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  • Computer modelling of idle mode of electromechanical phase splitter on the basis of a three-phase induction motor

    This article presents the results of computer simulation of electromechanical phase splitter working at idle mode based on a three-phase induction motor type HVA-55 with squirrel cage type rotor. Simulation made on the basis of previous studies of the auxiliary electric drives onboard of AC electric locomotives. These studies include: the development of a mathematical model of the three-phase induction electric machine that is suitable for describing the dynamics of electromagnetic, electromechanical and thermal processes under unbalance the power supply voltage, and also at not equal parameters at the each phase of machine; the development of computer models of various schemes of auxiliary electric drives of AC locomotives, having in its composition induction motor mathematical model. It has been demonstrated that the selected mathematical model of the induction machine can adequately describe the phase splitting process: the conversion of single-phase AC catenary voltage to three-phase voltage for auxiliary loads feeding.

    Keywords: induction motor, mathematical model, electromechanical phase splitter, idle mode, AC electri locomotive, electric auxiliary drive, working capacity, start-up capacity, rotor, stator winding phase