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  • Logistics of construction production: problems and solutions

    This article discusses logistics systems, problems existing in logistics, presents ways to solve these problems. The field of logistics includes almost all areas of production of each enterprise, such as commercial activities, transport management, information support and others. Construction enterprises should be most interested in the efficiency and rationality of the work of logistics, since it is one of the largest subjects of final consumption of material resources. However, there are logistics problems in the construction industry, but to avoid them it is necessary to understand the ways to solve them, which are described in this article.

    Keywords: logistics, logistics system, construction industry, construction company, resource, integrated management, logistics problem

  • Development of recommendations about decrease in ecological danger – the spatial analysis of territories after implementation of recommendations

    For formation of favorable tourist image of the Rostov region it is necessary to pay special attention to an ecological situation in the region. The technique of organizational and technological actions for elimination of negative influence of factors of environment and to increase of recreational appeal of the territory is developed. Its application will allow to increase investment appeal of the territory in general, and also to improve quality of life of the population and to increase a tourist stream. Results are presented in the form of the tables and electronic cards constructed in the environment of ArcGIS ESRI. Use of GIS of technologies allows to supply the investor with necessary information on investment appeal of certain territories for an arrangement of tourist and recreational zones. Results of the carried-out work will allow to estimate any territory, to carry out the analysis of the received results and to receive a real picture in research of this or that territory.

    Keywords: Ecological tourism, recreational suitability of the territory, territory assessment, ecological factor, modeling of stages of territorial planning, recreational zones, complex of actions

  • The main components of the principle of formation of structure of management of construction organizations

    Management can be performed on the principles of motivation, planning, regulation of the course of production, coordination, organization and control on execution of decisions. Operate and develop the production units, depending on the goals

    Keywords: structure, management, goal, head, processes, organisation.