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  •  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

    We investigated the efficiency of the storage device based on the piezoelectric generator (PEG) in the form bimorph, which is a circular plate with inertial mass; the active material is a PMN-0,33PT relaxor. The plate is fixed along the contour in the body of the device, which performs vertical harmonic oscillations with a given amplitude and frequency. Our studies based on finite element modeling and numerical calculation in the ANSYS package. A notable feature of relaxors is a significant dependence of their properties on temperature, so in this paper, we studied the relation on operating temperature and the magnitude of the active load of the resonant frequencies, output voltages and electric power of the device with oscillations at these frequencies. Based on performed calculations we have established the values of the active resistances of the external electric circuit for different temperature ranges at which the device is most effective.

    Keywords: energy storage, relaxor ferroelectric, PEG

  • Research and modeling of the dynamics of loss of heat

    The paper presents a developed mathematical model for analyzing the dynamics of thermal losses. The influence of the massiveness of the enclosing structures on the propagation of the heat flux is substantiated. The developed model makes it possible to estimate how the heat load of the heating system of the room under consideration changes over time. Analysis of the dynamics of the change in the heat load can help in choosing a method for regulating the heat transfer of heating devices

    Keywords: Dynamics of heat losses, constructions of different massiveness, control range, thermal load, amplitude of oscillation

  • The calculation of the heat influx to the electron gas on the heights of E region ionosphere of the Earth

    The method of calculating the heat flow to the ionospheric electrons from photoelectrons resulting from ionization of the neutral atmospheric components by solar radiation in region E of the ionosphere of the Earth is considered . Examples of the calculation of the spectra of photoelectrons and the rate of heat influx to the electron gas at an altitude of 130 km, depending on solar Zenith angle.

    Keywords: solar radiation spectra of photoelectrons, the zenith angle of the sun, the collision of electrons, the ionization potential, secondary ionization, effective absorption cross section

  • Influence of barrier substances on magneto-resistive properties of composites based on strontium lanthanum manganite

    Based on our own, as well as literary experimental data, the analysis of the Influence of a barrier material used to create heterogeneous composites based on La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 on their magnetoresistive properties is carried out. Such composites differ in existence of an isotropic negative magnitorezistivnost (MR) connected from backs - dependent tunneling of carriers in magnetic field. The largest value MR up to 15% in the field of 15 kOe are shown when using glass-like GeO2 oxide at a percolation ratio of components.

    Keywords: lanthanum strontium manganite, composite material, ceramics, one-step synthesis, magnetoresistance, percolation threshold, dielectric constant, barrier layer, tunneling, spin polarization

  • Metrological assurance of field experience with the use of simulation models

    The article is devoted to the development of metrological assurance in the field of experience based on solving optimization problems with the involvement of simulation and statistical models. This technique will improve the accuracy of decisions and reduce the time of development of technology. It is important to establish a system of views on the organization of metrological support of field experience on the basis of a system approach, taking into account the relationship and interaction of the various elements and processes of metrological assurance. The article describes an example of measurement processing of a multifactorial field experiment with application of simulation models, produced on the basis of the identification of correlations, tightness and shape which describe the regression equation or the correlation equation, which allows to obtain accurate solutions.

    Keywords: field experience, observation, and optimization technologies, simulation model, regression, correlation, correlation coefficient

  • Probabilistic-statistical method for the estimation of the parameters of the traction units

    We propose a probabilistic and statistical method of estimating parameters of the traction units, which is the creation of acceptable modes of operation taking into account the probabilistic nature of the load, the probability ratios, and other factors that act continuously and systematically change operational characteristics of machine-tractor units. Presents the graphical dependence of the speed of the shaft of the engine SMD-62 degree load and the coefficient of its variation.

    Keywords: mathematical expectation, function of communication, frequency of rotation of the motor shaft, the coefficient of variation, the degree of load probability ratio

  • Improved devices and methods for the identification of hidden defects of wood in customs control

    Hidden defects of the wood can significantly affect for its physical properties and the customs value. For the identification of the hidden defects of the wood currently uses any organoleptic and ultrasonic techniques, which are not always effective for detecting of early forms of fungal damage of the wood. The authors proposed a new method of detecting hidden defects of the wood through UV radiation. To implement the method proposed to use a spectral luminescent magnifier "Regula 4177" with the device PPI "Kedr-M". The study of 128 wood samples showed a rather high efficiency of the proposed method. Were identified features of the luminescence of several types of fungal infections in ultraviolet radiation. The proposed technique can be used to identify hidden defects in the wood at the industry and at the customs control.

    Keywords: Hidden defects of wood; ultraviolet radiation, devices, methods of control, identification, customs control

  • Means of the analysis and detection of regularities of information streams in logistics of manufacturing enterprise

    The solution on integration of multipass imitating models and the analysis of data in the field of logistics of manufacturing enterprise is proposed. The technology of logistic management on the basis of multipass imitating models will allow to automate management process by design of structure of logistic network of manufacturing enterprise. Demand forecasting, drawing up plans, control of processes in logistic network, expeditious decision-making, will be provided by system of data mining. The developed technology of detection of regularities of information streams in logistics of manufacturing enterprise will help to realize problems of increase in efficiency of functioning by granting means of the analysis of changes in logistic network and in a market environment, and also means of adaptive planning and coordination of processes for all participants of logistic process.

