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  • Rationalization of technological, structural and architectural solutions of cable-stayed roofs of long-span stadiums

    The paper presents an analysis of stadiums with cable-stayed roof, in the context of progressive solutions used in various construction cycles. On the basis of the systematization carried out, the directions of the rational use of the identified methods of reducing material consumption and deformability, increasing the rigidity, stability of structures, improving the efficiency of installation work have been highlighted.

    Keywords: cable-stayed roof, long-span building, steel cable, aerodynamics, cable-stray, pylon, sports object, stadium, hanging roof, translucent roofing, light opening roof, monitoring system of the technical condition of the object, cable roof mounting

  • The process of progressive collapse of high-rise buildings and analysis of decisions that counteract it

    Modern construction industry is actively introducing new technologies and innovations in the field of high-rise buildings. This dictates certain requirements for the architectural and design features of the frameworks of buildings and the strengthening of foundations. It is necessary to give sufficient rigidity to the object in order to withstand external loads and impacts. All activities are aimed at ensuring the safety of people staying in a high-rise building. In recent decades, the construction of skyscrapers has increased, and such a notion as progressive collapse has become relevant. Therefore, the article examines and analyzes exactly progressive collapse as a problem requiring attention and a scientific approach to its elimination. The report concludes with some conclusions and recommendations.

    Keywords: progressive collapse, high building, security, the scheme of the framework, local area, rigidity, stability, dampening, external load, oscillation process, deformation

  • The main methods of increasing the stability and rigidity of large-span cable-stayed and hanging bridge structures

    The paper presents the systematization of the main methods for increasing the rigidity and stability of the cable-stayed and hanging types bridge structures , its given in conjunction with the analysis of the real objects. Among the methods presented are such techniques as: improving the quality of the material; additional structural elements that perceive vibrations; modification of the main elements of the design scheme. Also in the paper innovative developments applicable in the field of study are described.

    Keywords: transport structure, bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, bridge construction, guyed, pylon, rigidity of the bridge structure, stability of the bridge structure, operational safety of the bridge, aerodynamics of the bridge

  • Theoretical bases of processing of building structures with free abrasives

    The article presents an analysis of the main methods of processing building structures, that contribute to the preservation of the strength characteristics under aggressive environmental influences, as well as the basic principles for calculating the parameters of cleaning materials with free abrasives.

    Keywords: Free abrasive, particle, aggressive environment, dynamic impact, machining parts, probability estimate, contact patch, packing square, trajectory of movement, purification rate

  • The use of modern facade building materials in the design of high-rise buildings

    The article is a structured source of relevant types of building materials, which are used in the design of facades of high-rise buildings and structures. The technological features of each of them are considered and examples are given from the construction practice, in particular, the city of Rostov-on-Don.

    Keywords: High building, facade, panorama of the city, construction material, architectural-planning solution, atmospheric exposure, ""mirror"" material, economical raw materials, ventilation, combined facade

  • Modern designs of high-rise buildings on the example of the construction of the Lakhta Center

    The article deals with modern design and architectural planning decisions made in the design and construction of high-rise buildings. The scale and the scientific and technical level of the project represents a unique and first used in the practice of high-rise construction. The article analyzes the basic design decisions, a comparison with international practice and the best design solutions of skyscrapers in the world.

    Keywords: high-rise unique building, stability, load-bearing systems, modeling, progressive collapse, structural system, outrigger, skyscraper, column, core of rigidity, strength, reliability, horizontal load