarily supported arbitrarily loaded reinforced, beam with an aggregate of bimodulus of elasticity material. Formulas for determination of the tangential stresses arising in the aggregate, subject to the reinforced elements. Formulas are obtained for principal stresses occurring at an arbitrary point in the aggregate, as well as the equation for determining the point where major stresses reach extreme values. Are terms of strength as the classical theories of strength, and strength criteria applied for calculation of constructions made of bimodulus of elasticity material.

    Keywords: reinforced beam, bielastic modulus, stress, normal concrete, strength criteria.

  • Increase of power efficiency of protecting designs - a way of increase of efficiency of operation of buildings and constructions

    The role of technical inspection as source of definition of an actual state of protecting designs is considered. Not destroying methods of definition of durability and thermal properties of materials of external walls are resulted. The thermographic method of not destroying control is considered, the list of thermal characteristics which can be defined with its use is presented. Modern requirements to thermal characteristics of external walls are presented and the materials most often meeting in protecting designs are considered. It is considered as a possible variant of increase of thermal properties of protecting designs - the device of hinged ventilated facades. The scheme of carrying out of a damage control, a substantiation of economic efficiency of the device of hinged ventilated facades and other technical advantages concerning other ways of warming of facades is presented.

    Keywords: Technical inspection, thermographic quality monitoring, thermal characteristics of protecting designs, hinged ventilated facade

  • Problems of designing a new school complex for 1,400 students in a residential area "Leventsovsky" the city of Rostov-on-Don

    This article discusses the design of complete large- schools, school building maintenance problems complexes contradictions relevant requirements of normative documents . Analyzes the space-planning decisions , tsvetofakturnye using modern environmentally friendly and durable materials and technologies in the finish, including vandal-proof coating. Designers have been carefully studied dedicated land for future construction of a school complex with a view to the most rational "landing" of the school building , to provide the necessary sanitary requirements , insolation and aeration territory , reliable solution that reduces the cost of running the building.

    Keywords: design, stroiteotstvo, space-planning decisions, decoration, interior

  • Design and Art School in paragraph Alexandrovka, Rostov-on-Don

    This article discusses the implementation of the Children's Art School in additional pre-service education programs. Additional education poses the problem corrections professional training plans and programs for the development of the educational process. The aim of any school , including the school of arts is - provide an opportunity for the development of multifaceted abilities of each student's development needs and readiness for self-education , and for this it is necessary to create the conditions for such an educational environment that will allow full self-realization of every child regardless of the family's capacity and power giftedness.

    Keywords: design, stroiteotstvo, space-planning decisions, decoration, interior

  • Accounting for the effects of differences between the moduli of elasticity in compression and tension in the calculation of the strength of reinforced beams with filler of foamy fibrous concrete

    The article investigates the impact on the normal stresses of inequality of the young modulus for tension and compression in the bending of reinforced beams. Obtained formulas for determination of the bending moments that arise in the fixture, compressed and stretched zone of the aggregate. Found the formula for the normal stresses arbitrarily supported reinforced beams, arbitrary cross section and arbitrarily loaded bending loads. For example, reinforced beams of rectangular cross-section shows the determination of the neutral line and maximum stresses.

    Keywords: reinforced beam, elastic modulus, stress, normal concrete

  • The influence of some water-repellent additives on the change in the strength of cement stone

    The article briefly describes the history пояявления hydrophobic cements. Considered one of the прспективных directions for the use of water-repellent additives today - in the dry construction mixtures and confirmed the significance of this direction. The article describes the results of experiments on the impact on the indicators of a cement-sandy solution additives series GMI and the analysis of the received data  

    Keywords: hydrophobic cement, hydrophobic additives, dry construction mixtures, porosity of a cement stone, strength cement-sandy solution, involving air, antifoam, antifoam agent

  • Information about authors (№2, 2013)

    Information about authors of issue №2 (2013)

    Keywords: authors

      Due to the increasing requirements of modern building materials increased interest in energy-efficient building materials. The dependence of the viscoplastic properties of slurries for foam concrete production on the composition and properties of the components of mix. To determine the regulatory properties of cement-sand slurries should consider the state of the water in a dispersed system.

    Keywords: Foam concrete water content, water forms of communication, water retention of cement and sand, formation of foam membrane

      Petro graphic analysis of the structure of foam concrete, reinforced with glass dispersion and synthetic fibers showed that the real nature of the fiber controls the parameters of their structure and strength.

    Keywords: fiberfoamconcrete, structure, form pores, fiber, strength

      In article negative influence of polymeric construction materials on a human body and surrounding his environment is shown, and also results of earlier carried out tests are given. The construction material – fiberfoamconcrete, which proved as a material possessing low heat conductivity, at the expense of strong porous structure of mezhporovy partitions is revealed modern constructional and heatinsulating.

    Keywords: fiberfoamconcrete, polymers, heat insulating materials, fire safety, construction materials

  • Information about authors (№3, 2012)

    Information about authors of issue №3 (2012)

    Keywords: authors

  • Features of technical diagnostics it is long maintained water carrying out constructions

    Results of technical diagnostics are given is long maintained water carrying out constructions nondestructive control methods on an example of irrigating systems of the South of Rossi. Possibility of use of devices of nondestructive control is especially noted at inspection them that allows operatively, without additional damages, to receive an objective assessment of their technical condition. When using this approach there is a possibility justification of parameters of defects and damages which it is impossible to establish at visual survey.

    Keywords: the hydraulic engineering constructions which are water carrying out channels, nondestructive control methods, modeling, a technical condition.

  • The effect of temperature on the features of structure formation of foam concrete mix

    Carried out a comprehensive analysis of the factors governing the strength and resilience foams, for the manufacture of foam concrete mixes. Found that lowering the temperature of mixing water helps to improve the structural properties of the foams. 
    Keywords: surfactants, foam, lyotropic liquid crystals.