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Figovsky O.L. «From nanotechnologies to   phemtotechnologies, further everywhere...»
Leading scientists in the field of nanotechnologies lift some question, actual for nanoindustry. The nanotechnology developing in last 15 years is engaged in designing from atoms and molecules of new materials. Its main achievement are nanofunnels. It is possible to hope that through shorter term, scientists will be engaged phemtotechnologies that will allow mankind to make the next huge jump in the development. The number of innovations increases in a geometrical progression, and their industrial development is rather real and is perspective in all areas of our life.
Keywords: nanotechnologies, nanoindustry, a cognitive technologies, nanoparticles, phemtotechnologies.

Nesterenko D.A. «Social and economical of town planning organization means (resources) in population settlement»
General conclusion on typological features of Pskov region soldiery formations infrastructure in federal district structure, underlying conditions of current state of affairs, architectural and planning surroundings optimization proposals.
Keywords: population settlement, architectural structuring, infrastructure, territorial planning, boarders of territorial formations, district coefficient, territory assessment.

Litvinova I.N. « Innovacionnaya forming competitiveness in info communications»
In article is given elaborating determination to competitiveness, is offered additional with component competitiveness - a perception, in methods of the estimation to competitiveness is contributed crete efficient know-how and are offered priority strategic directions инновационной activity on enterprise info communicationswith use the last achievements of the science and technology.
Keywords: info communications, competitiveness, know-how, management, efficiency.

 Doliatovskiy  L. V. «Method of a choice of optimum strategy of development of firm»
Task in view of a choice of optimum strategy of development of firm on the basis of a combination of its volume and structural changes. The problem is solved by a method of multipliers of Lagranzha by construction of function of dependence of profit on volume and structural changes. Practical application of the developed method is shown.
Keywords: Firm development, development strategy, combination of volume and structural changes, strategy optimization, method of multipliers of Lagranzha, efficiency of changes.

Malyavka N.A. « Design of an automated information management technology organizational mechanism of selection of candidates to the self-regulatory organization in the construction »
Designed by the author of information technology management organizational mechanism of selection of candidates to the self-regulatory organization in the construction of a fully automates the business processes of entry of construction companies with SRO. Described the stages of design will create an effective information system in any development environment. The method will be operational element in the management of SROs.
Keywords: design, automation, self-regulatory organizations, information technology, system performance.

Naumenko E.Y. « Identify options for capacity and employment parking»
This paper describes the prediction methods are based on many factors, using mathematical statistics and probability theory. The different types of probability distributions, simulated streams of cars entering and leaving, which brings the situation to the real physical picture of what is happening. The peculiarity of the fact - that takes into account the independence of the basic parameters for parking - times of incoming and outgoing vehicles, the length of time in the parking lot and the number of employed persons. Different versions of modeling parking for all scenarios and draw appropriate conclusions. Using the proposed model can perform calculations in local mode for the car parks and the integration with the effect of parking on the overall traffic conditions.
Keywords: parking, employment, turn, the terminal model, distribution, flow, intensity, probability, parking, storage capacity.

Gamaley N.Y. «Technology of management of organizational changes of the enterprise»
The successful organization is constantly in the dynamics. Organization - a living organism that is constantly moving in the direction of growth or decline. All organizations aimed at development, and hence, their goal is to move only in a positive direction, the direction of growth.
Keywords: organization, model of organizational development, evolution, changes, optimal choice of changes, changes technology, regression equations, and sensibility analysis.

Litvinov S.V., Klimenko E.S., Kulinitch I.I., Yazyevа S.B. «Calculation of the stability of cores from EDB-10 at various options fixing»
The article investigates the stability of polymer rods of epoxy resin EDT-10 with the initial imperfections and the development of creep strain at different options for securing the rod.
Keywords: stability of rods, creep, highly elastic deformation, polymeric materials, coupling equation of Maxwell-Gurevich.

Naumenko E.Y. «Factor and regression model needs assessments of demand for parking»
This paper describes the factor and regression models, we can prove the effectiveness of factor analysis, taking into account the following variables: the actual loading of parking, the average parking time, the total number of passengers, hourly average number of passengers, the availability of bus routes in the parking zone. In great detail the features of the functioning of Park & ​​Ride. Calculated the matrix of factor loadings and analyzed by the geometric interpretation of a matrix of factor loadings, based on which one can make meaningful interpretation of factors. Obtained depending on the factor analysis can, based on the above variables allow a comprehensive analysis of various situations to determine the demand for parking.
Keywords: variance analysis, the factor correlation matrix, the interpretation of the load demand, parking, coordinate, Park & ​​Ride.

