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Ways to improve the environmental safety of shipping: review


Ways to improve the environmental safety of shipping: review

Zabalueva A.I.

Incoming article date: 30.10.2019

A promising direction of protection of the atmospheres from the functioning of maritime transport is a method of recirculating part of the exhaust gases from the diesel gas exhaust system to the compressor suction with their intermediate cooling and cleaning in a cyclone-foam apparatus. There is still no method to solve the problem of processing ballast water 100% effective for reliable protection of the hydrosphere. The perspective of the technology of physical and chemical disinfection of ballast with chlorine and ultraviolet radiation in the new developments, with the joint application of such technologies with mechanical filtration, is noted. Development of ballast-less vessels with floating air tanks is underway. The use of external reservoir systems makes it possible not to create internal ballast tanks with pipelines and cleaning systems on ships.

Keywords: ecological safety, maritime shipping, atmosphere protection, ballast water, hydrosphere protection