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Oleg Figovsky  “What day future prepares for us?”
The newest technologies are a basis of innovative economy and the huge army of scientists and engineers all over the world constantly creates original nanotechnologies and not only. The group headed by researchers from the Massachusetts institute of technology (MTI) and the Harvard medical school, has developed the system representing hybrid nanoparticles … Scientists of the Zurich institute of chemistry and bioengineering have opened a new way of clearing of plasma of blood from various toxins … LG has let out air cleaner on the patented technology nanoplasma ionization … Scientists from the Institute of technology of Georgia the Chinese scientists have created the nanogenerator … have presented absolutely new technique of water treating … At Institute of researches of metals of Max Planck the way of cultivation nanostructures from silicon has been found at temperature of all in 150 ˚C …
Keywords: nanotechnologies, innovations, the review, the newest, medicine, coverings, the plastics, alternative power, nanotubes, the laser of the high power, quickly charged accumulators

Ganichev I.V. «New approaches in development it is state-legal ecological function of the Russian Federation.»
In clause the analysis of legal function of the Russian Federation during the intransitive period is given. New approaches in formation of the ecological legislation at the present stage are revealed. Are considered powers of the state bodies. It is drawn a conclusion on social purpose of the ecological legislation.
Keywords: Environment; legal function; the State; the Legislation; the Constitution; the Decree; the President; the Government; Powers; the Program; the Doctrine; the Ministry; Natural resources; the Nature; Ecological conditions; ݬ«½«ú«-legal relations.

Gajrabekov I.G. «The method of determination the deformation state of buildings and constructions. »
The question about determination strained deformation state of building is considered. The possibility exact determination the degree strained- deformation state of building on size arrows deflection in junction attended by building construction on direction axes in two coordinate flatness is motivated. The arrows of deflection after filtering assembly mistakes in the way of verification deformative surface walls of building. In the map the arrows of deflection are introduced the results of approbation presenting method.
Keywords: strained-deformation state the arrow deflection, verification, the map of amplitude, the election tachymeter.

Zershikova M.A. «Formation of the mechanism of ekologo-innovative activity in region»
In article formation of the mechanism of ekologo-innovative activity at regional level is considered.
Keywords: an ecological situation, ecologization of economy and manufactures, ecologization of tax system, economic tools of regulation of wildlife management.

Nesterenko D.A. «The problem of troops settling in a «new image» of the armed forces/ (town planning aspect) »
The article touches upon the importance of the housing problem for the state defense policy. Correlation between population settling and troops disposition are considered. The processes of project and planning works in civil and military departments are compared. The negative factors which prevent methodology of troop’s disposition from improving are revealed.
Keywords: RF armed forces structure optimization, infrastructure, and co-operation with agricultural complex, and system of scientific and planning works, town planning projecting, territorial planning, and troop’s disposition methodology.

Gajrabekov I.G. «The reculiarity of construction geodetical networks when study vertical displacement earth surface oil and gas fields are considered. »
Purposefulness of designing network on basis predictive model of subsidence is substantiate given from theoretic calculation and necessity registration the geometry of stem operating well. The creation optimatic geodetical network as profile lines and closed concentric ground on surface probable subsidence. The advantages such network is motivated.
Keywords: the geodetic measurement of movement, geodetical observation, bed pressure subsidence.

Ganichev I.V. «Formation of system nonconsumptive functions of Russia during absolutism»
In clause the analysis of legal function of the Russian Federation in a transition period is given. New approaches in formation of the ecological legislation at the present stage are revealed. Are considered nonconsumptive powers of the state bodies. It is drawn a conclusion on social purpose of the ecological legislation.
Keywords: an environment, legal function, the state, the legislation, the constitution, the decree, the president, the government, powers, the program, the doctrine, the ministry, natural resources, the nature, ecological conditions, legal relations.

Panich A.A., Marakhovskiy M.A., Motin D.V.  «Crystal and ceramic piezoelectrics»

Piezoelectric crystal and piezoceramic are presented in this paper.
Domestic synthetic piezoelectric crystal are langasite and langatat belong to the same type of crystals that and quartz. They have several advantages compared to quartz, because they allow to reduce the geometric dimensions of the filters have a high stability of electrophysical parameters and to outperform the quartz electromechanical coupling factor and dielectric constant twice.
Piezoceramic elements are produced by conventional ceramic technology, in contrast to crystals, synthesized costly and time consuming methods. This allows you to receive standard piezoceramic materials with predetermined electrical properties for specific tasks.
The properties and characteristics of piezoelectric global  manufacturers are shown in this paper.
Keywords:  piezoelectric effect, piezoelectric crystal, piezoceramics, ferroelectric, piezoelectric properties, the electromechanical constants.

ZershikovaM.A. «Consequences of environmental contamination and their influence on economic indicators (methods of preservation and improvement of a state of environment) »
In article economic aspects of city land tenure and rules of town-planning activity are considered.
Keywords: city land tenure, economic-legal aspects, the ekologo-economic mechanism of regulation of system of city land tenure.

