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  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Study of hardware implementation of neural networks when processing information in residue number system

    This article examines models of arithmetic devices for finite ring neural networks of the second and third orders. The arithmetic devices under study were synthesized on the basis of FPGA. Estimates of hardware costs and performance of computers for system modules of residual classes of different capacity were obtained. The structure of a finite ring neural network with dynamic connections is proposed, the efficiency of which in terms of hardware costs is observed with increasing capacity of the residue number system module. The advantage of a finite ring neural network with dynamic connections is established for modules with a capacity of 64 bits and higher.

    Keywords: neural networks, residue number system, group of elliptic curve points, FPGA, multiplier, adder

  • Measures to prepare the territories damaged by the war for the restoration of the housing stock

    The article views the process of preparing territories damaged by the war for housing stock restoration and it describes the main measures that need to be carried out in the damaged neighborhoods, depending on their degree of damage. These activities in the article are divided into two groups: the first for moderately damaged quarters, and the second for severely damaged quarters. The works from the first group are somewhat different from the ones in the second. For example, the decision to restore moderately damaged quarters requires temporary strenghtning and temporary protection of damaged buildings, while in severely damaged quarters, demolition of all buildings is required. In addition, the quantity of work in the second group is larger compared to the quantity in the first due to the need to demolish all buildings, dismantle all outdoor networks and lay new ones. However, the advantages of constructing works in these quarters are that it is possible to speed up the work due to the variety of implementation methods and the equipment that can be used.

    Keywords: post-conflict reconstruction, demining of territories, preparatory works, technical condition of damaged buildings

  • Using the transformed Harrington desirability function to calculate the quality index of construction production

    The problem of a comprehensive assessment of the quality of construction production is considered. The problematic nature of such a procedure is noted, due to the fact that construction production is a multifactorial process in which a large number of material, financial and labor resources are used, with different units of measurement. It is proposed to consider the complex indicator "Integral indicator of the quality of construction production" based on the transformed Harrington desirability function, which allows taking into account many factors having different-sized controlled parameters.

    Keywords: quality of construction production, integral index of construction quality, quality coefficient, generalized utility function, Harrington desirability function

  • Construction of floating reinforced concrete offshore structures for natural gas liquefaction

    This article reveals a number of examples of the introduction of new technologies in construction for the implementation of new high-tech projects. Some aspects of the technology of construction of marine gravity bases for technological lines for the liquefaction of natural gas and stable gas condensate are considered. During the construction of the gravity foundation, new compositions of heavy, high-strength modified and light concrete were used, as well as the tension of reinforcing ropes on hardened concrete. During the construction process, inventory panel changeable and sliding formwork was used for various structures of complex configuration.

    Keywords: gravity type base, liquefied natural gas, post-tension, high-strength modified concrete, floating offshore structures

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