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  • Effect of oxide additives on the structural properties of the cobalt catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons

    The structural properties of cobalt catalysts and their active component are studied. The influence of metal oxides on the specific surface area, pore volume and size, the average crystallite size and the active surface area of the catalyst Co-Al2O3/SiO2 was studied.

    Keywords: Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, synthetic hydrocarbons, catalyst, cobalt, promoter, carrier, specific surface, porous structure, catalytic activity, degree of reduction, active surface area

  • Experimental research of the intermediate frequency amplifier

    An experimental study of the intermediate frequency amplifier with a bandwidth of 25 to 155 MHz and a gain of about 40 dB was conducted. Given the functional diagram and one cascade of the concept. There is a brief description of the design. The experimental technique is described. The results of the experiment are given: two amplitude-frequency characteristics and one amplitude.

    Keywords: intermediate frequency amplifier, experiment, amplitude-frequency characteristics, dynamic range, compression point

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Support system for narrative management in socio-economic systems

    This study describes the method of narrative management of the socio-economic system. The stages of narrative management and the structure of the business process are presented, as well as the distribution of responsibilities among the participants of the management process. The system of support of narrative management in the socio-economic system is proposed, the architecture of the software package is described. The presented system is implemented. An example of a scenario for managing a socio-economic system using the developed software package is given. The process of managing urban passenger transport is considered as an example. Thus, the study has implemented an approach that allows preserving the observability and manageability of the system and monitoring the process of managing the system, taking into account subject-object interaction. At the same time, the choice of actions to organize management and responsibility for the actions of the participants in the process lies with the participants themselves. The results of actions in the system that may lead to loss of manageability and impossibility of achieving the general goal (destruction of the system) are compensated by modifying the manage strategy without losing the structural coherence of the goal space. This ensures the very existence of the system in its environment.

    Keywords: socio-economic system, management support system, management in socio-economic systems, goals model, dynamic goal setting, goals space, system manageability

  • Formal analysis of functional completeness of a system of video Analytics

    The results of the analysis of the functional completeness of ten intelligent video Analytics systems are presented. It is shown how the video Analytics systems selected for comparison have similarities or differences in the criterion of functional completeness. The paper analyzes whether they contain the most typical video detectors and what additional video Analytics functions each of the compared systems has. It is shown how it is possible to estimate as far as functional completeness of this or that system corresponds to requirements of the user.

    Keywords: intelligent video surveillance, video Analytics, specialized videodetector, intelligent analysis of video analysis of functional completeness, a formal analysis of the degree of similarity systems, a measure of similarity of Jacquard, Earl of superiority,

  • Mathematical modeling of the process of assessing the value of rental property using artificial neural networks

    This article deals with the problem of determining the cost of renting real estate. The idea of minimizing the absolute error function using artificial neural networks is substantiated. Particular attention is paid to the process of determining the input data of the neural network. In particular, the problems of determining such parameters as the improvement of the region and premises. The article clarifies the features of determining the weight coefficients to determine the technical equipment of the room using a genetic algorithm. A model of neural network architecture is proposed. The model of change of weight coefficients is described. As a result, the model was tested on test data, and the model of data correction taking into account price dynamics was described.

    Keywords: neural network, data mining, data analysis, real estate rental, regression, genetic algorithm, Informatics, machine learning, cost estimation, modeling, extrapolation

  • Definition of the program of diagnostic effects on the rolling stock of company "Avtomobilist-3", Aksai, Rostov Region

    Тhe article provides a program of general and in-depth diagnosis for the entire fleet for the year for the motor company " Avtomobilist-3". The issues of expert diagnosis of car malfunction are touched upon.