Nesterenko D.A. «Territorial planning of Pskov region town planning structures as the factor of economical development, social stability and state defense capacity»
The article deals with the population settlement as the element of town planning science. It also touches upon the problems and underlying conditions of current state of affairs in population settlement (Pskov region as an example) and suggests the ways of architectural and planning surroundings modernization and optimization.
Keywords: population settlement, town planning hierarchy, intersettlement contacts, infrastructure, Central Place theory, types of population settlements.

Volobuyeva I.N. «Towards strengthening the activities of economic entities in the education market»
The reform of property relations, the radical transformation of the economic system in Russia have created the conditions for the allocation of educational services in the independent sphere of intellectual activity. At the present stage of development to improve the performance of economic entities in the educational market needed a qualitative change in the management of their internal content environment, which includes knowledge, creativity and intellectual potential.
Keywords: higher education system, development trends, organizational-economic mechanism, the market for educational services, economic agents, re-engineering.

Bryalina G.I. «Mechanisms of support of development of small business in Russia»
The urgency of the problem is determined by the objective need to work out mechanisms to support small businesses in order to enhance the development of this sector. The article deals with focus, direction, action, strengths and weaknesses of the state policy towards small business in Russia to identify and study effective ways of his government support under current conditions.
Keywords: Smallbusinesses, Government support, Regulation, Small and medium entrepreneurship.

Kulchenko A.E. «The structurally-algorithmic organization of the autopilot of the robot-helicopter»

This paper presents the structural and algorithmic implementation of the Autopilot of robotic single-rotor helicopter. Autopilot is designed as a multilevel system. In article showed an algorithm for operation of the core autopilot, which provides the control algorithms and the algorithms of the system; the structure of the autopilot. In the control system is used position-trajectory approach.
Keywords: robotics, control system, aerodynamics, helicopter, autopilot, controller, algorithm, architecture.

Seredkin A.N, Vinogradova G.L. «Control system model agricultural consumer co-operative societies»
In article the control system of agricultural consumer co-operative societies (ACCS) is considered. Models of system ACCS and system communications are given. Laws of functioning and development of system for working out of actions for increase of a management efficiency by system and acceptances of administrative decisions are investigated.
Keywords: a control system, agricultural co-operative, model, laws of system, system communications.

Al-KHulaidi A.A. «Development of a new method of stochastic job queue using markov processes for parallel computing on cluster»
This paper considers the problem of optimizing the distribution of tasks for executing in a cluster. The paper also sets out the criteria for the developed algorithm distribution. To solve the problem, we used queuing theory, theory of parallel programming, the theory of Markov.
Keywords: clustering, queuing theory (TMT), scheduler, resource manager, the classification of Kendall, the Markov chain.

Hekmat K. «Controlling the amplitude waves caused by bottoms displacements. »
In this article was proposed a method for controlling the amplitude of waves, caused by bottoms perturbations, in the plane formulation, was considered a problem of a wave motion of an ideal homogeneous fluid.
Keywords: Control the amplitudes of the waves, perturbations of the bottom, ideal homogeneous fluid, integral transformation, the continuity equation, free surface.

Averyanov A.V., Glebova G.M. «Modeling of the output spatial spectra of the vector sensor receiving system operating on the background sea noise»
Algorithm of processing for vector sensor receiving system is proposed. This algorithm suppresses effectively the interference caused by the rough sea surface. The algorithm is based on the correlation characteristics of the vector and scalar fields of the sea noise which are theoretically confirmed and experimentally validated. Computer simulation is used for a more complete and correct description of the noise generated by the rough sea surface. In contrast to the traditional concept of interference in the form of isotropic noise, this approach allows to account more complete the characteristics of vector-scalar noise fields. Performed simulations show that the signal to noise ratio at the output of the vector sensor array (compared to a scalar) is increased by more than 16 times.
Keywords: signal processing, spatial spectrum, vector sensor array, isotropic noise, the noise of the surface sea, covariance matrix.

Isaev B., Badeev S., Logutin V., Kuznetsov M.«Foundation design strengthened with structural armour elements of cementing soil»
The article investigates a new method of forming regulated specious structures of sand-clay concretive elements in the foundation. A technique of specifying an efficient combination of grouting parameters has been elaborated.
Keywords: footings and foundations, soil grounting, armoire elements, cementing soil, optimization.

Guseva A.N. «Sliding budgeting as reconsideration of all control system by resources of the organization of sphere of services»
Article object of research is the complex estimation of approaches to budgeting. The author specifies in an urgency of a theme and a problem of insufficient use of sliding budgeting as tool of efficient control the organization. It is caused by the out-of-date and unilateral approach, both to the budgeting, and to its organization. In article it will be shown, the organization of sphere of the services can face what problems, applying this or that approach to budgeting. The author comes to opinion that transition to sliding budgeting will allow the organization to solve set of problems and to pass to more adequate and flexible control system of separate projects and the organization as a whole.
Keywords: Planning, the budget, the economic analysis, structural reforms, economic risks, budgetary process, budgeting system, motivation, stimulation, strategy, control system.

