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  • An Overview of Text Classification Methods Using Machine Learning

    Classification plays a big role in the modern world. Text classification is used in solving many problems, such as: recognizing the emotional coloring of content, determining thematic affiliation, content. The article discusses various methods of text classification using machine learning, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Keywords: text classification, machine learning, support vector machine, Bayes method, nearest neighbors method.

  • Improving the efficiency of automatic identification of oil spills using unmanned aerial vehicles

    Due to the intensive development of digital technologies, significant progress is be-ing observe in the creation of automated systems and technologies. One of the most pressing problems at the present stage of industrial development is the presence of cases of oil spills caused because of technological accidents and accidents. With advanced achievements in the field of digital technologies, it seems possible to au-tomate the process of identifying oil spills. The main purpose of the current article is to analyze the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles to perform automatic identification of oil spills. The author investigates this issue, and presents an option to increase the use of these systems based on the development of a special image-processing algorithm based on exponential accumulation and the variance method. The results of the work confirm the hypothesis of the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles for automatic identification of oil spills.

    Keywords: automation, unmanned aerial vehicle, oil spill, identification, image processing

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Configurable test environment for RTL simulation and performance evaluation of Network on Chip as part of SoC

    Nowadays, the System on Chip (SoC) industry is rapidly developing. One of the objectives of SoC developers is to provide the most efficient communication between computational units. One of the possible solutions is using Networks on Chip (NoC) of various topologies with different routing algorithms. In this paper, a configurable test environment designed for cycle-accurate NoC simulation as part of a SoC, used to provide statistics about network behavior during test process, is presented. The environment is designed to evaluate NoC performance as part of a specific SoC at the development stage, when there is a full or partial RTL description of the system. The environment configuration options, its application area, general scheme and calculated NoC performance characteristics are considered. As a conclusion, an example of using the environment to evaluate the performance of a specific NoC is described in detail.

    Keywords: network on chip, system on chip, performance evaluation, verification

  • About design solutions of digital career guidance tools to determine the relevance of training areas based on the analysis of job descriptions

    The article considers the practical part of the implementation of the task of determining the relevance of training directions, using the example of the direction "Applied Informatics", possible professions and companies for the employment of graduates by comparing the skills obtained in the framework of training and the requirements of the labor market. The results of the practical testing of the formalized model will be used as part of the module of digital tools for remote career guidance.

    Keywords: service requests, vacancies, demand for training areas, career guidance, digitalization of career guidance activities, job search services

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • Automation of calculation of heating wire parameters during winter concreting

    To date, the issue of industrial development of the Northern territories of Russia is being actualize. The main task is the production of concrete works that require the use of special methods. The purpose of the current article is to justify the need to develop a software solution that allows you to automate the calculation of the pa-rameters of the heating wire during winter concreting. The author raises the ques-tion of the relevance of using the method of winter concreting on the example of heating wires. The paper analyzes aspects of the design of this program. The scien-tific significance of the article lies in the possibility of using the presented materials as a basis for creating a real software solution. The predominant part of the article is devoted specifically to the issues of creating a solution for automating the calcu-lation of heating wire parameters during winter concreting.

    Keywords: construction, program, automation, heating wire, winter concreting, the Far North

  • Technology for carrying out repair work at a cultural heritage site (on the example of the object "Common grave of Soviet soldiers who died of wounds")

    The procedure for carrying out a set of works to preserve the object of cultural heritage of regional significance "The mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died of wounds" is given. All stages of carrying out such types of work are considered, recommendations are given for solving issues that arise in the process of carrying out work.

    Keywords: repair, object of cultural significance, work technology, inspection, building structures, mass grave

  • Modeling of load distribution of steel structures of a cable-stayed transition when the efforts of the cable system are unbalanced

    The paper considers the results of modeling the cable system of the above-water cable-stayed transition of the main gas pipeline using a laboratory installation and computer modeling using finite element methods. The main characteristics of materials and structural elements used to create a computer and laboratory model are given. Various modes of tension of the cable system affecting the further operation of the model under consideration, allowing to determine the service life of the object, are studied. It is shown that with a slight weakening of the tension of one of the cables, in the cable system, the occurrence of stresses in the pipe body is observed, the magnitude of which, under certain conditions, greatly exceeds the operating values. A small imbalance of effort leads to a redistribution of effort and a distortion of the entire structure, which, under cyclic loads, can lead to a premature exit from the standing of the object in question.

    Keywords: cable-stayed transition, effort, stress-strain state, cable system, finite element method, model, load, force.

  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete girderless floor with a broken protective layer of concrete with composite materials

    The trends of modern society require a quick solution to the issues of restoration of emergency buildings and structures. New methods of strengthening the load-bearing structures of buildings are aimed at reducing labor costs, the timing of work and the need for complex equipment. In the field of reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, such methods are composite reinforcement systems. Having proven itself well in working with bendable and compressed elements, there are areas where their use has not yet been studied. One of these is the reinforcement of reinforced concrete girderless floors, in which the protective layer of concrete is broken. This article is devoted to the development of a method of reinforcement with composite materials, where the protective layer of concrete was violated. At the same time, the internal moment of a pair of forces reduces the bearing capacity of the element by about 30%. The paper presents the advantages of the new composite reinforcement method and provides a possible example of its use on a real object.

    Keywords: concrete, reinforced concrete, composite material, carbon fiber, carbon fiber lamellas, carbon laminate, flexibility, compressed elements, girderless overlap

  • Features of construction of vertical steel tanks of large capacity for storage of petroleum products in special climatic conditions

    The Russian Federation is one of the leaders in the production and processing of oil, gas and petroleum products. Literally 100 years ago, mankind did not know how to properly, and most importantly carefully, store petroleum products. The construction of vertical steel tanks is different from the construction of ordinary (civil) buildings and structures. The specifics of the construction of reservoirs are discussed in this article.

    Keywords: foundation, reservoir, oil, petroleum products, construction, frost heaving, permafrost, installation