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  • On the issue of improving the quality of Sands of the Rostov region

    The article presents the analysis of the properties of local fine aggregates, their influence on the characteristics of the concrete, and also presents the impact of screening crushing when it is introduced into the mixture in various proportions on the strength of concrete

    Keywords: Concrete, screenings of crushing, construction sand, experiment, grain composition, concrete strength, small aggregates

  • Possibilities of using mineral porous components as damping additives for concrete

    Various mineral porous components, such as expanded clay, ash microspheres, etc., are used to regulate the processes of structure formation and physical and mechanical properties of shock-resistant concrete of rigid pressing.

    Keywords: Regulation, structure formation, physical and mechanical properties, ash microspheres, phase-mineral composition, X-ray phase analysis, adhesion

  • The impact of dropping out of kamnedrobleniya and mineral filler on the fine-grained characteristics of self-compacting concrete

    The influence of dropping out of kamnedrobleniya and mineral filler, included in its composition, the fine-grained characteristics of self-compacting concrete.Studies have shown the efficacy of combined use in the composition of the fine self-compacting concrete dropping out of kamnedrobleniya fractions of 2.5-5 mm, and mineral filler mixture fractions 0-2,5 mm. At the optimum dosage of the products of kamnedrobleniya and modifying additives in the composition of fine-grained mixtures ensure the required flow characteristics of the concrete mix achieved the required strength of the concrete. Mineral filler – dust component of dropping out of kamnedrobleniya allows to increase the total volume of the test binder, sufficient to fill the intergranular voids and coating grains of a filler, and contributes to water-holding capacity and the persistence of the mixture.

    Keywords: kamnedrobleniya screenings, mineral filler, fine self-compacting concrete, superplasticizer, water-retaining additive, the spreadability of the mixture, keeping the mixture, the strength of concrete