Reyhanova I.V. «Improving the organizational and economic approach to the development of educational services of higher education»

The problems of modernization in education, analyzed the socio-economic realities of the production of educational services, the characteristic of the educational space at the federal and regional level, the proposed theoretical basis, and given to the notion of organizational and economic approach to the development of educational services to higher education, a scheme for improving the organizational and economic approach to development of educational services in the context of the classification aspect, taking into account the elementary situation of the cycle. Keywords: problems of educational services, the concept of organizational and economic approach, the scheme to improve the organizational and economic approach to the development of educational services.

Zastavnoy D. A. «Representation of Attributes for Geodata in GIS WinMap and WMSL Language»
In the paper a model for representation of attributes for geodata objects is presented aimed for a prototype GIS WinMap. The model is based on an embedded scripting language WMSL (WinMap Scripting Language) that allows a user to call the system core functions interactively. The paper describes the container-based object model of the language, its key features and code samples. Also the programmer interfaces for creating and retrieving attribute data are presented as well as those for executing SQL queries and fetching their resulting data. 
Keywords: Geoinformation system, attribute data, scripting languages, object model, SQL language.

Gavrilenko A.V., Kirsanov A.L., Yeliseeva T.P. «The main directions of energy conservation in the regional economy»
In the article the main directions of energy conservation as a basis for regional crisis management.
Keywords: regional economy, energy, electricity prices, alternative energy.

OgannisyanN.A. «Current classification and management practicesof business services. »
The article investigates the complete classification of business services, especially business services market, the levels of regulation   of services, necessary conditions for the development of business services. Object of study is business services. Subject of research - a classification of types of business services and management practices of business services
Keywords: business services, economics, market.

Morozova O. A. «Methods of increasing of the intellectual potential of the management personnel to building organization»
The currency of such problem as quality management of the intellectual  potential  of managerial personnel is based in the article.  And quality management of the intellectual potential of managerial personnel considered as the foundation of construction output improving. The integrated methodology of personnel intellectual potential increasing, worked out and tested by the author, is given in this article.
Keywords: personnel; quality; intellectual potential of managerial personnel; construction output quality; personnel quality; methodology.

Selyaev E. V. «Directions of innovative development of small-scale business in service»
The article analyzes the various directions of innovation activity of small enterprises in the consumer services. The principles of the new post-industrial economic system - a knowledge economy, analyze the problems and prospects of small enterprises in the modern world. The author has identified key behavioral aspects of the service industries, taking into account variability of the environment.
Keywords: service, small-scale business, innovative activity, economy of knowledges.

Demurin V.B. «The method of hierarchies’ analysis for multicriterial intellectual choice of a hotel room in the conditions of uncertainty»
The article regards models and computing procedures of optimization managing of a hotel with quantitative and qualitative local criteria with the method of hierarchies’ analysis. The offered heuristic computing procedures of multicriterial optimization are suitable for solution of a wide range of applied problems and acceptance of optimal administrative decisions.
Keywords: criterion, decision-making, the method of hierarchies’ analysis, a matrix of pair comparisons, a coordination of expert opinions.

Goryainov M.F., Gunko V.A., Yadikin V.S. «Reduction of power consumption by sewing-machines at electric drive replacement»
Work is devoted research of operating modes of the frequency-regulated electric drive in sewing-machines. As the electric motor works for a frictional drive constantly, and in frequency-regulated the electric motor joins only at the moment of performance of technological operation, at drive replacement there is a reduction of power inputs. Authors develop system of frequency management by the asynchronous electric drive which allows to raise considerably high-speed characteristics of the sewing-machine, to reduce time for auxiliary operations, and as to lower current consumption.Results of research have shown that at the sewing-machine working from the frequency-regulated electric drive current consumption on 24-28 % less, than at the car with the frictional electric drive.
Keywords: the electric motor, the sewing-machine, frequency electric drive, the frictional electric drive, a control system.

Selyaev E. V. «Formation strategies for competitiveness in service industries»
In this article the basics of forming a strategy to ensure competitiveness in the service industries. Enterprise development strategies discussed in the context of innovation development and to identify criteria for upgrading the product (services) and manufacturing equipment. The author of the algorithm development and implementation of competitive strategy, following which the enterprise service can model their behavior on the market in the phases of its preparation, construction and implementation. Optimal choice of policies the company promotes the best and sustainable long-time financial situation of the company, as well as winning a strong positions on the market.
Keywords: services, competitiveness, strategy, innovation, flexibility.

Kostoglotov A.A., Kostoglotov A.I., Lazarenko S. V., Andrashitov D.S. «Multiparameter identification of design parameters by the combined maximum principle»
A significant number of methods for dynamic identification is based on the method of invariant imbedding and the gradient methods [1], which are required to implement a large computational cost and have not sufficiently high degree of stability.Promising avenue of effective solution of problems of identification of design parameters of dynamical systems is the use of pooled maximum principle [2]. It is designed for problems of synthesis of optimal control of dynamic systems [3] and expressed as a function of generalized power reaching a maximum value at the optimal controls.It is shown that its application provides a high accuracy of calculations at lower computational cost in comparison with known methods and the problem is solvable for the case of nonlinearity involved in the equation of motion and functional parameters.
Key words: identification, design parameters,the objective functional, the generalizedpower, function ofsynthesizing.