    Keywords: car, diagnostics, maintenance, diagnostic information, reduce downtime, database

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of human resource management (on the example of LLC ""Bekovsky DFF ""Oktyabr"""")

    Currently, qualified personnel is the basis for the development of any enterprise. In modern practice of human resource management, the concept of “personnel potential” is of great importance. It represents the knowledge, skills, and skills of employees that can be used to achieve specific goals and objectives of the enterprise. To improve the activity of an enterprise from the standpoint of human resource management, regular monitoring and evaluation of human resources is necessary. The paper presents a methodology for assessing the efficiency of human resources management on the example of the activities of the company LLC "Bekovsky DFF "Oktyabr""

    Keywords: personnel potential, personnel stability index, industry material attractiveness index, staff turnover index

  • Modeling and optimisation heat pump in cooling system of supercomputer

    In This study posed the problem of simulating the cooling system of supercomputers with a heat pump on the reverse Stirling cycle by numerical modeling of heat transfer processes in the object under study. The article presents the results of numerical simulation of heat transfer processes in the cooling system of processors of supercomputers with a heat pump on the reverse Stirling cycle. A numerical model of the heat transfer process was investigated. Using the method of numerical simulation of the heat transfer process, the dependences of the temperature delta, thermal resistance and the fraction of losses of the heat pump of the cooling system are obtained. The dependence of the ratio of the stroke of the piston to the diameter of the piston H / D of the heat pump has been revealed, taking into account the loss of the thermal resistance of the liquid cooling circuits and the elements of the design of the heat pump.

    Keywords: processor, heat flow, thermal resistance, Laplace equation, heat pump, heat exchange, Stirling backflow, cooling system

  • Development of the module for optimal placement of information resources at the nodes of the computer network: a description of the methods and data structures implemented

    This article discusses the problems of optimal placement of information resources on the nodes of a computer network. The main methods used in solving this problem are presented. In particular, the method of random allocation of resources, optimization of allocation of resources using the branch and bound method, and optimization of allocation of resources using a genetic algorithm are considered. For these methods, the structure of the input and output data has been determined, in addition, the internal structure of resource allocation has been demonstrated for the presented methods. A key aspect of the consideration in this article is the formulation of the problem and the modeling of its solution using the algorithms presented. As a result, testing of the developed module on the input data and analysis of the prospects for using the module are presented.

    Keywords: computer network, information resource, random allocation of resources, simplex method, branch and bound method, genetic algorithm, design, modeling

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • Theoretical bases of processing of building structures with free abrasives

    The article presents an analysis of the main methods of processing building structures, that contribute to the preservation of the strength characteristics under aggressive environmental influences, as well as the basic principles for calculating the parameters of cleaning materials with free abrasives.

    Keywords: Free abrasive, particle, aggressive environment, dynamic impact, machining parts, probability estimate, contact patch, packing square, trajectory of movement, purification rate

  • The use of modern facade building materials in the design of high-rise buildings

    The article is a structured source of relevant types of building materials, which are used in the design of facades of high-rise buildings and structures. The technological features of each of them are considered and examples are given from the construction practice, in particular, the city of Rostov-on-Don.

    Keywords: High building, facade, panorama of the city, construction material, architectural-planning solution, atmospheric exposure, ""mirror"" material, economical raw materials, ventilation, combined facade

  • The practice of using shell constructive system in the construction of tall buildings

    In this review article high-rise construction is considered, factors affecting the choice of a constructive system of a building are given. The shell (box-shaped) structural system is described in detail. The advantages and disadvantages of this structural system are listed.

    Keywords: high-rise building, structural system (CS), shell (box-shaped) system, horizontal load, stiffness, stability, bezreskosnaya grille, diagonal grille, column, strapping beam, diagonal connection

  • Analysis of methods of calculation of girderless floors on breakdown

    In article results of the analysis of method of calculation of flat plates of girderless floors are considered on breakdown according to the Russian and foreign design codes are considered. The analysis of the received results demonstrates that in the considered calculation procedures on breakdown similar settlement models are used and identical power factors are considered. Namely the pressing-through effort and the bending moments operating in two planes. Taking note of the moments in various techniques is carried out in two ways. The first way – tangent tension is entered into settlement model. And each technique offers the form of an epyura of tangent tension. The second way – introduction to a condition of durability of the empirical coefficient considering influence of the bending moments. Approach to purpose of geometrical parameters of a settlement (critical) contour is not identical. Contours of different techniques differ in a form and the sizes. And the difference of the sizes is very considerable. It is established that work of knot of interface of girderless flag with a column is studied yet not fully and additional researches on generalization of calculation procedures are required.

