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  • On the choice of construction site of military-Patriotic centers in Russia

    the design of a new object presupposes not only the functional aspect, but an important factor is the location of the building or structure. The choice of location is one of the fundamental criteria: it is necessary to take into account the infrastructure and architectural appearance of the selected area, the needs of the district or region in the projected facility.

    Keywords: constructivism, the architectural appearance, the blue line, multi-center, prototype, monuments, cultural centers, the Great Patriotic war

  • The relevance of designing unique buildings

    The purpose of the project: the creation of a multifunctional center, giving the people of this time to imagine the stage of development of culture and art in wartime and post-war time, to feel like members of the Great Victory. As a tribute to the fighting on the Blue Line, as a reminder of the exploits of our pilots in the sky of Kuban, the building is shaped center of military aircraft of the Second World War.

    Keywords: Constructivism, architectural appearance, the blue line, the fuselage, multi-center, innovation, inversion roof, World War II, a function block, a wind tunnel