Moskovsky M.N., Pogorelov A.V. «Simulation of fractionation straw pile in the aspiration air channel with probabilistic characteristics of the distribution of piles of straw and the air flow»
In this paper, the fractionation of the straw pile for receiving straw bedding. Fractionation took place in the aspiration air channel under the influence of air flow with the given parameters. On the basis of this process has been developed and proposed a model of distribution solomistoy masses through the channel and defined and the probability characteristics.
Keywords: Straw pile, airflow distribution law, Aspiration Channel, aspiration, the probability distribution.

Akhmadova P.I. «The creating a competitive environment as a priority improving the scope of trade in the region»
The article deals with the conditions, factors, strategies and ways to achieve the competitive advantages of enterprises of trade in the region. Consider the regional characteristics of the problem in the Stavropol region.
Keywords: trade, competitiveness, development trends, the Stavropol region.

Karaeva F.E. «The intrinsic approach to concept definition "regional cluster »
In article questions cluster the approach to the territorial organization of manufacture is investigated. Thus, кластер necessarily should consider market the mechanism and can be effective only at presence the internal the competitive environment, and also strong competitive positions in the market. It is considered seven basic properties cluster the characteristics, defining distinctions in typology.
Keywords: Cluster, territorially-proizvodstvenynj a complex, the competitive environment, competitive advantage, economy.

Beliakov E. V. «Theoretical bases of management of the municipal property»
In clause the basic features of the municipal property on the basis of what it is revealed are considered, that it serves for satisfaction of public interests and collective needs of local community, that is has social value, is means of an accomplishment, and also is used for extraction of the income.
Keywords: Management, the municipal property, an accomplishment, city territory.

Karpova N.V. «Formation bases natural-economic systems in city conditions»
In article the concept of a city and the city environment reveals, substructures of the city environment as components of structural levels are considered.
Keywords: a city, the city environment, the city status, agglomerations, quality of a life, an infrastructure, structural level of the city environment, an estimation of territories.

Gorlova A.Y. «Innovative approaches of regulation of influence of a railway transportation on a condition of a surrounding environment. »
In clause innovative approaches of regulation of influence of railway transportation on a condition of a surrounding environment are considered.
Keywords: Innovative approaches, railway transportation, an environment.

Ovchinnikova N.G., Cheshev A.S. «Organizational-legal forms of managing in modern conditions»
Transition to market economy predetermines radical restructuring ground attitudes. Essential value gets a question on the landed property. The given problem has historical character. In clause patterns of ownership and forms of managing in modern conditions are considered.
Keywords: Forms of managing, market economy, the landed property, ground attitudes.

Leonova M. S. «There is a religious factor in an identification of modern Russian young people»
Some aspects of religious identification processes in a globalizing society are analyzed in the article. Searching of identity acquire meaning for the Russian young people in consequence of the system crisis of the socio-cultural reality into post soviet area. A social phenomenon of religiousness of modern young people is characterized as an indeterminate and complicated structure in the article. The author deduces an inference that the religious young people aspire to safe their family and national values at first of all and they are more indifferent for any policy and aren't ready for an active politic fight.
Keywords: religion, identification, identity, globalization, society, modern, crisis of identity, social identity, progressivism, socialization.

Chernykh A. «Problem of insurance fraud as the factor inhibiting the development of insurance institutions in the Russian Federation»
The economic crisis situation has aggravated the problems facing the development of the Russian insurance market. Insurance fraud is one of the most destructive factors inhibiting the development of insurance institutions. The article considers fraud problems in the insurance sector in the Russian insurance market, and also in the European insurance market. The author offers measures to increase the legitimacy of the Russian insurance market by modifying the legislation of the insurance sector.
Keywords: Insurance, insurance market, insurance fraud, development of insurance institutions, insurance legislation.

Strahova N. A., Gorlova N.J. «The concept of power resource-saving activity in the industry»
  In article the concept and model of increase of ecology-economic efficiency of use of power resources realizing it in the industry is considered. The model represents step-by-step algorithm of carrying out of power inspection on objects of economic activities of decrease in power consumption, covers aspects of industrial investment activity, economic and ecological indicators of quality.
 Keywords: Ecology, the energy carrier, power resource-saving activity, the power savings, power efficiency.

Smirnova N.V., Kuriganova A.B. «Electrochemical destruction of platinum - a new way of synthesis Pt/C nanocatalysts for low temperature fuel cells»
In this work the way of synthesis Pt/C catalyst for low temperature fuel cells - perspective electrochemical energy sources for mobile systems is offered. This way is based on the phenomenon of electrochemical intercalation and destruction of platinum electrodes in solutions of alkalis under the influence of alternating current. By means of transmission electronic microscopy method (TEM) the size of platinum nanoparticles 8-10 nm is defined, the share of nanoparticles is a cubic. The application of prepared Pt/C catalysts as a part of active layers of MEA, provides of specific power to 220 mW/sm2 that corresponds to the best world achievements for low temperature fuel cells.
Keywords: Fuel cell, electro catalyst, platinum nanoparticles, cathodic intercalation.

