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Each article accepted for consideration, goes through procedure of reviewing. After reviewing the article can be either rejected, or sent to the author for revision, or accepted for publication. The Editorial Board shall discuss with the authors the correspondence of the topics with the subject area.

Reviewing procedure

1. Articles, reports, reviews and other educational, innovation, cultural and of educational nature materials provided by full members and member-correspondents of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Engineering Academy accepted for publication without review. In this case written presentation is obligatory.

2. All materials that do not fall under the art. 1 undergo common procedure for peer review, which is as follows:

Materials are given to a member of the editorial board responsible for this specialty, who further transfers to an independent expert from the faculty and research staff members of the REA (prerequisite for the expert - the candidate or doctor in this specialty).

In case of positive expertise the paper is accepted for publication (which does not exclude editorial revision), and expert opinion is reported to the author (s).

In the case of negative expertise, expert opinion is reported to the author (s) for respond. At the agreement of the author (s) with the conclusion the article is rejected.

In case of disagreement, the article together with the respond given to members of the editorial board responsible for this specialty, is presented to another independent expert.

In the case of negative re-examination, the expert opinion is reported to the author (s) and the article is rejected. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

In the case of positive re-examination, comes further examination of the Editorial Board member responsible for this specialty. On the basis of this examination, he/she decides to accept the materials for publication or reject them. In any case, this decision and all the results of the examination are reported to the author (s). This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

The expert process should not cause substantial transformation of the original materials. In case after the whole procedure of examination materials are changed at over 30% , a member of the editorial board, responsible for this specialty, may decide to accept for publication, but as a new paper, a new priority date (the date of receipt of materials to the editor). This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Materials of research and constructive character, of specialties that are not included in the list of specialties of the journal, but similar in their area to one of the sections of the REA can undergo the abovementioned procedure of reviewing and be accepted for publication. In this case member of the Editorial Board, who works in the relevant field of knowledge is responsible for the examination and acceptance for publication.