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Staging is based on the strength of the broken plate as an element system of deformers of the deep loosing type surround


Staging is based on the strength of the broken plate as an element system of deformers of the deep loosing type surround

Mikhaylin A.A.

Incoming article date: 06.07.2017

The present cultivators of the soil have a negligible width and depth of loosening is mainly up to 0.6 m. When the number of racks is significantly reduced completeness of loosening, increases the mass of the gun and increase traction resistance. In addition, the possibility of loosening soil to a greater depth is limited. There are rippers with surround deformers. They are inclined relative to each other vertical knife rack, rigidly connected to each other in the lower part with shingles made V-shaped with the apex directed upwards. In this architecture, the system deformers there is a need for analysis to determine the tensile strength in a first approximation: as much as possible to lengthen the elements of the blade without loss of strength and significant changes in their geometric characteristics of the flat cross-section. Reviewed the formulation of the calculation of the strength of the isotropic sloping steel plates of finite dimensions, a polygonal profile with rigidly clamped opposite edges of constant cross section, equal stiffness, as an element of deformers of the chisel type surround. Shows the justification of the selected geometric characteristics of the broken plate. Presents a preliminary finite element modeling using the software - computing complex Structure CAD (SCAD), considering static and dynamic loads. In the formulation of the numerical calculation primarily pursued the goal of establishing the adequacy of a solid model of the stress – strain state of a polygonal sloping steel plates of constant cross section with rigid pinched at the edges. It is established that the threat is a reduction in the actual thickness of the plate more than 1/3 of the project, which leads to failure of the individual piece of details. With little loss of thickness plots of displacements is characteristic reflects a valid value.

Keywords: The calculation of the strength, deep loosing, system of deformers, stress, strain, bending, a broken plate, clamped edges, geometric characteristics