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Zvereva T.V. «Cross-correlation analysis of sociological research of "Problem of co-operation of civil servants and citizens».
In the article the analysis of empiric sociological research is conducted from April for September, 2010 in the Inter-district inspection of Federal tax service of Russia № 25 on the Rostov area. By means of cross-correlation analysis crowd conditions and level of meaningfulness of the dependence set in research are measured.
Keywords: cross-correlation analysis, criterion of Pearson, system model of corporate culture, co-operation, tax sphere.

Zabaznov Y.S, Gajrabekov I.G., Pimshin J.I. “The geodetic technology of definition of deformations”
In the article of Zabaznov, Gajrabekov I.G., Pimshin J.I. is considered the geodetic technology of definition of deformations worked out authors thermocover of the reactor’s department of nuclear station. It is marked, that in comparison with the recommended normative documents consisting of string gauges, offered geodetic technology allows to receive more full and authentic picture of deformations thermocover at its tests for durability at increase and pressure decline inside an environment. Developed technology it is realized at research of deformations thermocover reactor’s department of the second power unit of the Rostov nuclear station. Results of the comparative analysis of deformations are submitted at tests of thermocover the first and second power units of the Rostov nuclear station.  
Keywords:Test thermocover, deformation, geodetic technology, accuracy of measurements, gauges, levelling, spatial coordinates.

Evsyukova M.A, Polozhentsev O.E, Soldatov A.V. «Formation of a icosahedral phase in Al-Cu Fe quasicrystal. »
The results on modeling of the icosahedral surroundings formed around iron atoms in Al7Cu2Fe, Al65Cu22Fe13 crystals and of the structural transition into Al70Cu20Fe10, Al65Cu22Fe13 quasicrystalline phase on the basis of the analysis of x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) are reported. Al-Cu-Fe samples were fabricated by powder metallurgy method. Quasicrystalline samples were synthesized by mixing electrolytically pure metal powders and thermally treating the dried mixture in a vacuum at 800° C for 2 h. The prephase crystal samples resulted from a thermal vacuum treatment at 500° C for 20 min. Calculated partial and total densities of states at Fermi's level in the model of quasicrystal are presented.
Keywords: quasicrystal, Al65Cu22Fe13, XANES, local atomic and electronic structures.

Pobegaylov O. «Formation of decisions in situations of indefinite and crisis»
This paper contains a classification of decisions by type and methods of making. The advantages and disadvantages of each group of methods are noted.  Special attention is paid to study of the heuristic methods of decision-making.  It is suggested that this group of methods should be preferentially used for decision-making in crisis situations. The decision-making sequence is determined.  The factors that influence the decision-making are described.
Keywords: Decision, intuitive, methods, axiomatic, heuristic, verbal, factors, risks, uncertainty, information.

Volodina E., Ovcharenko A. «Strategy of outsourcing in food logistics systems»
The article covers the problem of choosing a strategy of outsourcing in food logistics systems. The application of matrix approach while choosing a configuration of logistics system is represented in detail, the author’s method of calculation of index expediency of outsourcing is given.
Keywords:food logistics systems,  strategy of outsourcing,  index expediency of outsourcing.

Kotlyar V.D., Bratskiy D.I., Ustinov F.V. « Material composition and ceramic properties of clay doobzhigovye flasks»
The article shows the prospects of using clay molds for the production of wall ceramics. Given their geological and technological classification. Reflects the results of the study material composition and doobzhigovyh ceramic properties. The article is of interest to technologists, brick factories, employees of research labs for testing ceramic materials, geologists working for non-metallic raw materials.
Keywords : Flask, clay, testing, plasticity, moisture content, shrinkage, inclusion, cohesion.

Zabaznov Y.S., Gajrabekov I.G., Pimshin J.I «The geodetic control of geometry of a leveled building»
The problems of restoring operational reliability of buildings that have received oversized rolls by lifting and leveling. The technique of geodetic control in the process of leveling the building, according to which the alignment control of complex geometric parametric parameters that characterize the stress-strain state of the building. Simultaneously with the measurement of coordinates of the corners of the building taking readings on the clock, and process the resulting data, receive important information about the processes occurring to the building in its alignment. From these data, the graph of the geometric parameters of construction from time to time is built. Thus, the process is performed without any additional strain, and. accordingly, no new structural damage and the elements of the building.
Keywords: Coordinates, the reference alignment, lift, strain, roll, operational reliability.