Osmanov S.G., Zholobov A.L. «On the issue about the choice of methods and means of feeding of ready-mix concrete on the dense aggregate to the point of placement»
The topicality of research of possibilities of increase of effectiveness of use of known methods and means of concrete feeding to the point of placement is based in the clause. The classification of methods of concrete feeding judging from the basic moving influence is offered. The information of coverage of basic means of concrete feeding and of the effect of its flow ability on the possibility of specific feeding means is analysed; it let us precise the field of their rational application. The results let us reveal the imperfection of known methods and means of concrete feeding and the ways of their further improvement.
Keywords: concrete, methods of feeding of a concrete, moving influence, the means of concrete feeding, the field of application of means of concrete feeding, flowabilityof concrete.

Drobysheva O.V., Shikunova L.N. «The improving the management of cooperatives in agricultural production»
The article examines a number of significant legal, economic and social problems of development of cooperation in agricultural production. The ways of overcoming  them by the example of better regulation of small business, such as peasant farmers and private land owners.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, cooperation, agricultural production.

Novoselova N.N., Orehova N.U. «Promote competitiveness of the regional economic system»
The article explains the importance of the competitiveness of the region's economy, conditions for the formation of competitive advantages of regional socio-economic systems. Examines the relationship of regional competitiveness and infrastructures of various types. Investigated methodological aspects of assessing the competitiveness of regional economies, as well as the reasons for inconsistency of these estimates. Given the thesis of geographical mismatch ally localized economic regions with a traditional administrative and territorially division of the country.
Keywords: regional economy, regional competitiveness, regional socio-economic systems.

Romanyuk M.A., Starchenko I.B. «Acoustic design of premises as a tool of governance audio ecology setting»

Research of auditory sound field by methods of interactive architectural acoustics is carried out. The method of the beam sketch was used. It is shown, that as criterion of audio environment quality not only reverberation time can serve, but also the structure of early the reflections, allowing to estimate a situation more precisely. The scheme realizing operative recalculation of acoustic conditions and management by audio conditions in real time is developed.
Key words: аudioecology; noise; room acoustics; sound absorption.

Drobysheva O.V. «The study the agricultural production cooperative»
In the article special attention to various forms of entrepreneurship in agriculture production cooperatives paid. The principles of the formation and validity of industrial cooperation, as well as existing problems and their solutions.
Keywords : Co-operatives, producers' cooperative, agricultural sector, agricultural entrepreneurship.

Novoselova N.N.  «Destinations effective use of educational, scientific- technological and innovative capacities for addressing socio-economic problems in the region»
The article identifies the key principles of development goals and objectives of the implementation of innovative policies for regional development. Considered the most common factors and criteria that determine the definition of «region». Grounded socio-economic role of households in socio-economic development of the region.
Keywords: educational potential of scientific and technical capacity, innovation potential, socio-economic development, regional economy.

Kecherukov R.K.  «The study the scope of banking services in the regions of North Caucasus Federal District»
This article provides an analysis of the scope of banking services in the newly formed federal district. Based on the analysis of general statistical information presents the results of research of the banking entities of the North Caucasus Federal District, the current status and trends of development of this sector in the region.
Keywords: banking, federal subject of North-Caucasian Federal District.

Derensky I.G. «An application of surface waves to control of rails»
In article shown results of experiment of detect flaws in rails R65; defects are located on opposite surface to surface, where transducer is attached. Shown, that flaws are detected confidently against background structural noise.
Keywords: nondestructive testing, ultrasonic methods, surface waves, express control.

Fedorenko R. V.«Algorithms for robotic airship landing autopilot»
The paper discusses functioning algorithms of landing autopilot for robotic airships. Basic control algorithms for airships considered. A new method for the formation of the requirements for the trajectory of the airship during landing mode, which provides compensation for lateral wind without the use of sophisticated propulsion layot. The results presented can be used in designing autopilots for robotic aeronautical platforms.
Keywords: autopilot, control, landing, airship, robot.

Alakaev A.L. «Need for government regulation of sustainable development in the structural transformations of regional agriculture»
The agricultural sector in Russia and its regions for a long time in a state of profound crisis. This situation highlights the need for radical restructuring of agrarian policy of Russia is certain to gain the state's role in this process with orientation towards sustainable development.
Keywords: government regulation, sustainable development, structural transformation, the regional agro-industrial complex.

Hlopenko O.V. «The account of factors of consumer behaviour in working out of strategy of maintenance of competitiveness by the enterprises of retail trade»

In article results of selective research of the basic characteristics of behavior of the population in the market of retail trade by articles of food and major factors of a choice of food shop are presented. The conducted research allows considering by working out of competitive strategy not only character of competitive struggle between the basic players of the food market, but also a line of conduct of the consumer of the given goods.
Keywords: consumer behavior, retail trade, articles of food, poll (questioning), cross-country-tabulation, factor of an associativity of signs of Pirson.