    Keywords: reinforced concrete, girderless floor, breakdown, working height of section, transversal armature, pyramid of breakdown

  • The use of non-destructive testing methods in the inspection of buildings within the construction and technical expert examination

    In the course of construction and technical expert examination, the non-destructive testing is widely used. Its main difference from other research methods is that the inspected facility is not subject to destruction and deformation, while the use of non-destructive control methods allows determining the characteristics of the facility technical condition and individual structures, as well as identifying the need for additional strengthening or reconstruction of the building components.

    Keywords: construction and technical expert examination, non-destructive testing, methods of non-destructive testing, quality of construction works, inspection of the building technical condition

  • The impact of the space-planning solution of the building on energy efficiency indicators

    The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the construction and operation of buildings of traditional shape and round shape in the plan. Given data on material costs in the operation of buildings of different shapes.

    Keywords: shaping, round buildings, energy efficiency, square buildings, building shapes, heating, thermal protection

  • To the question of the development of the installation combining the process of ozonization with the sorption tertiary treatment of oxidized wastewater

    The article discusses the results of the development of the installation, which allows to ensure the process of purification of multicomponent wastewater containing organic impurities of the phenol series based on the combined method in a single apparatus, consistently combining the ozonation process with the sorption purification of oxidized wastewater, ensuring the continuity of the process and allowing the reuse of residual ozone, which greatly increases the degree of wastewater treatment and eliminates the need for the destruction of ozo on. The degree of purification achieved in this way allows the treated wastewater to be directed to the circulating water supply. The novelty of the task and the lack of available information about the combined process determined the nature and scope of experimental studies. There was a need to develop an apparatus that provides the process of purification of wastewater containing mixtures of organic compounds of the phenol series, consistently combining the process of ozonation with sorption purification of oxidized wastewater, ensuring the continuity of the process. The achieved degree of purification allows directing the treated wastewater to the circulating water supply.

    Keywords: multicomponent wastewater, wastewater treatment from organic compounds of the phenol series, ozonation, sorption, adsorption, oxidation-sorption column

  • Acceptance (tecnical) documentation requirement for construction facilities in oil production field

    Over the last years there is much concern about the quality of execution and selection of the actual documentation in the registration proceeding of the facilities construction turn-over package. There is no exact consolidated catalog of as-built documentation in the new normative and technical literature. Each executive document represents as an application to various sources of regulatory and technical literature. Therefore, the article presents a divided into chapters detailed catalog of as-built documentation for the oil and gas facility construction. An explanation is given for each chapter for which purpose it is formed and what function it has in the general package of as-built documentation. The main aspects of the as-built documentation execution are considered, a list of the documentation and some recommendations on the facility commissioning to the Client are given. Additionally, there is a suggested recommendation on the execution and filling of the package (folders) of the construction as-built documentation. This article recommends a common procedure for filling out and arrangement of the document flow of PTW package and as-built documentation of construction and installation works and the commissioning of the capital construction facilities. The article clearly describes the goals: - Improvement of the quality of as-built documentation execution; - Organization of the process of preparation, making up and verification of the package contents and quality of turnover documentation for construction and installation works; - Conducing the as-built documentation to a uniform style, which provides a high degree of the documents identification and control over the execution of the quality of preparation and completeness of the turnover documentation for works and construction projects; - Making-up of the objects reporting documentation; - Making-up of a document collection of the objects and work performed; - Establishing of universal explanation of the normative requirements by the all participants in the construction process. The focal point of this article is to provide recommendations on the execution of the turnover documentation for the facility construction, as well as improving the quality of as-built documentation execution. This article is action-oriented and is aimed to help young professional of the production and technical department of contracting companies, specialists of the Capital Projects Department, construction control and customer companies.

    Keywords: acceptance documentation, construction and installation works, client, document control department, construction quality control, technical production department

  • Specific tensile strength of samples connected by different types of fasteners

    In the present work determined the specific tensile strength of the samples connected to various mounting accessories brand "MDM-Komplekt" and justified her choice to secure parts for various purposes. The study showed that the mounting hardware differs not only in ways of fixing the two parts and the invisibility of fasteners, but also important is the ability of a particular screed to resist loads exerted on the unit

    Keywords: Cabinet furniture, fittings, tensile strength, laminated chipboard