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Business processes modeling of production company


Business processes modeling of production company

Pirogov S.P., Rjabova J.S.

Incoming article date: 29.03.2017

In the article on the example of the firm which is engaged in production of plastic windows business processes modeling of production companyis described. The analysis and modeling of business processes of the company are carried out, the charts of the IDEF0 and DFD model created by means of the software product "AllFusion Process Modeler" are presented, information streams of the organization are shown. Shortcomings of various aspects of activity of the organization are revealed. Model of an information system is realized: requirements and problems of IS are formulated, the functional model is developed (by means of the AllFusion Process Modeler software product).

Keywords: production company, production, modeling business processes, IDEF0, DFD, software product, business process, chart, organization