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  • Analysis of the economic advantages of overlapping from the LSTC in front of the wooden

    The article presents calculation of the cost of overlappings from LSTK and wooden ones. The floors of the two-storey house with a span and overlap with a span of 12 m were calculated. Calculation of the cost of materials is presented for each option. In conclusion, conclusions were drawn on the rational use of material types for each of the calculated spans.

    Keywords: light steel thin-walled structures, LSTK ceiling, wooden flooring, reduced characteristics, effective cross-section, construction

  • Comparative analysis of the methods for calculating thin-walled steel beams of the C-shaped profile according to domestic and foreign standards

    The lack of standards for the calculation of lightweight thin-walled steel structures allowed low-quality producers to save on production, which endangered the people who exploited such buildings. The appearance of normative documents for the calculation of thin-walled structures entails responsibility for the affirmers of these normative documents. In Russia, such norms appeared relatively recently and the purpose of this study was to compare domestic normative methods of calculation with non-significant ones. During the presentation of the study, the concept of a reduced (effective) section of a beam when working on bending was considered. Also, the same stages of the calculation methods were noted, indicating the places where the methods differ in their opinions. The result of this study is a comparison table for the basic geometric characteristic for obtaining the bearing capacity of an effective torque element of resistance. An analysis was carried out and a conclusion was drawn on these values.

    Keywords: steel structures, light steel thin-walled structures, thin-walled beams, reduced cross-section, bending work, C-shaped profile, effective cross-section, effective area, effective resistance moment

  • Bearing capacity and survivability of the hinge assembly of the beams to the columns on 2 bolts

    In this paper, it is proposed to update the values ​​of the bearing capacity of the hinge attachment of the beams to the columns on 2 bolts. A comparative analysis of the bearing capacity of the assembly presented in the 2.440-2 release 1 series and calculated according to modern building codes is carried out. Five calculation formulas were obtained for the five possible limiting states of the node. A table with the values ​​of the limiting forces perceived by the connection is presented. A possible variant of improving the assembly is presented, by including a support table in the work.

    Keywords: bearing capacity, metal structures, hinged unit, structural solution, connection of elements, limit state