Minin V.V., Noskov M. V. « Estimation of the skid-steer loaders with a side turn parameter calculation lapse»
Have been offered the method of an estimation of the skid-steer loaders with a side turn parameter calculation lapse on the basis of dimensionless criteria their interrelation with the main parameter application. Have been revealed influence of separate parameter estimation accuracy on the technical level estimation resultant function.
Keywords: technical level, dimensionless criterion, skid-steer loader.

Lebedko A.G. «The business case for geo-ecological risks in the oil and gas industry»
The negative impact of techno genesis is accompanied by the depletion of the profitable deposits (wearing out and ageing of equipment, reducing of working efficiency, etc.). The situation is complicated by the current lack of the logistical and financial assets in the country. So, the state's capacity for taking the most measures in the protection of the environment is less than the requirements of the environmental necessity.
Keywords: economic costs, ecological and economic damage analysis costing environmental impacts, economic value, economic efficiency, geo-ecological risks.

Pobegaylov O.A., Kravchenko I.V., Kozhukhovskiy S.O. « The mobile vertical movement robots»
It is considered the application of the vertical movement robots in construction, the calculation methods of power elements of robot transport system, the optimization of movements, the influence on elastic pliability on movement accuracy and stability on the vertical surfaces, the constructive features and realization of technological operations.
Schemes, device and the most important technical characteristics of vacuum pedipulators are mentioned, that are devices which are carrying out basic-impellent functions on vertical surfaces.
The opportunities of the purposeful group and hierarchical management of the mobile vertical movement robots which carry out one general problem – technological, saving, diagnostic, fire-prevention and other operations in the extreme conditions and emergencies are investigated.
The problem of researching of methods of distributed management, the integrated sensor of information perception, the projection of easy-operated mechanical transport systems of robots is put, and also researching of robot functioning in the process of interaction with the dynamic changing external conditions.
Keywords: A robot, a vacuum, a pneumodrive, a pedipulator, an ejector, a transmitter, an entrapment.

Morozov V.A. “Calculation and designing of cars of crushing of fragile materials”
In article the problem of maintenance of stability of work of the thermal power stations which are burning coal as the most widespread fuel is considered, during winter peak loadings. In particular, the problem of maintenance of reliability of work of a path fuel preparation, and its optimization is investigated. During winter time coal submitted on a thermal power station freezes together in a monolith, and for its crushing it is offered to design and use the special crushingly-milling car. In article the basic questions of designing of such car are discussed.
Keywords: thermal power stations, power coal, freezing, an oversized monolith, crushing, the crushingly- milling car.

Gricyna A.N «Decrease in welding deformations of thin-walled panels heat- exchange devices by regulation of a pliability of edges at performance of circular seams»
Welding of circular angular seams of thin-walled plates of thermal devices causes deformations and the moving of the device caused by loss of stability of a thin-walled element. It is a consequence of action of force of compression in a plate plane. Creation of flanging edge of a circular seam of certain size allows to increase a pliability of connected edges and to move force of compression from a plate plane. It will lower time and residual deformations of a thin-walled element. It allows to apply not adaptive automatic machines or robots to welding.
Keywords: thin-walled plate, circular seam, deformation, moving, stability loss, flanged edge joint, pliability, introduction of robots.

Petrenko S.E. «Parameters of reliability of operation of pump stations and action for their increase. »
The main idea of the article is the organization of regular flow work and holding the necessary water pressure at all water-supply system’s stages, which define the performance reliability of pumping plant.
The article reflects the operating requirements of the pumping plant, which define the quantitative assessment of the performance reliability before and after the remedial maintenance. The article focuses on the definition of probability value of regular work of pumping plant, taking into account technical, economic and ecological components.
Keywords: operation of pumping plant.

