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  • On the issue of monitoring the operational reliability of rice irrigation systems in southern Russia

    This article presents the results of monitoring the operational reliability of the on-farm network of rice irrigation systems. The issues of planning and prospects for its improvement on the basis of the introduction of modern laser scanning systems and digital a control systems are considered. In the Krasnodar Territory, the main consumer of water resources is agriculture, which absolutely prevails in terms of water withdrawal among other consumers. The most expensive water resource is the rice water industry. Its share is about 90% of the total water consumption in agriculture. To prevent degradation of the ecosystem of the river. Kuban and achieving the objectives of the Water Strategy by 2020, irrevocable water withdrawal must, at a minimum, be stopped at the achieved level. Satisfying growing water needs and introducing new water users should be implemented through water conservation in the systems of existing water users.

    Keywords: monitoring, residual resource, rational water use, water resources, on-farm network facilities, rice irrigation systems, technical condition