Avdeev P.L. "Perfection of an organizational-functional complex of standards, regulations and procedures of realization of business processes of corporation"

In article questions of strategic development of activity of corporation in an industrial economy which efficiency is provided with introduction of business standards, business regulations, procedures of business analytics and monitoring of activity of the industrial enterprise by means of use of complex system of indicators of an estimation of activity of the enterprise generated in frameworks алгоритмизированного of the approach to its working out by means of allocation of levels of business management are considered.
Keywords: corporation in an industrial economy, a regulation, business standards, system of indicators, алгоритмизированный the approach.

Garmatyuk K.S.  «The study the problems of improving the competitiveness of trade organizations of the Stavropol region»
In the article the basic problems of increasing the competitiveness of business enterprises in the Stavropol region: a critical analysis of the basic definitions, current status and main trends of development of trade in the region. Proposed and justified conceptual model of competitiveness and development of enterprises in the trade.
Keywords: Competitiveness, trade organizations, the Stavropol region.

Gergova Z.H. «Institutional factors and organizational and economic prerequisites of modernization socio-economic system of the region»
In the current circumstances, the Russian Federation and its regions is a priority task of the transition of economy to the innovation of social-oriented model of development. During the period of socio-economic changes associated with the need to stew for a comprehensive modernization of the problem the Sustainable and safe development of national and regional socio-economic systems is of particular relevance.
Keywords: Modernization, an innovative model of development of a regional economy, institutional capacities, institutional Nye factors, the strategy of "catching up"; modernization of politics, modernization of the regional economy, the transformation of traditional society into a progressive.

Puchkov E. V. « Development a decision support system for credit risk management of the bank»
The main methods of credit risk management and methods for assessing the quality of the loan portfolio of commercial bank. The decision support system for credit risk management of the bank has been designed and developed on the basis of findings. The problem of forecasting loan debt using the developed system and other software products has been solved. A comparative result has been shown.
Keywords: neural networks, credit risk, bank, monitoring, rating, outstanding loans.

Sahno M.Y. «Management of integration of an investitsionno-building complex of Krasnodar territory in economic region space»
The importance of an investitsionno-building complex for effective spatial economy is shown, preconditions of formation of a regional investitsionno-building complex are defined, the condition the IBC of Krasnodar territory is stated, determinants of mesofactors constraining development the IBC on Kuban are revealed, and directions of the maximum integration the IBC in economic space of region are offered.
Keywords: Integration, investitsionno-building complex, spatial economy, determinants, mesofactors, strategic directions.

Khmelevtsov  A .A. «Material composition of argillite-like clay district of Greater Sochi»
This article presents the results of the study material composition of the clay fraction of argillite-like clays. Studies were carried out on modern equipment by diffraction-thermal and X-ray methods. Obtained diffractograms were analyzed, defined qualitative and quantitative content of clay minerals, such as hydromica, kaolinite and chlorite in percentage terms. Minerals with the extensible crystal lattice in the clay fraction of argillite-like clay are not detected, due to the swelling properties of the connection with the repacking state.
Keywords: Argillite-like clay, engineering geology, kaolinite, hydro mica, chlorite, radiogram, thermo gram, angstrom, the diffraction peak.

Serpokrilov N. S., Kozhin S.V., Tayver Е.А.«Waste water treatment in the pools for pinnipeds up to circulating water supply norms»
A theoretical-experimental basis on the waste water treatment technology in the pinnipeds pools for its return for circulating use was worked out. The qualitative and quantitative pollution composition in the pools of the pinnipeds enclosures was analyzed. A treatment technology was suggested which was tested on the existing dolphinarium  in the city Gelenzhik (Krasnodar region).  The results of the experimental research presented in the article afford  to recommend the suggested technology for further employment. The cost efficiency calculation results of the  introduced technology adoption are presented in the article.
Keywords: dolphinarium, waste water treatment, see-water, pinnipeds,  ultraviolet, ozone, filtering.

Kutcygina O. A., Starodubtsev M.A., Zhuravlev P. A., Panayotova V. V. «Organizational-methodical bases of cost-benefit analysis and prediction on the maintenance of real estate»
To solve the problems of maintenance of real estate is the relevance of an effective management system in relation to the costs of resources operating cost management based on stages of the life cycle of buildings and constructions. Proposed structural-functional model, forming the organizational-methodical bases of cost-benefit analysis and prediction on maintenance of buildings and constructions. Framework of structural-functional model of cost management in the operation of housing and utilities complex is adapted to new conditions of business regulatory framework based on correlative multifactor regression models-overhead to assess the effects of conceptual design model draft final project at consumer properties.
Keywords: Maintenance, Resource consumption, Cost management, Real estate, Design, Modeling.

Neudahina J. G. «Main areas of study problems of sustainable development of the region»

The present stage of socio-economic development of Russia, along with other difficulties, characterized by a significant worsening of the problem of sustainable development.
The acuteness of the current socio-economic situation in Russia and significant deformation of the entire economic space defined by the ongoing processes: the transition to a market of numerous businesses, including regional bodies, the liberalization of foreign economic relations; protracted systemic crisis, covering almost all spheres of national economy, a change of government, including the nature of the relationship centers and regions.
In this regard, the article made of the stability of the regional economy as the ability to resist the influence of external and internal environment to maintain balance and steadily develop.
Keywords: sustainable development, sustainable regional economy, the model of regional governance, the principle of sustainable development.