Skripkina M.A. «The use of the methodological approaches in designing the graphic competence development model for the military higher learning institutions cadets».
The article explores the mechanism of the graphic competence development in the military higher learning institutions cadets based on the use of the methodological approaches which realize the integrity of key competence development research process in context of communicational variety.
Keywords: Methodological approaches, Graphiccompetence,Systemic approach, Integrated approach,Activity-based approach,Person-oriented approach,Competence-based approach,Technological approach.

Bryalina G.I. «Regional features of the development of leasing in small business»
This article discusses the need, problems and prospects of development of the leasing market for small businesses. Regional features, ways to improve leasing represented by the example of small business in Bashkortostan.
Keywords: Small Business, Leasing, Region, Republic of Bashkortostan.

Burjyakova N.A., Chernov A.V. «Classification of partially formalized and formal models and methods of verification of the software»
Classification of methods of verification of the software are various according to the destination, on ways of achievement of result, on a way of check and acknowledgement of the software the predetermined properties is spent have in this article.
As a whole, division on structural both functional, and formal mathematical models having in the basis is made. Methods of the first group represent testing and the expert analysis of properties of the software, as the second – works with models and abstract representations checked of the software. Distinctive feature of review is oriented on expert estimations, therefore they cannot be carried to universal and strictly formalized. Various kinds of reviews are applied to various properties of the software at various design stages that allows to define and debug in due time and defects job of the software.
Distinctive feature of formal methods – convenience and profitability as they are spent without the reference to physical realizations. Specific technicians are applied to job with formal methods, such as the deductive analysis (theorem proving), check of models (model checking), abstract interpretation (abstract interpretation).
Also, logic and algebraic calculations applicable for job with formal models are listed in this article.
The classification presented in this article partially formalized and verification formal methods reflects a modern status of researches in the given area.
Keywords: the verification, partially formalized methods of verification, formal models of verification of the software, review, the static analysis, dynamic methods, formal methods, synthetic methods, model checking.

Mailyan L.D. «Economic-legal aspects of city land tenure and rules of town-planning activity»
In clause economic-legal aspects of city land tenure and rules of town-planning activity are considered.
Keywords: city land tenure, economic-legal aspects, the economic mechanism of regulation of system of city land tenure.

Laptev A.G., Boroday E.N. «Mathematical model of process of adsorption at clearing Thermal power plants sewage from oil products»
In work recycling of a liquid waste – sludge of Thermal power plants chemical purification is considered. These sludges are formed at a stage of water pretreatment as a result of coagulation and liming processes. The numerical decision of mathematical model of adsorption refining of sewage Thermal power plants with use of sludge after chemical purification is received.
Keywords: sludge, chemical purification, Thermal power plants, recycling, adsorption, model.

Sokolova M.D., Shadrinov N.V., Davidova M.L., Safronov A.F. « Investigation of interfacial interaction in polymerelastomer compositions by atomic-force microscopy»
Polymerelastomer composites on a basis of butadiene-nitryle rubber BNRS-18 and the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE, created for manufacturing of cold-resistant sealings are investigated by method of atomic-force microscopy. The way of research of a transition layer by method of adhesion force measurement and the analysis of the image of phase contrast is shown. Dependence of change of adhesion force on a composite surface from phase distribution of components is identified. Influence of a disperse filler on properties of an interphase layer is analysed.
Keywords: Atomic-force microscopy (AFM), polymer, BNRS-18, UHMWPE, adhesion.

Puchkov E.V. «Neurosimulator NeuroNADS application for the braking step and the braking time determination in the hump retarder»
The problem of definition of the braking step and the braking time in the hump retarder management on the retarder position using the developed software NeuroNADS has been solved. The general characteristics and the main stages of the assigned problem has been shown. As a result, concluded that the application of ANN technology is warranted to solve the problem. Keywords: neural networks, neurosimulator, railroad, hump, retarder position.

Akulichev A.G., Trofimov V.V. « Residualstressesin carbonitrided 20Cr3MoWV gradesteel» The stress state of carbonitrided layers of 20Cr3MoWV gradesteel after various heat treatments is investigated by X-ray diffraction method. A formula for stress relaxation correction in samples during electrolytic etching is proposed for the case that a residual stress distribution has a complex character. The distribution diagrams of internal macrostresses in carbonitrided layers are plotted. It is shown that the residual stresses change from compressive on surface to tensile on the layer boundary.
Keywords: high temperature carbonitriding, residual stress, X-ray diffraction, etching, distribution diagrams.

