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  • Transformation of the urban environment: the experience of the Moscow region (on the example of the city of Dmitrov)

    The article considers issues on the arrangement of the urban environment in terms of the integrated development of urban areas. The principles of competent formation of pedestrian spaces are formed thanks to the formed pedestrian spaces of European cities. The ways of development of the urban environment of the city of Dmitrov, Moscow Region, for the attractiveness of the urban environment, improve the condition and aesthetic perception of the territory are indicated.

    Keywords: Moscow region, landscaping, urban environment, pedestrian zone

  • Dynamic control of the microcontroller core power supply voltage

    The article deals with the power supply of the microcontroller core, which allows you to adjust the voltage to ensure the necessary balance between performance and power consumption of the system. When using this source, the core power supply voltage depends on the fill factor of the pulse-width modulated generator. These expressions allow you to adapt the proposed source for a microcontroller with an arbitrary power supply voltage.

    Keywords: microcontroller, microprocessor system, embedded system, stabilizer, core power, performance, power consumption, video surveillance system, pulse-width modulation, fill factor

  • Development the system for analysis of real estate in typical apartment buildings based on mass valuation methods

    The paper discusses modern approaches to the mass valuation of real estate, automated systems for typical buildings assessment, and also provides the development of a method for the continuous assessment of real estate objects, which makes it possible to effectively evaluate groups of real estate objects and infrastructure. This research is aimed at studying the economic component of this process - modeling of a system for assessing the market valuation of real estate in typal development objects. The purpose of the study is to develop a system of continuous assessment (mass valuation) of real estate, taking into account the current methodological support of the process of assessing the market value of real estate, and should contribute to the improvement of the comparative approach to valuation in the framework of the practical activities of appraisers, as well as for state regulation of the real estate market.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Algorithm and structure of the enterprise financial analysis software complex

    The article proposes a structure and algorithm for managing a software complex for analyzing the financial condition of an enterprise. The developed software package is designed to identify data patterns when conducting financial analysis taking into account the specifics of the enterprise.

    Keywords: analytical platform, management algorithm, data warehouse, data processing scenario, balance sheet, key figure, information base, data visualization, efficiency

  • Technique of modeling thermal processes for electronic equipment

    The article describes the technique of resource-intensive (in terms of computing resources) and accurate assessment of the thermal mode of electron-ic equipment. The method involves the consist use of software packages “AN-SYS” and “ASONIKA–TM” to calculate temperature pattern that occurs dur-ing operation of the device. Accounting result in “ANSYS” is used as a thermal boundary condition of the first kind for the calculation in “ASONIKA–TM”

    Keywords: thermal processes, heat exchange, control system, launch vehicle, finite element method, FEM, ANSYS, ASONIKA – TM

  • Calculation of operational parameters of a household chiller

    A model of a household refrigeration machine (BHM) is considered. The refrigerating capacity, thermal load are determined, the compressor and operational parameters are calculated, the cycle of the chiller in p-i coordinates is built.

    Keywords: household refrigerator, temperature, refrigerator, heat load, cooling capacity, compressor, heat influx

  • RDF as an alternative energy source

    The article deals with obtaining RDF fuel based on solid municipal waste. The expediency of using this type of fuel in the cement industry is justified, since its combustion in cement furnaces has less impact on the environment due to the high temperature level of the process. The composition of RDF fuel by elements is analyzed. Due to the fact that this fuel from different sources has a difference in the heat of combustion of two times or more, the heat of combustion of RDF fuel for the middle zone of Russia was experimentally determined and its compliance with GOST R 55127-2012.

    Keywords: solid municipal waste, MSW, Recycle Derived Fuel, RDF fuel, lower combustion heat, ash content, alternative energy source, colorimetric bomb

  • Settlement automation in the information system for managing investment projects of energy grid companies

    The article is devoted to the process of managing the investment activities of energy grid companies. The life cycle of the investment program of the energy grid company is described. The principle of accounting for investment programs in the company is described, on the basis of which an algorithm for working in an automated system is developed. Also, formalization of the calculation of technical parameters affecting the calculation of economic performance indicators was carried out. A system of indicators of investment attractiveness for electric grid companies has been developed. An example of the implementation of the mechanism for automatic calculation of parameters and construction of diagrams in the system is given.

