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Contemporary technological solutions in the design of facades


Contemporary technological solutions in the design of facades

Oleynik P. P., Korchagina Yu. G.

Incoming article date: 04.02.2020

The article provides a comparative analysis of facade systems used in the construction of buildings in Russia and abroad. The features and requirements put forward to modern facades in the context of aesthetic, operational and energy-saving characteristics are examined in detail. Special attention is paid to ventilated and non-ventilated systems. It also analyzes the state and dynamics of the facade materials market in Russia. The features of the application of technological solutions in the design of facades in different countries of the world, such as: Germany, Poland, North America, are indicated. The results obtained led to the conclusion that in the market of facade insulation systems in Europe, stucco facade systems were more widely used. In Russia, more than 50% of the market belongs to ventilated facades. In America, innovative “smart” facades are widely spread.

Keywords: facade, facade system, ventilated facade, plaster facade, technology, materials, building, enclosing structures, exterior walls, maintenance