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Voloshin A.G., Stupina M.V. The system of calculating equilibrium state of elastic environment weakened by flat symmetric crack
Flat crack’s problem of normal rupture in the elastic space is shown equivalent the decision of Integra-differential equation. This equation allows to get approximate decision of the problem as a double integral in  area occupied by crack. We assume that area has two mutual-orthogonal axes of symmetry, and
area’s boundary L is smooth enough. The recurrent process has been built to specify decision finally obtained. Results of calculations testify that recurrent process converges.
Key words:  elastic space, crack of normal rupture, integra-differential equation, recurrent process, stress-intensity factor

Kudinov N.V., Boldyreva A.A. Finite grid methods application for computation model of gas transportation process
This article contains description of exact model of gas pipeline. The partial derivative mathematical model is suggested. Also the formula for space – distributed grid step is proposed. Version of boundary inner steps in method is offered. Calculation method of auxiliary boundary nodes parameters for balanced approximation method is suggested.
Key words:  gas pipeline, process of creation model, space – distributed grid, border conditions

Ladosha E. N. Computer modeling of combustion in the piston engine based on combined regard of chemistry and turbulence transport phenomena
An original information model of combustion in the piston engine is elaborated.Based on the detailed dynamical description of associated chemistry and turbulence transport in the charge it represents important power and ecological features as well as enables to investigate unmeasured parameters of engine combustion required for system control.
Key words:  piston engine, combustion in the charge, chemical reactions, turbulence, heat and mass transfer, computer modeling.

Tsymbalov D. S. Modeled evolution of the "ozone hole" produced by a space rocket
An original technique purposed to describe the rocket-produced "ozone hole" evolution is elaborated. It is based on a reduced dynamical description initialized using the detailed model of the phenomenon. The nature of the liquid-fueled rocket ozone layer depletion is identified reliably.
Key words:  stratosphere, spacecraft, "ozone hole", trajectory, factorization

Zorina L.V., Buraeva E. A., Avdienko N. A. Technogenic 210PB in industrial ctnter atmosphere during the cold period of year
In the present work from technogenic factors in more details and for the first time the contribution of emissions of objects of maintenance is quantitatively estimated by heat of a large city. Long-term data about seasonal dependence of the content 210Pb in air and dependence of this content on temperature of air, a direction and force of a wind are for this purpose used. Successful realization of this approach became probable on the basis of a considerable file of initial data: it was possible to receive quantitative estimations of influence of city systems of heating on the content 210Pb (and, correspondingly, 222Rn ) in atmosphere.
Key words:  technogenic lead-210, products of disintegration of radon, radionuclide surface air, seasonal dependence,  activity,  radioactive pollution

Stasov V. V. 137Cs in surface air
On the basis of the analysis of a considerable file of initial data for studying of mechanisms of wind lifting the special approach for conditions of large settlement on an example of a city of Rostov-on-Don was used. In the offered approach possibility of an estimation of pollution of atmosphere of a city by an aerosol dust (including radioactive), definitions of sources of its occurrence and creation of mathematical model for the description of these processes is put in pawn
Key words:  wind lifting, effect saltation,  radionuclide,  meteoparameters,  surface air,  activity, small disperse fraction,   radioactive pollution

Mirskaya M.V. Production of anhydrite binder by finely vorticity pulverizing
Ability of production of anhydrite binder by finely vorticity pulverizing has been considered. The influence of the length of raw’s grinding to its degree of dispersion has been investigated. Experimental  mathematical models of properties of compacting fine concrete on the base of anhydrite binder have been produced
Key words:  anhydrite binder, compacting, fine concrete

Tovarovskaya N.M., Mochtchenko I.N. Thermodynamic model of the local - equilibrium state of the gas-filled natural coal
The thermodynamic model of the gas-filled coal of the middle stage of metamorphism is proposed. This model describes the dependence of the local deformation and sorption parameters from the mounting and porous pressure. The laboratory sorption curves were calculated. The conformity between theoretical and experimental results was obtained. The method of the calculation of the model parameters by using the natural geo–physical dates and the laboratory experiments was developed. The obtained results may be used for the estimation of the gas rest content and for the constructing of dynamic models of degassing processes in coal layers.      
Key words:   thermodynamic model, gas-filled coal, coal – gas system, process of the degassing, gas rest content, dynamic model

