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  • Causal analysis of the reliability of cargo delivery by rail to the consumers of the Southern region and the ports of the Azovo-Black Sea basin

    The issues of violations of the terms of delivery of goods on the railway network are considered. The main reasons for the violation of the delivery time are systematized on the example of the North Caucasian Railway. The North Caucasian Railway serves the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin and the consignees of the Southern region. Over the past 10 years, the volume of loading of export cargoes to the ports of the Southern region has increased by more than 47%. Despite the relatively high reliability of cargo delivery, a negative trend in the increase in financial risks of the company RZD was noted. An analysis of the claim work was carried out, in connection with the violation of the delivery deadlines. The issues of speed and delivery of cargo and empty shipments at the North Caucasian Railway are considered. The main reasons for the arrival of goods with broken delivery dates were: the receipt of wagons with broken delivery dates at the joints of the road; Excessive availability of wagons to ports and port oil depots; an increase in the number of passenger trains in the summer. Mechanisms for managing the delivery time in rail transport on the basis of logistics and information technologies have been developed. Expansion of the zone of logistics management of railways traffic to ports based on the use of information systems that allow monitoring of operational work, identify problems of the road network, will reduce the load on the infrastructure of the port roads, fulfill all budgetary targets, and obtain additional profit.

    Keywords: Analysis, delivery time, reliability of delivery, railway transport, seaport, financial risk, transport services, competitiveness