Ahmad A. R. «The Russian approach administration attitude to public and liberal market business management areas of health services»
Freedom level of regulation health services determines the degree of accessibility and quality, the data type of services and scale of its operations by solving a series of organizational and financial problems in the perturbation cost of medical subjects at wild general public service recipient in Russia and abroad.
Keywords: Medical services, health, public-oriented, liberal market, management and insurance.

Gaponov V. L., Kuznetsov D M.., Trepachev V.V. «Modeling for the diffusible transfer of the solid  substance, which is  dissolved in   the  liquid   medium»
Made investigations of     problem for get    simplified in   the analysis   diffusible   transfer of      the solid   substance   in   the movable liquid   medium, take   into   the our considerations  such important factors  as the variable velocity for motion and variable velocity for  disintegration of substance. Made full analysis for some criterions of the common similarity, concerning    diffusible   transfer for solid   substance, which take   into consideration    gravity force, disintegration of substance, the time factor   and    pressure in liquid stream. Results of this work can be put into practice in   the comparison, the analysis of  the natural  experimental data and laboratory experimental data for the  decision hole rows of tasks in the guard labor  and the secure   extraordinary situations.
 Keywords: Diffusion, transfer, admixture, stream, disintegration   substance, secure   extraordinary situations.

Bondarenko L.V. "Theoretical aspects of formation of the competitive environment in sphere of services"
Carriers of competitive advantages in sphere of services are subjects of competitiveness: various types of service, the enterprises and the organizations forming branch associations and associations. The question of the competitive environment arises an important question by consideration of the market of sphere of services, as well as the market in general. The requirement of the population for qualitative services increases. High rate of the modern urbanized life, intensity of labor conditions, adverse ecological conditions, deterioration social and increase stressogen factors affect. All it causes growth vale logical aspects in realization of an effective policy of state regulation and modernization both the Russian economy as a whole, and its key industries, in particular. Creation of competitive advantages is now one of main problems of the organizations of sphere of services in the Rostov region.
Keywords: sphere of the services, the competitive environment, the competitiveness factors, competitive advantage.

Sery P.V., Ostrovsky S.V. "A choice of a way of quality management of a crystal carbamide in industrial devices".
In the given work the analysis of modern researches of crystal growth of a carbamide is carried out. Experimental data on influence of additives on a supersaturation, and as temperature and hydrodynamic conditions for speed of crystal growth are received. The most expedient ways of management by crystallization process in industrial devices are chosen.
Keywords: Crystallization, carbamide, a super saturation, hydrodynamic conditions.

Malyavka N. A. « Methodological basis forming a system of selection of candidates in the self-regulating organizations in building»
Our proposed system of indicators fully reflect the performance, stability and reliability of the company. This technique will become operational element in the control system SROS, and the estimates the company will make the right decision in taking the next term in SROS.
Keywords: self-regulatory organizations, the selection of members, a system of indicators, the coefficient.

Bokova F.M.    «The researh of efficacy and quality of banking services»

The article critically analyzed the basic terminological apparatus banking, given the author's classification of banking services and the factors that influence the scope of these services. Presented and justified priority measures to improve efficiency and quality of banking services.
Keywords: Banking services, the quality of banking services, the efficiency of banking services.

Borovik A.S. «Conceptual fundamentals of regional economy modernization»
Problems of social and economic development of the Russian regions from the viewpoint of appropriate modernization are considered in the article. Organizational-economic instruments of strengthening of a social orientation of regional reproduction are allocated as imperative priorities. Direction of the regional economy modernization was identified.
Keywords: regional economy, trends in socio-economic development, social orientation of the regional economy, regional economy modernization.

Breslavceva N. A., Rjabokon S. V. «The market of the real estate as a basis of formation of the market realty services. »
In clause features of the market of the real estate as bases for formation of the market realty services are considered. The concept of the market of the real estate, property of the real estate as goods is certain. Some classifications of the real estate, including used large realty the companies are considered.
Keywords: The real estate, Realty services, Properties of the real estate, Classification, the Estimation of the real estate, Factors.

Gachaev A.M. "On the fractal structure of the oil and gas fields"
A constructive analysis of the boundary value problem for differential equations of fractional order, which simulates the features of the flow of oil to the hole in the cracks of a deformable layer, as well as consider the problem describing the diffusion process in porous media, where highly viscous liquid (oil) is, displaced slightly viscous liquid with water.
Keywords: differential and integral operators of fractional order, boundary problem, viscoelastic materials (polymers), fractals.

Lupeiko T. G., Swirskaya S. N.,  Pahomov A. S., Medwedewa E. S. "Research of possibility of reception gipotiofosfats alkaline metals in organic solvent"
Alkali metals hypothiophosphates synthesis method in ethanol solution was suggested. It was shown that synthesis of the bivalent metal hypothiophosphate - Sn2P2S6 in the alcohol solution by the exchange is possible.
Keywords: аlkali metals hypothiophosphates, ethanol solution, synthesis method, and bivalent metal hypothiophosphate - Sn2P2S6.