    Keywords: imitating model, analysis of data, logistics, manufacturing enterprise, information streams, agentny model, forecasting, discrete and event model, adequacy, warehouses, sales market

  • To a question of an assessment of an exit of wood at the mechanized assortment harvesting

    The article shows that for more effective planning of forest harvesting operations logging companies require a tool that would assess the amount of industrial bucked wood produced on a сutting area by size, by groups and by timber species. It is so because data available on material and monetary value cut markedly differ from the actual results of the complex harvesting machines working, which are reflected in the summary statement of wood assortments acceptance.

    Keywords: cut-to-length logging, marking-cut a coupe and taxation of cutting areas, harvester control systems, a summary statement of wood assortments acceptance

  • Analysis of methods of resource conservation in the road transport complex

    The analysis of existing methods of water use when applied galvanic coatings in the automobile transport sector. It is established that under the existing schemes of water use in the galvanic production wastewater after cleaning goes into the sewer, keeping the risk of contamination of open reservoirs. In such circumstances, the most effective is the use of system of the closed water cycle, which with the help of automatic control allows to take into account changes in the concentration of substances laundered in the washing baths providing the required quality of washing parts with a minimum consumption of water resources.

    Keywords: water purification, electroplating system, the water cycle in the galvanic system

  • Results of the analysis of satellite data on the water surface temperature of the White Sea

    The article presents the results of the analysis of satellite information on the water surface temperature of the White Sea. Satellite data with a spatial resolution of 0.011°, obtained by the sensors of the satellites Auqa, Terra, NOAA-18, Coriolis and a time step of 1 day are used. With the help of an automated algorithm, a daily series of mean values ​​of water surface temperature values ​​of the White Sea averaged over the water area was formed.

    Keywords: Water surface temperature, White Sea, satellites, automated analysis, daily series, spatial resolution

  • The problem of longevity of parts of trucks

    The article proves the urgency of the problem of increasing the efficiency of the operation of trucks. The data obtained by the laboratory for controlling the reliability of machines of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the DSTU (RISI) are given.

    Keywords: Car, longevity, repair, equipment failure, reduction of machine downtime, work efficiency, fatigue.

  • Identification of the alpha rhythms in the signals of the human brain electrical activity

    Methods of identification of alpha rhythms of the brain are considered. The identification process is rather laborious due to the strong noisiness of the electroencephalograms and their variability. In the article it is proposed to use the ""Caterpillar"" method or the method of singular-spectral analysis, which allows for a more qualitative analysis of different time series, in comparison with the widespread traditional methods.

    Keywords: brain waves, alpha rhythm, variability, singular spectrum analysis, electroencephalogram

  • Problems of implementation of software systems technology-based Information Modeling  (BIM-technology)

    BIM technology is increasingly gaining market share, magazine articles and forum posts are filled with laudatory odes. It seems that the program implementing the principle of Building Information Modeling is "panacea" for the design. Of course, this technology has a number of indisputable advantages, but also disadvantages is enough.

    Keywords: The BIM, building information modeling, level of detail, project management, project life cycle, technology and organization of construction, design objects, innovative technologies

  • Criteria for the selection of land for individual housing construction

    The article discusses the main criteria for selection of land for individual housing construction.

    Keywords: land, land use, acquisition, individual housing construction, construction, location

  • The influence of impregnation by surface gidrofobizatsii the water resistance of gypsum composites

    Abstract: Among the variety of modern mineral binders occupy a special place gypsum binder, which has many positive properties: efficiency of production in comparison with cement, quick hardening, architectural expressiveness of features with the use of pigments, abundance of raw materials and high technology. However, its application is limited by low resistance of the material. The paper presents a brief analysis of the main methods of improving the water resistance developed at the moment in construction: increasing the density of products, improvement of water resistance by impregnating the surface of various materials, the use of various chemical additives, a decrease in the solubility in water of calcium sulphate, the use of combined methods of improving the water resistance, the creation of composite

    Keywords: Keywords: gypsum binders, improvement of water resistance, impregnation, chemical additives, composite materials.

  • Estimation of efficiency of use of reversible chillers

    The article describes the dependence of the heat requirements of the building from the outside air temperature and presents the results of mathematical modeling as a universal dependence. Received data percentage develop heat chillers and represented the ideology of charting the generation and consumption of heat. Made calculations and numerical analysis of heat balance in a supplementary heat source.

