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  • The main scientific directions in the study of problems to ensure the competitiveness of tourist and recreational industry and spa services

    The main issues of competitiveness, assess the quality of services, pricing strategy, especially sales service, new services, cost accounting and auditing in the tourist and recreation industry

    Keywords: competitiveness, quality of services, audit, pricing strategy, marketing, tourist and recreational industry.

  • The results of theoretical and experimental studies obtained in ecological and socio-economic monitoring of the Rostov region, for the disposal of waste to use

    As a result of experimental observations and theoretical analysis revealed some heaven - mathematical model of the mechanism of the resulting impacts ( PMB ) , or the result of negative consequences from exposure to liquid, solid and gaseous waste production and life , and showed that the ecological condition and security of the region or individual land can and do have , in varying degrees, all or almost all of these wastes and their components. Currently, as the main source that impact on virtually all aspects of the environment and especially on health and longevity , is a non- satisfactory collection, recycling , disposal , use, and disposal of solid , liquid and gaseous waste , both in production and especially consumption (MSW) .
    Developed and recommended the introduction of innovative methods and basic techno-logical scheme providing for decontamination, cleaning , processing and use of the liquid, gaseous and solid industrial and domestic waste and use of as waste itself and refined products. First of all: - a way of techno -logy and storage of solid waste in mines abandoned mines to produce fuel gas and humus product suitable for use as a fertilizer - how , technology and integrated circuit technology provides for joint decontamination, cleaning , processing and the use of liquid , gaseous and solid waste enterprises of light industry - the methods and technologies of waste disposal , mine and discharge groundwater liquidated bathrooms mines involving extraction and regeneration , in order to use different metals ( including iron) , which are in wastewater. The developed ITATION and recommended the introduction of major technological and innovative ways to take into consideration in this scheme , economic , environmental, social , technical and technological features of the enterprises and the region, including the problem of industrial safety . According to preliminary calculations, the payback period of the costs of implementation and development of methods and technologies developed will be from three to twelfth years.  

    Keywords: waste, liquid, solid, gaseous, impact, disposal, processing, use, environment

  • Monitoring as instrument of regulation sustainable development of the region

    The short analysis of treatments of the concepts "monitoring", «social monitoring», «economic monitoring», "environmental monitoring" is provided in article. Consideration of complex system of ekologo-sotsoi-economic monitoring is offered, making elements of this system, and as its paramount tasks are defined.

    Keywords: monitoring, environmental monitoring, social monitoring, economic monitoring, complex system ekologo-sotsoi-economic monitoring.