    Keywords: automation, energy network company, investment project, management system, electricity, key performance indicator, automated system, energy network company, capital investments, reporting

  • Double layer wall panel from papatoetoe

    The compositions of class B15-20 peplotuf concrete on tuff ash and crushed stone with the use of a plasticizer for use as a structural and thermal insulation layer in two-layer wall panels are proposed. The calculated heat transfer resistance of a two-layer structure is determined, and the dependence of the density and strength of the mixture on the cement consumption per 1m3 is established.

    Keywords: tuff rubble, tuff ash, expanded clay concrete, peplotufobetonnaya mix, multi-layer wall panel, structural and thermal insulation concrete

  • Method of sequential modeling of thermal processes for control systems equipment: research prospects

    The article is an overview of the problem of providing the thermal regime of radio-electronic equipment of launch vehicles and describes the need to develop a method of resource-intensive (from the point of view of computing resources) and accurate assessment of the thermal regime of radio-electronic equipment. The method involves the use of the finite element method and is a sequential use of the software packages "ANSYS" and "ASONIKA-TM" for calculating the temperature field that occurs during operation of the device

    Keywords: Thermal processes, heat exchange, control system, launch vehicle, finite element method, FEM, ANSIS, ASONIKA-TM, radio-electronic equipment, REA, electro-radio products, ERI

  • Synthesis of a neural network model for predicting thermal processes of power cable insulating materials

    The article is devoted to research of thermofluctuation processes of insulating materials of power cable lines (SCR) of electric power systems. It was established that an artificial neural network (ANN) can be used to compile a forecast of the temperature regime of a current-carrying core with an accuracy of 2.5% of the actual value of the core temperature. The comparison of the predicted values ​​with the actual ones allows us to talk about the adequacy of the selected network model and its applicability in practice for reliable operation of the cable system of power supply to consumers. The development of an intelligent system for predicting the temperature of the core SCR contributes to the planning of the operating modes of the power grid in order to increase the reliability and energy efficiency of their interaction with the integrated power system.

    Keywords: Neural networks, thermofluctuation processes, insulation materials, neural network architecture

  • Temperature dependence of the wetting angle of refrectory metals with Pb-Na melts

    The temperature dependence of the contact angle of wetting allows of Pb-Na of different concentrations on substrates of Co-Cr, Ni-Cr and stainless steel substrate 25X18H9C2 was studied by the method of a lying drop. Measurements were carried out by the method of a lying drop from 359°C to 800°C in an atmosphere of pure helium grade A. It is shown that the value of the wetting angle decreases with increasing temperature, wetting thresholds are observed.

    Keywords: wetting angle polytherms, wetting threshold, Co-Cr, Ni-Cr, 25X18H9C2 substrates

  • Analysis of automation systems for educational and methodological activities according to the criterion of functional completeness

    The article provides a comparative analysis of information systems for the computer-aided formation of educational and methodological support of a university according to the criterion of functional completeness. The analysis made it possible to systematize information on the functional completeness of software, to rank existing systems by the criterion of functional completeness, and to identify groups of similar systems. The effectiveness of the integration of educational and methodological information systems was studied to minimize the labor costs of university teachers.

    Keywords: university, educational-methodical software, comparative assessment, functional completeness, automation, integration

  • Method for increasing the production efficiency of ultralight refractories

    A method for increasing the production efficiency of ultra-lightweight refractory products is proposed, by optimizing the technology for preparing foam, which allows to release the products from the forms immediately after they are installed for drying. The plastic-viscous characteristics and stability of the foam can be increased by its mineralization, i.e. by introducing fine mineral substances into the foam-forming solution

    Keywords: foam mass, mineralization, ultimate shear stress, plastic-viscous characteristics, ultra-light refractories, aluminum-potassium alum

  • Eliminating odors of malodorous pollutants in water treatment systems

    The paper reveals the problem and causes of the formation of fetid compounds in the systems of transportation and wastewater treatment. Various methods used at the moment to eliminate and neutralize unpleasant odors, as well as a number of measures to clean the air from fetid compounds are considered. A new method is described to prevent the formation of odors of fetid compounds in wastewater transportation and treatment systems and a device for its implementation using low-intensity cavitation. The scheme of the device for sewage treatment from smells of fetid compounds. The principle of operation of this installation is described.

    Keywords: fetid compounds , air purification, biological purification, low-intensity cavitation