Shvydenko N.V. «Technique of an estimation of social and economic efficiency buildings of youth housing complexes»
The paper deals with problems and preconditions of building of habitation for youth, the concept is specified a youth housing complex. The technique of social and economic efficiency of investments into building of youth housing complexes from the point of view of the proprietor providing their subsequent operation, and from a position of the investor counting on incomes of sale of premises or tenancy is offered. The given technique is directed on performance of selection of investment projects and the organization of their financing.
Keywords: social and economic efficiency; a youth housing complex; housing construction.

Novoselskaya N., Khodareva T. «Technology solving problems of balanced of effective small groups in the MS Excel»
The technique of forming small working groups - experts, project teams, - based on the model of relations in the group as a sign of an undirected graph. Formation of a balanced group is reduced to a linear programming problem which is solved in the medium MS Excel by iteratively using Solver and VBA modules until  the forming of an optimum group that meets the requirements of the mathematical model of balance.
Keywords: a landmark graphs, models, small group, criteria for balance, algorithm for the formation, competence, linear programming, MS excel,language VBA,optimal balanced team.

Kolesov P. F. «Investment operations of credit organizations in securities in period of financial- economic crisis in Russia».
The article is devoted to the analysis of investment operations of credit organizations in securities as necessary step to diversification of assets in period of modern financial- economic crisis with purpose to get income, simultaneity keeping enough liquidity. Narrowly reviewed concrete sorts of used securities.
Keywords: financial- economic crisis, credit organizations, securities, bonds, shares, income, liquidity, reliability.

Dzereshtieva F.A. «Direction of the modern state of the economy of the region»
The article deals with the essence of sustainable development of regional economy. Analyzed the main socio-economic indicators to prove the necessity and effectiveness of mechanisms to achieve sustainable development based on measures of state influence, coupled with the existing self-regulatory market processes.
Keywords: region, the regional economy, sustainable development, socio-economic indicators.

Vasilenko J.A.  «Technique of estimation of objects of dwelling real estate taking into account investment preferences»
In the article the analysis of activity of households in the real estate market, dynamics of solvent demand for objects of dwelling real estate is carried out. The model of development of the market of inhabited real estate taking into account offer and demand coexistence, the regulating function of the price which establishes balance between them is constructed.
The technique of an estimation of objects of dwelling real estate taking into account investment preferences is offered, being based on cost 1м2, level of the income of households and taking into consideration consumer qualities of habitation.
The given technique of estimation allows to differentiate the requirements according to the degree of economic availability and define the prior directions of development of building branch of Russia.
Keywords: activity of households, the real estate market, objects of dwelling real estate, solvent demand, investment preferences, consumer qualities of habitation, estimation of objects of dwelling real estate.

Rossinskaya M.V., Bugaeva M.V. «Problems of realization of the concept of a sustainable development at regional level»
In article the concept of the concept of a sustainable development, its purpose and feature of realization of Russia is opened. Problems of realization of the concept at regional level are considered.
Keywords: the concept of a sustainable development, a problem of development of a society, ecological crisis, regional level.

Popova A.I., Sarkisjantz G.V.  «The sustainable balanced growth system growth and development of forest region»
The paper analyzes different approaches to the study of the competitiveness of the region. The types of evaluations and competitive advantage.
Keywords: Region, sustainable development, competitiveness, system growth, the region's economy, competitive advantages.

Novosyolov S.N., Orehova N.Y « A study of the subject area of sustainable development in the region»
The article deals with a subject of study of complex and controversial concept of «sustainable development of the region». Based on analysis of current trends and approaches, developments, history of the emergence and development processes, and theoretical categories that have categorical apparatus is considered in the context of regional development.
Keywords: Sustainable development, system stability, economic development, strategic development, regional economy.

Muhamadiev A.S. «The maintenance of the sustainable development of the market real state services in the region»
The article discusses some of the problems identified in the study of the market realtor services.  Proved promising market realtor services.
Keywords: market services, real estate services, regional development trends.

