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Method for determining the sequential algorithm


Method for determining the sequential algorithm

Polyakov S. V., Avdeyuk O. A. , Pavlova E. S., Lemeshkina I. G., Prikhodkova I. V., Nikulin P.N.

Incoming article date: 22.01.2020

the article describes a variant of setting sequential algorithms in the form of bipartite graphs by further defining them, which makes it possible to work with algorithms using graph theory methods in the future. Two forms of the task are considered: modular and functional-predicative. The possibility of setting the algorithm in table-predicate form is shown. It is concluded that in addition to the generally accepted methods of setting the algorithm, it can be set in matrix-predicate or table-predicate form, which allows using methods of matrix theory and methods of predicate theory when working with algorithms. setting the algorithm in matrix-predicate form avoids isomorphism when performing algebraic and set-theoretic operations on it.; setting algorithms in matrix-predicate form allows you to perform almost any operations on them

Keywords: graph-algorithm scheme, sequential algorithm, predicative block, functional block, pre-definition, bipartite graph, table-predicative form, graph theory, isomorphism