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Industry 4.0 and road transport


Industry 4.0 and road transport

Kotesova A.A., Kosenko V.V., Evseev D. Z., Zaitseva M.M., Shulga T.K.

Incoming article date: 04.05.2018

The system analysis of the main directions of the fourth scientific and technological revolution, called "Industry 4.0" in the field of road transport, is conducted in the article. The essence of the industry 4.0 is the development of the digital economy using cyberphysical systems, the Internet of things and large data. Applicable to road transport can be identified three areas: the creation of an unmanned vehicle, the development of technological support for the movement of trucks in the convoy, the development and implementation of "automobile Internet". At the same time, there are a number of technological, legal and ethical problems that hamper the large-scale development of a new generation of transport.

Keywords: Industry 4.0, unmanned vehicle, Internet of Things, Cyberphysical systems, autonomous transport, cloud technologies