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  • Finite element modeling of the piezoelectric element of the green energy accumulation device ACELAN

    The article is devoted to modeling the operation of a piezoelectric generator (PEG) in the form of a round bimorph plate with two piezoactive layers and an inertial mass. The considered PEG can serve as an element of the energy storage device, as a source of electrical energy obtained from the vibrations of structural elements and machines. The bending axisymmetric oscillations of a composite elastic and electroelastic body are considered in a linear formulation, taking into account the dissipation of mechanical and electrical energy. The problem is solved using the finite element method (FEM) in ACELAN. Statement of the problem simulates the fixation of PEG in a moving structure. A modal analysis of the device was carried out, the first frequencies of resonance, antiresonance, and electromechanical coupling coefficient were found. Next, the problem of forced harmonic oscillations at the first antiresonance frequency is solved and the output electric potential is determined. The dependences of the output characteristics of PEG on its geometrical parameters are constructed.

    Keywords: piezoelectric generator, energy storage, electric potential, finite element method