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+7 961 270-60-01

Editorial Council

Ageev O. A. – Ph.D. in engineering, Professor

Bren V. A. – Ph.D. of chemistry, Professor

Gufan Yu. M. – Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, Professor

Kolesnikov V. I. – Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Lukyanov A. D. – Ph.D. in engineering, Professor assistant

Motin V. N. – Ph.D. of engineering sciences (Head of Editorial Council)

Panich A. E (Chief Editor) – Ph.D. of engineering, Professor

Rozin M. D. (Deputy Chairman of the Editorial Council) – Ph.D., Professor

Roshal S. B. – Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, Professor

Svechkarev V. P. (executive Secretary) – Ph.D. of engineering, Professor

Fedorov Yu. A. – Ph.D. of geography, Professor

Shegelman I. R. – Ph.D. of engineering, Professor

Sheina S. G. – Ph.D. of engineering, Professor

Foreign Members

Beridze T. – Ph.D. of Economics, Professor (Georgia)

Lorman V.L. – Dr. Hab., Professeur classe exceptionnelle (France)

Chang, Shunhsyung – Ph.D. in electrical engineering, professor, National Kaohsiung Marine University (Taiwan)

Figovsky O. L. – D.Sc in Materials Engineering, Professor (Israel, USA)