Smelik G.G., Sisojev А.K., Pechikin О.Y. «Numerical characteristics of stress relaxation in impregnated with the solutions fine concrete»
Kinetics of stress relaxation in fine concrete, impregnated with the solutions of PETROLATUM in diesel oil and POLYETHYLHYDROCSYLOXAN liquid 136-41 in kerosene, aging 7, 14 and 28 days was under study by means of contractometer – relaxometer.Experimental trends practically coincide with the calculated values according to presented formula with fractional degree of time. The parameters of functional dependence are defined according to the presented computer – aid technique on base of 10 – days running experiment. Besides these parameters and sampled coefficient of linear correlation for quantitative and qualitative characteristics of stress relaxation kinetics, know in the probability theory and mathematical statistics, numerical characteristics are offered.          
Keywords: Computer, contractometer – relaxometer,  coefficient of attenuation, fine (aggregate) concrete, relaxation, statistic characteristic.

Litvinov S.V., Klimenko E.S., Kulinitch I.I., Yazyevа S.B. «Calculation of the stability of polymer rods, taking into account creep and initial imperfections»
The article deals with the loss of stability of polymer rods in the presence of disturbing factors as the camber of the rod and the presence of eccentricity of load application.
Keywords: stability of rods, creep, highly elastic deformation, polymeric materials, coupling equation of Maxwell-Gurevich.

Naumenko E.Y. «Implementation models for the assessment of different scenarios for the assessment of the parking»
This article examines the relationship between supply and demand for parking. It explores how the difference between the average daily volume of passengers arriving at the interchange site and the required amount of parking spaces in paid parking, and free with the following variables: the actual loading parking, the average parking time, the total number of passengers hourly number of passengers, the availability of bus routes in the parking zone .
Keywords: model, scenario, a factor node, volume, parking demand, dependence, point passengers.

Skornjakov A.A. «Directions for energy conservation and efficiency enterprises gas trunkline»
This article examines the state of the system energy efficiency at the plant gas trunkline. Identified shortcomings of existing energy-saving system. Presents the results of a questionnaire study of the respondents - the company's employees gas trunkline. Proposed to solve the problems identified reconciliation exergic approach.
Keywords: energy, efficiency, utilization, gas trunkline, compressor stations, exergy.

Kulov S.K., Savenko V.I., Schapova Yu.V.,.Samkanashvili D.G, Urtaev A.K.«Modification of superficial and near surface nanofilms in MCP channels.»
The article deals with thin-films formation in MCP (microchannel plate) manufacturing technology. Particular attention is devoted to physical and chemical stimulation methods of MCP channels surface. Peculiarities of MCP surface conductance in the open air are also considered.
Keywords: Microchannel plate, thin films, resistive-emissive layer, photoelectron treatment, MCP conduction current in the open air.

Bespalov V.I., Sisoev V.N.«Development and application of a technique of a choice of effective and economic means of protection against vibration for working zones of forming shops of factories of ferro-concrete designs»
In article authors offer a technique of a choice of highly effective and economic means of protection against vibration working zones of forming shops of factories of ferro-concrete designs, a providing opportunity of the forecast of efficiency and profitability of process of reduction in vibration up to normative values. The basic stages of a technique are opened, its block-diagram and results of practical approbation are submitted.
Keywords: Factories of ferro-concrete designs, working zones, means of protection against vibration, efficiency and profitability of process of reduction in vibration.

Orehova N.U. «The theoretical investigation of aspects of the economic development of agricultural sector»
The article reveals the essence and content of the main categories of economic development of the agricultural sector, the conditions of formation of the socio-economic systems. Allocated to the objective existence, interdependence, interpenetration and interaction of internal and external, main and secondary, objective and subjective, controlled and uncontrolled, significant and insignificant, the direct and indirect factors in the development of agricultural production. We present the idea that stimulating the investment process and a competitive market environment in the industries that define the scope of the agrarian region is a factor of balanced, sustainable and socially responsible development of the territorial entity.
Keywords: The agricultural sector, economic development, factors internal and external environment, rural economy.

