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Odorizing substances in natural waters


Odorizing substances in natural waters

Cherkesov A.Y., Bogogosyan A.T., Ugrovatova N.G., Israilov R.V., Shchukin S.A.

Incoming article date: 22.02.2020

A review of odorizing substances in natural waters is carried out. The stages at which odorizing substances can be introduced into water are considered. The characteristic of odorizing substances introduced at each stage of water treatment is given. The sources of drinking water odorants are systematized in relation to the stages of water treatment and by type of origin. Methods for determining odorants in raw water are reviewed. The threshold sensations, the type of smell and the chemical formula of some odorizing substances are given.

Keywords: natural water treatment, water deodorization, odorants, water treatment, carbohydrate water, surface water sources