Rozin M.D., Svechkarev V.P., Kontorovich S.D., Litvinov S.V., Nosko V.I."Research of social networks as the platform of social communications of a Russian Internet used with a view of pre-election campaign"
It is shown that social networks represent the legislatively not fixed platform for propaganda actions, expression and an exchange of opinions, distribution of the information on candidates. Ability to work with this information to trace its streams and changes, it is represented to one of the most important skills in future election campaigns. The basic directions of researches of social networks as the platform of social communications of a Russian Internet used with a view of pre-election campaign are formulated and considered.
Keywords: a Russian Internet, social networks, social communications, pre-election campaign, monitoring, the legislation.

Svechkarev V.P. «The main modern technologies of the research of historic processes in L.Tolstoy/s novel «War and Peace»
The article is devoted to the analysis of the proportion of the main conceptions of philosophy of history in L.Tolstoy/s novel “War and Peace” and the basic modern technologies of the historic processes research.
Keywords: philosophy of history, historic process, research, modeling, modeling technologies.

Olishevskiy D.P., Svechkarev V.P. «Simulation of the infrastructure of an innovative activity of a region on the example of in sourcing scientific equipment»

It is demonstrated that the synthesis of methods of system analysis, simulation of socioeconomic processes and cartography is the most efficient for investigating possibilities and trends of upgrading the infrastructure of the South Russian region as a difficult socioeconomic system.
There is presented a version of the model that enables: to conduct a research of socioeconomic processes of interaction developing in the regional innovative infrastructure of South Russia; to defined possibility of operating a flow of claims by the given infrastructure; to accomplish forecasting the download of unique scientific equipment; to elicit upcoming trends of upgrading material and technical base for scientific research and purchasing new equipment for conducting scientific and research service on the commercial basis.

Keywords: simulation, infrastructure, in sourcing, unique scientific equipment, processes of social interaction.

Klaus N. G., Klaus A. I. "Practice of integration of Geoinformation systems and many agent models in research of social conflicts"
For investigation social and political related conflicts, modeling system should be closely integrated with GIS data such as territory, population, transport system, roads system and other data about environment in which conflict happens. Using an agent-based model (ABM), geographic information systems (GIS), data on public sentiment, and events data, we address this question from a multidisciplinary approach.
For describing conflict participants and their actions it is necessary to create a set of parameters which is suitable for precise territory, which is under investigation. It is necessary to consider territorial aspects such as mountains and flat territories for describing speed of movement of conflict participants and area of their influences. For using models on precise territories and examining precise conflicts it is necessary to include as parameters statistics data about feel and mood of local inhabitants and their attitude according to insurgents, counter-insurgents, governments and conflict situation. Also it is necessary to take into account all prehistory of precise conflict. Modern investigations at the edge of science shows that integration of Geographical Information Systems and Agent-Based Modeling has huge potential and a lot of benefits for modeling social conflicts. This platform also very suitable for investigation of the Northern Caucasus problems.
Keywords: Agent-Based Modeling, Geographic Information Systems, integrated, ethnic problem, conflict, terrorism, Northern Caucasus, dissident, social.

Gavrilova Z.P. «Modeling of system dynamics of a demographic situation in the Rostov region»
The model of research of a demographic situation in the Rostov region on the basis of a paradigm of system dynamics since the given kind of modeling is directed on studying of difficult systems is presented, allows investigating their behavior in time and depending on structure of elements of system and interaction between them. The model of a demographic situation in the Rostov region is realized in package Any Logic and it has turned out concerning simple, evident, provides an interactive mode of research. For maintenance of management with model during experiment as base are accepted cognitive relations of population, birth rate, death rate. The given approbations of model coincide with the data for the last 6 years and the forecast till 2030 of Federal Agency of the state statistics on population and volume of the registered migratory increase in population that gives the chance to investigate a demographic situation with a fine precision.
Keywords: Model, system dynamics, a demographic situation, computer experiment, the forecast.

Tymchuk D.A. «Agent-based model of social interactions based on group identity. »
The results of development of multi-agent models of social interactions based on the theory of group identity. As a visualization environment model used notation of universal modeling language UML 2.0. The model allows to organize the research of big social groups, to build a scenario of the situation and, thus, predict the possible state of society at a given time interval, as a reaction to a given number of critical events.
Keywords: Agent-based system, multi-agent model, social interactions, group identity, scenario of the situation, critical events.

Mochtchenko I.N., Ivanova M.I. « Researching the cognitive group component of student installation in relation to a political order»
Results of the flight research spent among students RGSU are resulted. The questionnaire method was used, 196 persons have been interrogated. Questions concerned subjective estimation of following levels: the participation to political processes; the emotional involvement into them; under discussion these processes; economic well-being of the people; social protectability; vital prospect. Besides, the questionnaire included questions about religiousness degrees, and also the general questions characterizing the respondent (a sex, age, a nationality, education of parents). Analysis of results was spent in framework of the descriptive statistics by using the statistical software package for social sciences SPSS. It is received that all considered cognitive parameters are generally at the average level, and it is necessary to expect that this component won't lead to political tension formation in investigated audience.
Keywords: a political tension, deprivation, group installation in relation to a political order, cognitive component, questionnaire, the descriptive statistics.