Mnazakanjan M.R. «The identifying the specific features of a market instrument for development in educational services region»
This article discusses the nature and characteristics of market instruments in the service sector. With regard to educational services in the region marked with their functions and key features, we have proved the necessity and effectiveness of marketing as one of the common market instruments for the development of educational services.
Keywords: market services, educational services, regional development, trends of development.

Misichenko N.U. «Working out of information systems of support of employment of graduates of high school»
Article is devoted an important economic problem – a problem of employment of graduates of HIGH SCHOOL. The substantive provisions regulating activity of department of employment of graduates, a problem of department of employment and its function are considered. Recently the objective requirement for association and coordination of efforts of separate high schools for the decision of questions of employment within separate region and nationally is traced. In this connection requirements to development of model of employment in HIGH SCHOOL and its realization in the form of system of support of decision-making which are designated by certain problems have been formulated.    
Keywords: experts, a demand, employment, problems, functions, interaction, an information work.

Magomerzaev М.J. «The ensure effective functioning of business organizations in the service sector in the region»
The article substantiates that the further development of the domestic economy, strengthen its social orientation, a focus on creating favorable conditions for a dignified life and free development of every citizen of the country are pushing the need for increased and continuous improvement of services. A successful solution to this complex problem depends largely on the sustainable development of small businesses, which plays a significant role in the field of national economy.
Keywords: market services, real estate services, regional development, trends of development.

Kravcov D.V. «Modeling of dynamics of economic indicators of industrial-commercial activity of the motor transportation enterprise with the help the marginal analysis»
In given clause questions of modelling of system economic parameters of industrial-commercial activity of auto-transport agency by means of the marginal analysis on an example of the concrete passenger motor transportation enterprise are considered.
Keywords: modelling, the marginal analysis, the passenger motor transportation enterprise, to
tal operational expenses, conditionally -constant and conditionally-variables of an expense.

Khodareva I. «Audit personnel management system of small enterprises»
Invited the author's methodology for integrated audit personnel management system of small enterprises, which is based on the use of known models of strategic business planning: P. Hersey and K. Blanchard, L. Porter, to assess the organizational and personal commitment of the staff personnel organization's strategy, organizational structure analysis and management the existing system of motivation and incentives for the proposed criteria to identify factors that are characterized by unstable and critical condition of the business.
Keywords: personnel management system, diagnostics, auditing, personnel, management style, situational model of P. Hersey and K. Blanchard, Micromodel management relations, questionnaire L. Porter, the level of commitment of staff, organizational structure, management and incentives.

Garmatyuk K.S. «The improving the management of trade in the Russian economy»
The article in relation to services trade marked its functions and key features, proved the need for enhanced cooperation of subjects of trade relations, optimizing the economic relations between the structures of trade and buyers.
Keywords: Services, services of trade, economic development, buyers, sellers.

Gaysumova M.A.-K. «The improving the performance of business organizations in the service sector»
The article concerning the scope of services is disclosed in detail the issue of small business development, which is designed to fulfill the socio-economic functions, to balance supply and demand in the market, create new jobs, solve a complex set of socio-economic problems of territorial development.
Keywords: market services, real estate services, regional development, trends of development.

Dergieva A.I. «The study areas and enhance the development of individual service sectors»
The article in relation to individual service sectors highlighted its features and key characteristics, proved the need to improve the efficiency of enterprises in the recreation and tourism.
Keywords: services, recreation, tourism, sustainable development prospects.

Akhmadovа P.I. «The study ways of increasing the efficiency of trade»
The article in relation to trade in the region identified its key functions and characteristics, proved the need to improve the efficiency of enterprises in the trade and the ongoing monitoring of the conditions of their formation.
Keywords: market services, trade, sustainable development, development trends.

Akhmadov M.-E.I. «The study the market structure of intra-regional economic space»
The paper studied the development of regional economy from a position of administrative and territorial division. Established that the interaction between the productive and consuming capacity of the region is manifested in the formation of the necessary institutional arrangements for organizing the regional economy.
Keywords: economic system, the region's competitiveness, stability and balance of the regional economy, the administrative-territorial unit.

