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Journal policy of Engineering journal of Don

Prerogative objectives of the editorial policy

The global objective of the editorial policy of the journal is to provide with the information potential and interested parties on the results of prospective research and development activities, as well as innovative projects and their commercialization.

Conceptually the journal "Engineering journal of Don" is focused not only on the traditional branches of engineering education. Modern development of science mainly, emergence of multi-disciplinary fields of knowledge, predetermine the need for integrated studies, reflecting the level of convergence achieved by engineering methods and professional and scientific competence of specialists in various fields of science, including the humanities. Therefore, the journal is aimed at attracting to our pages such kind of scientists and specialists with background on their professional or scientific competence that are necessary to solve the current problems of engineering approaches, methods and technologies. The journal is a kind of interdisciplinary scientific engineering forum.

The objectives of the journal publications are:

  • education problem upgrading of the developing engineering environment;
  • promoting the priorities of basic and applied research on the basis of engineering approaches, methods and technologies;
  • expansion of the interdisciplinary nature of the published materials, including through the convergence of engineering methods and professional and scientific competence of specialists in various fields of science;
  • introduction of new methodologies and research techniques, innovative projects and emerging technologies;
  • systematic improvement of the quality of published materials.

Strategic tasks of editorial policy

The most important task of the journal "Engineering journal of Don" is to promote high professional self-realization of scientific employees in Russia and to be of positive impact on the innovative development of the socio-economic life of the southern region of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, the objective of the journal "Engineering journal of Don" is the publication of scientific articles, reports, reviews and other materials of educational, scientific, engineering, innovation, cultural and educational character and allowing lecturers, doctoral students, graduate students, practitioners to present the results of their research in the field of engineering science to the widest possible audience.

Only original papers not previously published in other editorial are submitted. When sending the manuscript to the editorial the author automatically is obliged not to publish it, fully or partially in any other journal without the consent of the publisher. The journal accepts only scientific articles and reviews. Articles without bibliography are not accepted. All articles undergo internal and external peer review.

Another important objective of the journal is the continuous expansion of the initiation of the author and readership audience. At the moment, the journal has a fairly high level of representation. It is included in the list of HAC (ВАК) (list of the leading reviewed journals and issues where main research results of dissertations should be published for the candidate degree and Ph.D); registered in the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection (Registration number ФС 77-27308 from 22.02.07), registered in the ISSN International Centre (ISSN 2073-8633), registered in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), the main bibliographic database of scientific publications by Russian scientists, and finally is in the database of Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, the main international catalog of serials (Id: 747030). Journal’s information is presented on the Internet, on a bilingual website and social networks. Adaptation of materials from the website to the requirements of Google Scholar has significantly broadened the scope of the geo-penetration (Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed online journals of Europe and America's largest scientific publishers). So, today, readers of more than 80 countries address the journal, among them all (!) states - former republics of the USSR, the leading economic powers in Europe, America and Asia, and in the top ten of most readable are the United States and Germany.

Along with conceptual innovation and high representative level the journal has another important strategic difference. It is the journal of the Rostov Regional Branch of the Russian Academy of Engineering, has the support of the Academy, the Presidium of the regional department, engineering community of Rostov region, leading universities and enterprises of the Rostov region. The editorial board council include representatives and universities, research and production associations, innovative enterprises that initiate a variety of integration processes and attract authors and readers of the journal.

Interdisciplinary character of the journal, its comprehensive, paradigmatic approach to the published materials makes it possible to create and extract synergetic effect, that is demanded by modern science and practice.

The main scope of publications

  • Coverage of issues of state, regional and sectoral innovation policies in the process of technological modernization of the economy.
  • Creating conditions for online publications on the results of prospective research and development activities, as well as innovative projects and their commercialization, a wide range of practitioners, representatives of the region, applicants, graduate students, doctoral students.
  • Information support for the implementation of various projects, transfer, technology commercialization.