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  • Frequency-asymmetric two-band optical vector spectrum analyzer

    The article deals with the theoretical substantiation and computer modeling of an optical vector spectrum analyzer based on asymmetric optical two-band modulation using a parallel two-channel Maha-Zehnder modulator. The proposed method and device make it possible to achieve twice the measurement range in comparison with the classical optical vector analyzer based on single-band modulation and to realize a simpler and more reliable configuration in comparison with the previously presented amplitude asymmetric optical vector analyzer with two sidebands. It can be possible to measure the frequency characteristics of a fiber Bragg grating with a width of up to 0.5 nm (60 GHz) with a resolution of up to 1 MHz (about 5-10 fm) using electrooptical modulators with a bandwidth of up to 30 GHz.

    Keywords: optical spectrum analyzer, two-frequency modulation, frequency asymmetry, measurement range, fiber Bragg grating