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  • Physicomechanical processes of loading at a driving tunnels depending on characteristics of material

    In article the factors defining efficiency of roadheader technology application of transport tunnels construction are considered. As one of the factors containing growth of carrying out speed of tunnels is the loading part of the combine, in article the analysis of the factors influencing efficiency is made. Stochastic process of interaction with the destroyed mountain weight is considered. The analysis of the developed approaches to determination of executive body loadings productivity with loading paws with a destroyed mountain weightstack is made. Influence of a form of the immersed material particles and geometrical ratios of loading body and average fineness of material particles is analysed. It is revealed that extent of influence of a particles form doesn't exceed the statistical errors arising at research of loading process of lump mountain weight, and geometrical ratios have significant effect on loadings and productivity. When determining loadings it is offered to apply model taking into account linear proportions coefficient, and it is necessary to apply the model considering influence of active volume on formation of system output characteristics to calculation of loading part productivity. Taking into account influence of the described factors, the calculated value of productivity and loadings increases in comparison with the generalized models that confirms expediency of use of the described dependences.

    Keywords: Driving of tunnels, factors of productivity formation, driving combines of selective action, form coefficient, coefficient of linear proportions, active volume

  • Results of Production Rresearches of Reliability of Tunnelling Combines of Selective Action

    Details are given as for the results of production researches of reliability of Tunnelling Combines KP21, produced by JSC Kopeisk Engineering Plant, in conditions of Almaznaya Mine of Coal Company "Gukovugol" when driving preparatory developments with section up to 16 sq.m and strength of country rock up to 7 units according to Protodyakonov Rock Strength Scale. The obtained data allowed to define average operating time before breakage, as well as to make the list of details and knots having the greatest effect on reliability of the combine. The results processed allowed to calculate numerical characteristics of empirical distribution, which are similar to numerical characteristics of a random variable: ensemble average, dispersion, average quadratic deviation, variation coefficient, etc.

    Keywords: tunnelling combine of selective action, reliability, operating time before breakage

  • Analysis of Efficiency of Application of Mine Loaders

    Technique of modeling operation of a loader on the basis of method of statistical tests is given in the article and the way of defining current specific expenses connected with operation of loader of a certain design and statement of tasks on their improvement is considered. Modeling the process of loader operation pursues the aim to define specific expenses of consumer on operating the car taking into account casual stream of refusals and restoration of operating state of separate knots and parts of the car at any moment of effective life, with possibility of making decision on efficiency of application of a certain machine design, as well as possibility of forecasting expected indicators of reliability and optimum terms of operation. Basic data and results of comparative analysis of expenses of consumer on operation of serial car 2PNB2 and new sample of MPNK car are given.

    Keywords: modeling, method of statistical tests, specific expenses, mine loaders

  • Application of modular configuration for heading machines in road tunnels construction

    A multinational documentary standard that regulating indices and classification procedure of road tunnels has been developed. For the purpose of the most effective construction of classified subjects in transport infrastructure there are number of problems which based on creating a link between road tunnels technical characteristics by cut diameter, mining-geological condition and mining machines structure. This article covers solutions which are necessary for science based approach to better engineering solution for heading machines in road tunneling. One of these solutions is the development and a practical implementation of modular configuration methodology. A main idea of the solution is based on using complete assembly units which are being serially produced by a production plant. A modular configuration of loading machines and overloaders are based on hydroficated units of tunneling machines reviewed in this article. During listed solutions development the usage experience of the best reliability equipment in tunneling industry has been taken into account. Creation of next technical level machines with unified modular assembly units will allow to raise their performance rating, compatibility also it suppose to short assembly units list, prime cost decrease and also lower the number of warranty service spare parts.

    Keywords: multinational standard, tunnel classification, tunneling machine units, loading machine, heading machine, loader, better engineering solution, assembly unit, modular configuration, hydraulic drive, reliability, wedge elements