Hamukova M.A. «Trends of improving the material to promote agricultural workers»
In this article, the recommendations on the organization of material incentives of workers of agriculture, the basic directions of improving the mechanism of material incentives of employees of agricultural enterprises.
Keywords: salary, incentives work, bonuses, allowances, compensation, bonuses, financial incentives.

Bogacheva E.S. «Social and professional requirements of new quality of vocational training and a problem of its modernization».
On the basis of sociological poll of satisfaction of students and teachers the various parties of process of formation of system of average vocational training it is defined, which social and professional requirements of new quality of preparation of experts of an average link exist. Necessity of modernisation of system of the average vocational training, expressed in the Governmental Program that has given the grounds to estimate a direction and the ways of reforming aimed at new quality of average vocational training is revealed.
Keywords: modernisation, quality of formation, a labour market, the competence, the competent approach, vocational training.

Davydenko O. V. «The review of modern problems and prospects of development of water supply and water removal in territory of the Stavropol Region»
In the present article the general review of a technical condition of engineering networks of water supply and water removal on territories of the Stavropol Region and the detailed retrospective analysis of their condition is given. The basic lines of activity of managing subjects on restoration of networks are shown and illustrated on an example of concrete target programs. Results of look-ahead modeling of growth of volumes of the reconstructed objects are resulted, allowing estimating prospects of achievement of target indicators of average losses planned for 2020.
Keywords: Water supply, water removal, replacement, repair, restoration of pipelines, the Target program.

Strakhova N.A., Chumak E.V. «Carrying capacity’s capability and the ways of its realization»
Current production has reached a point where the socio-economic development must be considered in direct relationship to the quality of the environment. Given that the development of productive forces, at this stage, is virtually impossible without environmental impact, the urgency of the problem is primarily to minimize the negative effects of human impact and creating optimal conditions for life. When considering the assimilative capacity of the air as an indicator of maximum dynamic capacity of pollutants, which can be accumulated, destroyed, transformed and displayed abroad without violating the normal activity of the medium itself (carrying capacity), the question arises about the value of the permissible amount of emissions that can take air pool without changing their basic properties.
This article focuses attention on the mechanisms of economic and environmental assessments of carrying capacity, the distribution of property rights on carrying capacity, addressing the major challenges of environmental management. As the economic component of the magnitude of value, it is proposed to use the value of investments in fixed assets in the event of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources on the territory under consideration.
The value of the total mass emissions represents an environmental indicator on the qualitative state of air pollution on the territory in question.
Keywords: Environmental management; carrying capacity of the air; economic evaluation of carrying capacity, environmental indicator of carrying capacity, investment in fixed assets for environmental protection; pollutant.

Torlin R.A., Shuiskij A.I., Novogilov A.A., Torlina E.A., Yazyevа S.B. «Activation of partially hydrated cement in the electromagnetic activator»
The article investigates the influence of electromagnetic parameters on the strength of activation of stale cement, in order to restore its activity.
Keywords: Activity cement, electromagnetic activation, dispersion of cement, high energy efficiency.

Averyanov A.V., Glebova G.M., Shimko O.E. «Analysis of the accuracy of the source parameters using vector-scalar arrays»
In this paper the calculation of vector sensor array characteristics is performed at various types of formation of the input signals coming from the pressure and particle velocity receivers. A comparative analysis of the accuracy of the source coordinate estimation depending on the type of array and the model of signals propagation was made. Calculations of the Cramer-Rao boundary for the parameters of sound source are made taking into account the correlation noise matrix theoretically and experimentally proved. This matrix characterizes the noise which is different for pressure and particle velocity receivers. This paper shows that the matched field algorithms for processing the signal, which is the sum of multiple correlated components, allow to estimate the coordinates of the source with high accuracy. We also show that the accuracy estimate of sound source coordinate can be further improved by using vector sensors, whose signals are not subject to pre-treatment on all components of the modules.
Keywords: signal processing, vector sensor array, isotropic noise, the noise of the surface sea, covariance matrix.

Pshikhopov V.Kh, Medvedev M.Yu. «Algorithms of robust asymptotical estimators of time derivatives»
In this paper algorithms of robust asymptotical estimators of time derivatives for adaptive control systems are considered. A new method of a block estimator design is based on the principle of maximum. Auxiliary variables are constructed as control errors. The designed estimator is time suboptimal one in the bounded area of the system state space. Computer modeling confirms the theory.
Keywords: asymptotical estimator; robustness; principle of maximum.

