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  • Realize construction and technical expertise of pools

    The water recreation industry is actively developing. An individual pool at home is also not uncommon for a long time, because everyone wants to live in comfortable conditions. Modern country houses place the pool on the ground floor of the premises on the plot next to the house. Despite the financial costs and time for maintenance, the health benefits of the pool, as well as the variety of leisure activities through taking water procedures or playing with children, are a very powerful argument in order to arrange a pool at home.The number of pools is increasing and the number of pools built with defects is also increasing. it may be because use low-quality construction materials and reduce their volumes, perform work by unskilled employees, violate the requirements of construction documents of the project. therefore it is necessary to carry out construction and technical examination.

    Keywords: construction, swimming pool, construction and technical expertise, regulatory documentation, defects

  • The main aspects of the methodology of the judicial construction and technical expertise

    Conducting judicial construction and technical expertise, must comply with certain procedures and rules. The article systematizes the main tasks of the examination; determined the purpose of its implementation; describes how to conduct a hearing; The authors revealed the fact that the expert is criminally responsible for the opinion provided.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expertise, expert-builder, regulatory documentation, regulations of the construction, field test, expert opinion, executive documentation, quality of construction work, regulation of the hearing

  • Optimization of information support of activity of judicial construction experts

    In the modern world, technology has a special place in the dissemination of information and is an effective tool in the hands of man, contributing to a more effective result. However, not in all areas of information support has reached a high level in meeting the needs of specialists in the necessary and relevant data. The article discusses the necessity of optimization of information support of the activities of forensic experts-builders. The main problems in providing experts with the information they need are identified and the directions for their resolution are considered.

    Keywords: Judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, information support, information technology, software, optimization of activities

  • Problems of transport infrastructure of the city of Rostov-on-don

    The main problems of Russian transport infrastructure are considered. On the example of European experience the ways of solving these problems are proposed. The article also discusses in more detail the transport situation in the city of Rostov-on-don, what are the problems and how they can be solved in the near future.

    Keywords: transport infrastructure, highways, Parking, concept, neighborhood, traffic flow, car, Parking, building, congestion, flow, disaster

  • Analysis othodopererabatyvayuschih plants in Europe

    The article is devoted to acquaintance with foreign ways of recycling and use of secondary resources. The article also discusses the projects of landscaping plants.

    Keywords: waste, secondary material resources, landscaping, recycling, electrical energy, solid residue, chemicals, tightness, burning, filtration, organic matter, decomposition, anaerobic bacteria, energy efficiency, emissions

  • Project waste recycling factories in the Southern Federal District

    Inter-municipal environmental waste recycling complex. The article deals with the problem of waste recycling in the Southern Federal District. The article deals with one of the most comprehensive methods to address the problem of the Rostov Region Government.

    Keywords: Municipal solid waste, secondary material resources, inter-municipal waste recycling complex