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Ways of Improving Energy Efficiency of Modern Urban Buildings


Ways of Improving Energy Efficiency of Modern Urban Buildings

Giyasova I.V.

Incoming article date: 11.03.2020

Improvement of energy efficiency of buildings by minimizing heat loss inside the premises and optimizing energy consumption is an urgent problem. The solution of the problem requires consideration of the impact of climatic factors on buildings - firstly, it is necessary to ensure safe thermal insulation of external walls, and secondly, to use effective thermal insulation materials. Being essentially volumetric geometric figures of various shapes, buildings react differently to climatic factors, as their heat resistance directly depends on the shapes and volumes. The article analyzes the dependence of the heat resistance of urban buildings on their geometric shapes and volumes. Using the example of the Evolution Tower of the Moscow International Business Center Moscow-City, the heat loss of rooms located on floors with different heights was calculated and changes in the main climatic factors in terms of the height of the object were revealed.

Keywords: buildings, heat loss, energy consumption, heat resistance, energy efficiency, enclosing structures, urban environment, thermal insulation, design, natural and climatic factors