Torlina E.A., Shuiskij A.I., Tkachenko G.A.  , Yazyevа S.B. «Activation of cement paste and foam mixture in the grinding of electromagnetic units. »
The article investigates the influence of electromagnetic parameters of activation on the structure and properties of the foam.
Keywords: strength of cement stone, electromagnetic activation, structure of foam concrete, physical and mechanical properties of the foam.

Ryabchenko T.N. «Technique of an estimation of competitiveness of high school on оligopolistik the market of services»
The technique of an expert estimation of indicators of competitiveness of high school on олигополистическом the market of educational services and allocation of competitive advantages and a high school position in the market of services is offered. Examples of calculations of indicators and their application at formation of competitive strategy of high school are resulted.
Keywords: competitiveness of high school, technique of the estimation of competitiveness, experts system, competitive advantages of high school, the high school position in the market.

Serpokrilov N.S., Sherbakov S.A.  «Tertiary treatment of mine waters on the filters loaded with sand. »
In the pilot and the pilot study under the direction of intensification of treatment of mine water purification of water regimes founded on granular filters.
Keywords: mine water, the restructuring of the coal mines, especially the composition, treatment of mine waters, technological scheme, pilot studies, pilot plant, the effectiveness of treatment.

Babikova A.V., Shevchenko I.N., Fedotova A.Y. «Problems and prospects of development of engineering education in the innovation economy».
The paper considers the problem of perspective directions of development of engineering education in the innovation economy. The role of engineering education in the system of innovation, given the methodological approaches to the formation of specialist engineering areas, analyzed, innovative learning technologies.
Keywords: Iinnovation, engineering education, core competencies, innovation, university, education issues, knowledge and educational standards.

Stavskaya E.A. «Essence and prominent features of innovative processes in modern economy»
The analysis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation shows, that in it a number of the terms connected with innovative activity is used, but their concepts are not opened completely or do not reflect a real state of affairs in the given sphere. Thus the circle of subjects of attitudes in innovative sphere is not certain, and also there are other problems, concerning the given subjects.
Keywords: Innovative processes, economic benefit, economic efficiency.

Panasyuk L.N., Akopyan V.F., Akopyan A.F., Chantha Ho «New types of piles»
The article deals with methods for determining the bearing capacity of screw piles and ramming piles. Presented as analytical approaches to under regulatory documents, and numerical, using modern computers. Given the results of numerical experiments carried out in the software complex "Polus".
Keywords: screw pile, ramming pile, soil, foundation, bearing capacity, finite element method, plastic deformation, the Coulomb-Mohr hypothesis.

Frolko M.S. «The role of a small agribusiness and problems of its ecology- economical provision in modern Russia»
This article considers the role and the main problems of ecology- economical sector of the development of small agribusiness such as: the lack of the material and technical recourses, low volumes of the state financial support of the agrarian sector. The  stock  and  adequate following the nature conditions of  agrarian  production is  a necessary condition of  improving of  ecology-  economical  potential of  agribusiness and its effectiveness.
Keywords: agrarian sector, ecology-economic potential enterprise, small business.

Cheshev A.S., Dolmatova L.G. "Organizational-economic bases of use of the earth’s in market conditions"
In clause organization - economic bases of use of grounds, the basic mechanisms of regulation of the ground market in sphere of agricultural land tenure, economic regulators of the ground attitudes (relations) are considered.
Keywords: Land tenure, economic system, ground market, state regulation, management.

Dolmatova L.G. "Bases of state regulation in the field of use and protection of ground resources in modern conditions"
In clause the basic questions of state regulation are considered in the field of use and protection of ground resources worldwide, development of the market of ground and perfection of ground payments.        
Keywords: Economy, market conditions, state regulation, politics, management, price of ground.

Berezhnoj P.V. «Bases of ecological-economic maintenance of manufacture of ecologically safe grain production»
The purpose of an intensification of manufacture is increase of social and economic efficiency, economy alive and objectification of work counting upon unit of effect or result. Transition to ecologically steady type of development is possible when process of an intensification will have the finished character when process of decrease ресурсоемкости will come nearer, and in some cases and will reach the top limit.
Keywords: An intensification of manufacture, process of decrease processes.