Darovsky G.V. The perfection of the loading mechanism of the friction machines of  “Amsler” type
It is well known, that the standard friction machines of  “Amsler” type have construction defects of the loading mechanism. Central one of them is the absence of the centering of the compressing spring. The new construction of the loading was developed, which removed   this defect.
Key words: friction machine, construction defect, loading mechanism, new construction, the removing   of the defects

Okost M. V.  The rising axle loadings and train speed demand to strengthen the railway track
In the environment of rising axle loadings and train speed it’s necessary to strengthen the railway track. The results of the physical-mechanical modeling and the environmental tests of strengthening the subballast area by the organic astringent revetment are given.
Key words: track formation, deflected mode, elastic deformation of track, mathematical model, strengthening of subballast area, physical modeling, planning of experiment, organic astringent revetment

Ripol'-Saragosi L.F. Relating to the question for compressed air drying on the rolling stock and the "Russian Railways" joint stock company  enterprises
This article covers the question of the compressed air purification and drying. The author goes by the way of the mechanical method. The analysis and the results are given in the article
Key words: compressed air, compressor. locomotive, jalousie separator, mechanical way, development way, development of charge and discharge of the breaks

Sanamyan G.V. Simulation modeling operation strengthening surface plastic deformation
It is executed multi-objective optimization operation strengthening surrface plastic deformation
Key words: mathematical model, multi-objective optimization, surface, plastic deformation

Boguslavskiy V. I. Futures of the industrial enterprises corporate innovation subsystem
In the present article short analysis of innovation activities of industrial enterprises and suggestions on effective corporative innovation system building are given. Such notions as  innovation activities, innovation infrastructure are interpreted. The main goal and the objectives for every stage in the process of introducing corporative innovation system at the industrial enterprises are formulated. Practical recommendations how to develop corporative innovation system of the enterprise are given. The program structure of their realization is included. The article is supplied with tables and drawings that help clearly expose the heart of the problem.
Key words: industrial enterprise, innovation system, innovation infrastructure, corporate university, competitiveness

Nicolas P.I. Definition of the wind force influence on the complex antenna construction
Wind force influences are the main cause of antenna vibrations and tracking errors consequently. Outdoor antennas are normally tested for wind force influence by wind tunnel tests but it requires great expenses. It is important to assess the aerodynamic effects on the antenna construction taking into account the antenna configuration, scan rate and stochastic characteristics of wind pressure head loads. This paper presents the mathematical method for determining the influence of aerodynamic loads on the antenna. Total aerodynamic force and torque in the form of harmonic progressions with determinate and random components are presented. Statistical characteristics of random components with using of experimental aerodynamic coefficients are obtained.
Key words: antenna/wind force influence/transfer function/aerodynamic properties

Ivashchenko S. N. Creating model of energy spectrum in semiconductor nanostructures
If dimensions of nanostructures and a length of wave in semiconductors are similar, it is possible to manage energy spectrum by changing size of work fields. One of wide-spread method for theoretical analysis of nanostructures is a making computer model. Creating computer model includes some steps: setting task, formulating mathematical model, selection of algorithm and working out program of calculating, solving and analyzing solution. In article all of these questions are considered.
Key words: physical model, computer simulation, semiconductor, nanostructure, algorithm, calculating

Mushnikov V.V. Electrodynamic Models and Analysis of Phased Arrays of  Combined Microstrip Radiators
Mathematical models, which permit to analyse the matching characteristics and directional characteristics of combined microstrip radiators of infinite plain phased arrays, are designed. The combined microstrip radiator can include a microstrip element lying in the plane of the array and a microstrip element normal oriented to the plane of array simultaneously, moreover either of the two elements can have an arbitrary shape. Matching and directional characteristics of the combined microstrip radiators are calculated with regard to interact of such radiators.
Key words: microstrip antenna, phased array, mathematical model, Vivaldi radiator, printing dopole, combined microstrip radiator, strip feeder

Kolyhan N.V., Samoyelenko A.P. Dynamic control of information streams in telecommunication networks
The task of the information dynamic control stream is accomplished by the instrumentality of the external adaptive interruption controller, which is formed on basis of “dayze-ring”
Key words: the telecommunication network, discipline of service, dynamic management, “dayze-ring”, serial logic