    Keywords: Standing temperature, climatic parameters, thermal load, mathematical model, estimation of efficiency, chiller, heat pump

  • "Bezobzhigovyj wall brick compression molding of the Tripoli-based"

    Improving the effectiveness of the bezobzhigovogo wall brick compression molding is achieved by using as a placeholder-Tripoli. Application of Tripoli helps improve brick group Thermo-technical characteristics of ineffective to conditionally effective. Provided with high marks on brick durability. A large amount of water absorption by weight and low coefficient of softening indicate low water resistance bricks. Bezobzhigovyj wall brick compression molding of the Tripoli-based can be regarded only as a private, secure personal brick or other waterproof material.

    Keywords: brick, cement, Tripoli, water, pressing, pressure, hardening, density, strength, water absorption

  • Research of influence of parameters of triangulation in the environment of the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE on the results of calculation.

    Modern programmatic complexes, supporting BIM technologies, allow in the automatic mode to carry out a transition from the 3d-модели of building to the model analytical, and then to the calculation certainly to the element model of building, the calculation of that is conducted with the use of programmatic complexes being based on the use of method of eventual elements. The results of calculation of different variants of the net of eventual elements, generated by facilities of the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE, are considered in the article. As a model for a calculable experiment the fragment of monolithic multistory girderless framework is accepted. The knot of leaning of flag on a column was designed both with the use of absolutely hard body and without him. The step of triangulation was varied in limits a from 1/35 to 1/5 span. The article of analysis is choose the area of lower longitudinal armature along the axis "Х" in the middle of flight. It is set that not dependency upon a type and step of triangulation the use of absolutely hard bodies conduces to the decline of the armature required by a calculation on the average it is Also certain on 6 %., that type and step the triangulations used in the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE substantial influence on the result of selection of flight armature do not render. However it is necessary to take into account that this result is got for charts in that obligatory is eventual elements, the centres of gravity of that are situated in the middle of flight, to what it is needed to aim in the process of creation of computer model of building.


  • Modeling the pulsating component of the wind load on the building frame by several calculation methods

    The simulation of the pulsating component of the wind load on the reinforced concrete skeleton of the building by the finite element method is considered in the article. The calculation of the pulsation component of the wind load was carried out according to the procedure specified in SP20.13330.2011 "Loads and Impacts" and calculation of the pulsating component of the wind load in accordance with the recommendations of CNIISK them. Kucherenko. Based on the results of the calculations, the analysis of the results obtained and conclusions are made.

    Keywords: finite element method, design scheme, vibration modes, pulsating component of wind load, building frame

  • The method of economy of material resources at factories of the construction industry

    In the article the results of studying the experience of factories of the construction industry concluded that the production of products manufactured are loss of original building materials. The proposed method of elimination of losses and method of calculation of the amount of these losses. An algorithm is developed to determine the causes of losses, as well as recommendations on elimination of waste construction materials. The research results are recommended for practical application in the factories of the construction industry

    Keywords: method of saving material resources, factories, construction industry

  • Modern problems of administration of the tax to value added and possible ways of their decision

    In article value of indirect taxation as a whole, and in particular the tax to value added is researched. The estimation is given to a current state of tax administration of the VAT and the circle of the problems connected with the given tax is determined. Prospects of development of the VAT in Russia are designated, possible ways of the decision of existing problems to the given sphere, and directions of the further reforming of the tax are offered.

    Keywords: the value-added tax, budget incomes, indirect taxation, the tax rate, VAT compensation, tax administration, the tax deduction, the VAT-ACCOUNT

  • Architectural and planning solutions for low-rise economy class housing for the conditions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    The article substantiates the need to design and build low-rise economy class residential buildings for the successful implementation of the resettlement program from dilapidated and dilapidated housing. Architectural and planning solutions of different types of low-rise apartment houses of economy class for construction on the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

    Keywords: Residential building, economy class, attic, dilapidated housing, emergency housing, comfortable housing, affordable housing, a blockaded house

  • Ensuring energy efficiency of buildings through the use of composite foam as a new thermal insulation material

    The paper discusses the importance of reconstruction of the existing buildings and structures as energy efficient premises. It highlights that, despite the tendency to demolish residential facilities built in the second half of the twentieth century, in many cities (not only in Russia) these premises are still in demand on the real property market. Because one of the principles of making energy efficient buildings through their reconstruction is to increase the thickness of enclosing structures the paper suggests using composite foam (PENOCOM®) as a certified composite thermal insulation material. The paper sets out the main characteristics of composite foam and provides a summary description of the technology to increase wall thickness with the use of composite foam.

    Keywords: energy efficient building, reconstruction, enclosing structures, thermal insulation material, composite foam, technology to increase wall thickness

  • Design features of the new regulating valves straight-through type

    Regulating the flow of liquids in pipe systems is carried out by different types of control valves. In the petroleum and chemical industries the most widely regulating valves straight-through type. However, in many constructions of valves of this type the problem of cavitation is not resolved completely. With the aim of reducing the negative impact of cavitation on the valve body and pipeline the authors have proposed and developed new designs of valves uniflow type organization of the fluid flow in internal cavities which helps to reduce cavitation effects.

    Keywords: transportation, fluid valve, regulating, cavitation, flow, valves