Nedikova E.V.  « Improvement of the Territory Organization Methods of Natural Pastures. »
Analysis and recommendations of using ravine – gully lands are given in the article.
Keywords: ravine – gully lands, agro landscape, land survey arable, land management, meadow formation erosion.

Abramov K. V. «Method of definition of coefficients of the PID-controller at modeling of the automatic control systems of distillation column with application of ChemCAD»
The using of modeling computer program complexes very important for training of students, it allow reduce material and time expenses, it help to train personnel in simple laws and features of regulation, it help to show various variants of the automatic control systems. Given article is devoted a problem of a choice of calculation method of options of the PID-CONTROLLER in program ChemCAD on an example of a local contour of control by liquid level in a boiler of distillation column.
Keywords: ChemCAD, distillation, automation, controller, training equipment.

Al-Khulaidi A.A., ChernyshevY.O. «Development of parallel algorithm finding the optimal solution of transport problems in the cluster»
This paper describes a parallel algorithm for finding the optimal solution to the transport problem, which is based on the method of potentials. The effectiveness of the algorithms has been proved in the course of the experiment.
Keywords: potential, parallel programming, transportation problem.

Babenko G.V., Belov S.V. «Analysis of TCP/IP traffic based on the methodology of specified threshold and the deviation»
he network traffic is considered, as the object of analysis, to determine the states of potentially evidence of violations of information security or assumptions to them. The methods of analysis used the threshold technique and the method of deviations from the expected values ​​of predetermined parameters TCP/IP traffic and built a template of a network of full-time. The criteria by which concludes that there are deviations of the sample mean and the expectation in combination with a standard deviation.
Keywords: network traffic, the sample mean, deviation, confidence interval.

Androsova G.M., Brailov I.G., Gnedova O.I. «Designing of details of clothes with use of linens from matrix elements»
The author considers the solution of the problem of designing of clothes details from the matrix elements to expand the product assortment of fur and natural leather materials. The basic methods of their forming depending of product design are presented. An example of making women's jacket from the matrix elements is described.
Keywords: product, patterns, cutting details of clothes, matrix elements, linen.

Ponarina N.N. «Globalization and modernization: a parity of tendencies»
In article the parity of two key tendencies of the present – globalizations and modernizations reveals; each of these concepts is central accordingly in «dependence theories» and «development theories» which make two different variants of interpretation of macrosocial changes. Are analyzed the importance of theories of development in judgement of processes of modernization in a globalization context. Consecutive economic stages of modernization are considered. The socially-philosophical estimation of prospects of globalization of a modern society is given.
Keywords: globalization, modernization, development, the development theory, the theory of modernization, the theory of economic stages, social movements, resistance.

Zvereva T. V. «Seizing Opportunities "public relations" to ensure the openness of the tax service, bringing it closer to citizens' interests»
In the article  examines the role of the PR in the formation of a favorable image of tax authorities in this regard concerns the problem PR-programs and methods for its implementation, suggestions for the use of leverage social advertising for the formation of the society understand the social significance of state tax policy.
Keywords: public opinion, "public relations", the tax culture, media, public service ads.

Mironova D. D. «Features of spatial development of the innovative small business»
The paper contains the analysis of the features of spatial development of the innovative small business. The author has examined priority kinds of activity of the innovative small business, level of the innovative activity of the small enterprises of Rostov region. Ways of the further perfection of activity of the innovative small business are offered. The role of the innovative small business as the tool of the formation of regional economic space is shown.
Key words: region, space, innovative, small, business, development.

Dikanov M.U. «The main peculiarities and the directions of modern service market development in retail».
The article deals with the definition, peculiarities and structure of trade as a key field of economic activity of the Russian Federation. The dynamic and basic tendencies of trade are analyzed in the article. Through the  results of the research it has become clear that retail is undergone  cardinal changes nowadays. От this reason the priority directions of retail development of  the Russian Federation are marked.
Keywords: trade, globalization, retailer, dynamic, rotation.

Doliatovskaiy T.I. «The decision of a problem of strategic operation of business in indistinct statement»
The return problem of operation of business in the indistinct statement, consisting in definition of a set of operating influences for object in view achievement is formulated and solved. The example of application of the developed method for concrete conditions of management is resulted by innovative development of the enterprise.
Keywords: Operation of business, indistinct conditions of achievement of the purpose, return problem of management, cognitive model of operation of business, cognitive a card.