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Architecture and antropoecology: the essential relationship concepts


Architecture and antropoecology: the essential relationship concepts

Vasilenko A.I., Vasilenko I.T.

Incoming article date: 11.05.2018

The article reveals the relationship between the concepts of "ecology", "Anthropoecology"and " architecture". The analysis of the concepts of "architecture" and "Anthropoecology", common to them, their identity, is that the object of consideration is the external environment in relation to man. It is established that the objective of Anthropoecology, in this context, is the study of human interaction with the environment, determining the conditions of its comfort and utilitarianism for humans, and the subject of architecture – the formation of the environment through the construction of buildings. The direct connection and continuity of ecology and architecture in the formation of an artificial human environment determines environmental friendliness as an essential, profound property and the mission of architecture. On the basis of comparative analysis of the concepts "Anthropoecology" and "architecture" their deep essential interrelation is established, which determines the necessity of anthropoecological approach to architectural design, as well as the transition to the integrated assessment of environmental characteristics of real estate objects.

Keywords: ecology, Anthropoecology, environmental friendliness, architecture, environment, architectural environment, architectural design, ecological characteristics of the building, energy saving, energy efficiency