Nazarova T.N. Studding the opportunity of creation the sensor on ammonia based on the SiO2SnOxAgОУ thin sol-gel films
There are some points that haven’t been studied enough in the area of investigation devoted to thin oxide films of mixed content. Te influence of technological regimes of film formation, film content, its morphology of surface and its microstructure on the electro physical properties and gas sensing characteristics of the thin film materials hasn’t studied properly. The mechanism of film interaction with gasses isn’t clear. The aim of the work is the fabrication of the SiO2SnOxAgОУ thin film material and the elaboration the sensor on ammonia on its base.
Key words:multicomponent inorganic oxide materials, synthesis and investigation of physic-chemical properties of the inorganic oxide films, gas sensing materials with set characteristics, chemosensors on gas

Pivnev P.P. Investigation of the acoustic wave interaction in the oil with purpose to develop the systems of the oil guide diagnostic
The parametric acoustic antennas may be used for the oil guide diagnostic. The investigation of the interaction between frequency components of acoustic signal is presented. The acoustic field of difference frequency in the waveguide is calculated. It is shown, that breaches of oil guide change this field and may be fixed by hydroacoustical receiver.
Key words: acoustic systems, parametric antenna, check of oil guide, mathematical modeling, calculation, acoustic wave field

Semenistaya T.V. Fabrication of Cu-containing polyacrilonotril films for chemosensors on gas and receach of its properties
The samples based on IR-pyrolzed polyacrylonitril (PAN) that contain copper compounds have been fabricated. The phase content, the structure and the surface morphology of gained samples have been investigated by methods of the interferential microscopy, XPD, IR-spectroscopy and SEM. The electroconductive properties of the samples have been studied. There is the tendency of the decreasing of the specific resistance with the temperature increase according to exponential law in the gained samples. The values of specific resistance reduced with the increasing of copper content in the samples and IR-pyrolise temperature of the films. The gas sensing characteristics of the sensor elements based on copper containing polyacrylonitril have been defined. It has been revealed the sensor element based on PAN with Cu 3 wt., Tpyrolise = 500° С is the most optimal to create a sensor to nitric dioxide.
Key words: electroconductive metallopolymeric films, gas sensing films chemosensors on gas, synthesis of metalorganic polymers, sensor properties of metalorganic polymeric films

Shanin D. A., Chikin V.V. Neuronetwork adaptive control system of helicopter with system of technical sight
The main idea of this text is a construction and synthesis of regulator for real model of helicopter. Feedback for control is use the system of technical sight and mathematic methods for recognition of frames. Result of testing system also presented.
Key words: neural network, adaptation, nonlinearity, the helicopter, management, technical sight, recognition, a regulator, the analysis, tests, model, real conditions

Bakhtin N.I. Application of Fourier-analysis for studying mechanisms of formation electric potential on metal-water boundary
This article is devoted to examining what is happening on the interfacial boundary in terms of vibration. At the same effects occur violations electrochemical equilibrium, which might be of interest in the various fields of science, including in BC. The article describes the analysis of experimental data which were obtained from studies of these phenomena.
Key words: electrochemistry, double electric layer, Fourier analysis, electrode potential

Bakhtin N.I., Yanushkin V.V., Olshewskij D.V. Mathematical modeling dust catcher in technological systems reducing emissions of disperse particles in atmosphere
Article is devoted to example of construction mathematical model of movement Brown particles in a direction of some firm surface, graphic interpretation of the received results is given. The model of sedimentation particles on a surface of variable length is described and quantitative characteristics of this process are resulted. In work practical questions of the organization and feature interaction of complex designs dust catcher for clearing of various disperse particles are considered at an irrigation of polluting particles by a stream of a liquid.
Key words: dust catcher, dust removal plate, an air line, an air stream, an atomizer, the sprayed particle

Monastirenko V.V. Effective management of building process
There are many management systems (“Kazen”, “six sigma”), which are oriented on the different inner aspects. The main aim is the work under the optimal volume of material reserve, on our option. There decrease on the building ground may be obtained by using the “Precise time”. The scenario of the using of this system in the concrete building organization is proposed .
Key words: management systems, building process, capital construction, subsystem “Cabana” , effective, standard, optimal, volume of material reserve, scenario

Yanushkin V.V. Fractal approach at modeling processes of course in capillary-porous environments on example of decision safety ability problems to live in extreme situations and wildlife management
The technique of construction mathematical model for decision problems of the analysis and forecasting of distribution liquids in three-dimensional porous environments is resulted, the brief description of the developed models and laws of movement a liquid on the basis of application fractal clusters is given.
Key words: fractal, pollution, polluting liquid, percolation, fractal cluster, front of infection, three-dimensional dynamic lattice model