Karablin O.V., Alejnova M.V. « Features of modeling of sphere of services by means of the theory of percolation. »
In article the approach to modeling of development of sphere of services, as difficult social and economic system by means of the theory of percolation is stated. Adaptation of mathematical apparatus of the theory of percolation with reference to modeling of sphere of services is spent, features are revealed and opened, procedure of modeling with discussion of stages is offered. Recommendations about application fractal mathematicians for the description of sphere of services are formulated.
Keywords: Modeling, Sphere of services, the Theory of percolation, the Fractal, the Multifractal.

Gorkusha O.A. «Forming an economic development strategy of territorial entities»
In this article the structure of income and expenditure budgets of municipalities of the Stavropol region, reflecting the socio-economic impact of investment projects. On the basis of multi-criteria optimization conducted factor analysis of economic efficiency of the investment project, taking into account the rational combination of its economic, environmental and social results. The factors influencing the investment climate of the territory. The mechanism of functioning of the municipality.
Keywords: municipality, investment policy, strategy and investment mechanism.

Savchishkina E.P. “Information support of managing the hospitality enterprise development”
This article assesses the information support of managing the hospitality enterprise development. The application of information and communication technologies in the dynamics is considered. The attention is focused on the elements of information quality on the endogenous and exogenous levels in the context of the formation of high-quality knowledge base of tourism and hospitality.
Keywords: hotel, information, technology, consumer, quality, managing, public-private partnership, efficiency.

Ilinova S.V. «Increase of economic efficiency of ecological safety of transport system».
In clause the organizational mechanism of increase of economic efficiency of ecological safety of transport system is offered.
Keywords: Economic efficiency, ecological safety, a transport complex, effective system.

Iosifov V.P.  The methods of the exception of the influence non stationary parameter of models of the facility of the measurements.
Article is dedicated to actual problem of the account of the influence non stationary  parameter of the measuring converters on dynamic features
Key words: measurements, transducers, dynamic features.

Tymchuk D.A. Analysis of multi-agent social models terrorist threat situation on the basis of the theory of identity
The article analyzes the multi-agent models to study conflict in society, the extremedegree of which is terrorism. The criteria for comparison and to describe what each of them requires.In conclusion, a brief justification of the need to introduce a new criterion for constructing a model of terrorist danger areas of southern Russia.
Keywords: Multi-agent models, social modeling, terrorism, conflict situation, analyze.

Iosifov V.P.  The simulation approach to problem of the determination of the dynamic features of the facilities of the measurements.
The Offered methods of the determination of the full dynamic features sensor variable pressures with using the simulation approach, founded on accompaniment in source response of the signal with the known parameter.
Key words: measurements, transducers, dynamic features.

Vinogradova G.L., Demchinova E.A. Method of forecasting of stocks of material resources in the multiproduct manufacture, allowing to consider classification of material resources with a condition of their interchangeability
The description of a method of forecasting of stocks of material resources by means of the neural networks is resulted, allowing to consider classification of material resources in multiproduct manufacture with a condition of their interchangeability.
Keywords: forecasting, material resources, neural networks.

Kosenko E.E., Kosenko V.V., Cherpakov A.V. To a question on influence of the geometrical sizes on durability of armature steels.
The experimental data connected with research of influence of hardening by a monoaxial stretching on durability of armature steels are resulted. For carrying out of experiments samples with the bore were used, allowing to estimate behavior of inside layers armature steels at destruction by a monoaxial stretching. Results analysis of fracture which have shown are resulted that thermal mechanical strengthened armature steels classes of А500С and Aт800 propensities to an embrittlement haven't found out a steel irrespective of hardening factor.
Keywords: durability, armature steel, geometrical characteristics, limiting pressure, deformation.

Ivanov A.V. Strategic management of the industrial company in the context of its entry in a regional industrial cluster.
The article considers the process of a continuous strategic development of the industrial company, analyses the components of strategic stability of the industrial company. It describes the process of constructing a strategic map of an industrial cluster based on the constructed strategic maps of the company and proposes an adaptive instrument for the assessment of the industrial company potential in the context of  its possible entry in a regional industrial cluster of an innovative type.
Key words: strategic management, industrial company, modernization, strategic map of the company, balanced index system, value added economy, regional cluster.

