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  • Modern technology project management in the field of scientific and industrial

    The paper discusses the project management standards: national and global enablement. Analyzes modern tools for project management, used in world practice. Listed software products, the most widespread in Russia. The evaluation of the use of project activities universities and enterprises. The main function of the project management system. The features of the application of the project management system. Presents the modern concept of project management and management of the proposed method on the basis of the relationship between the device projects.

    Keywords: Project management software, project management functions of the system, method of project management

  • An automated method for studying the process of coating

    The possibility of automation research coating process used for fusion welding. Analyzed the main stages of applying different coatings by dipping. The factors affecting the thickness of the coating. The scheme for the study of the complex process of applying protective coatings to the product by dipping method and experimental studies. The results of experimental studies of the effect of speed recovery and relative viscosity on the thickness of the applied coating. Based on the studies found that the coating thickness is not uniform - it is obviously an increase in the length of the product.

    Keywords: welding, protective coating, dipping, wetting, adhesion, viscosity, coating quality, the coating thickness