Airapetov A.V., Garmatyuk K.S. The improving the management of trade in the Russian economy.
The article in relation to services trade marked its functions and key features, proved the need for enhanced cooperation of subjects of trade relations, optimizing the economic relations between the structures of trade and buyers.
Keywords: services, services of trade, economic development, buyers, sellers.

Derlugian F.P., Sherbakov I.N. «  Substantiation of process of reception of composite antifrictional self-greased materials with the set technical characteristics the method of chemical nano-designing»
The conception of chemical modeling of composite antifriction self-lubricating materials with specified characteristics is proposed.
Keywords: composite material, friction, polymer, chemical modeling, modification, structure.

Rukomojkin A.V., Solodovnik M.S., Ageev O.A. “Development of the fabrication technology of the nanoheterostructures based on gaas/ingaas/algaas  by method molecular beam epitaxy at nanotechnological multicluster system nanofab 100 ntk-9”
Formation of research platforms of the cluster type connecting modules of carrying out growth process with modules of the analysis and postgrowth operations by means of vacuum transport system, discovers ample opportunities for creation full-function nanostructures and nanodevices on their basis. In the article the technology of formation epitaxy AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs HEMT-structures, the analysis of their electrophysical and morphological properties with use nanotechnology facilities NANOFAB NTK-9 is presented. Quality of heterojunctions was supervised by means of raster electronic microscopy.
Keywords:  molecular-beam epitaxy, HEMT, GaAs, nanotechnology facilities NTK-9.

Glushanin S.V. «Hydrostatic parameters of a novel 2–2–0-composite based on 0,67Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 – 0,33PbTiO3-crystals»
The scheme of averaging for electromechanical properties of 2–2–0-composites based on single- and poly-domain PMN–0,33PT-crystals was developed. It was calculated and analyzed the concentration and orientation dependences of the hydrostatic piezoelectric coefficients d*h  and hydrostatic electromechanical coupling factor k*h of 2–2–0-composites «crystal – porous polymer» as well as it was illustrated the advantages of such composites in comparison with previously investigated ones.
Keywords: composite, piezoeffect, piezoelectric material, connectivity, crystal, microgeometry, solid solution, ferrielectric.

Zelenchuk P.A., Evtushenko A.V. ««Working out of phase shifters of a Ka-range on the basis of heterostructures MgO-BST with  nanodimensional segnetoelectricals  films»
Working out of elektronno-reconstructed phase shifters for the phased antenna lattices (HEADLIGHTS) always was the major engineering problem. It has got an especial urgency at transition in area of higher frequencies(Ka-range) where use of traditional materials, such as ferrite and semiconductors, faces a number of basic difficulties (the big brought losses, small throughput capacity, etc.). One of alternatives is use segnetoelectricals (SE) materials. Developed ФВ on the basis of heterostructures MgO-BST with nanodimensional SE films now aren't industrial samples. However the microwave ovens of characteristic ФВ received by this time allow speaking about their competitiveness. Development of the given direction will allow solving effectively a problem of creation of HEADLIGHTS in a Ka-range.
Keywords: phase shifters, heterostructures, segnetoelectricals materials, high brought losses.

Samarskiy S.G. «Broadband printed radiating elementfor phased array various purposes»
The broadband printed radiating element for phased array various purposes is considered in article. Results of modelling and experimental researches of a printed radiating element in a centimetric range of lengths of waves with overlapping 1,5:1 are presented. The analysis of frequency response of a printed radiating element is carried out.
Keywords: antenna radiation patterns, endfire antennas, phased array, radiating element, single antennas, vivaldi antennas.

Shurkhovetsky A.N. «Multi-channel frequency-selective microwave device based on directional traveling-wave filters»
This article presents the results of research and development of multi-channel frequency-selective microwave system based on hybrid integrated technology. A full wave EM simulator is used to obtain the frequency response of the directional filters. The results of calculations are presented in this article.  Methods for improvement of microstrip directional filters characteristics are offered.
Keywords: microwave, filter, multi-channel, multichannel, directional, microstrip, integrated.