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Pure bending of hereditary viscoelastic rectangular plates


Pure bending of hereditary viscoelastic rectangular plates

Kravchuk A.S., Kravchuk A.I., Tomilin S.A., Godunov S.F.

Incoming article date: 12.12.2019

On the basis of the proposed Timoshenko S. P. solution of the problem of pure bending of an elastic rectangular plate under the action of moments of constant intensity acting on its boundary, the theory of bending of viscoelastic plates fixed in the vertices is proposed for the first time. The proposed solution uses the hereditary theory taking into account the hypothesis of N. H. Harutyunyan about the constancy of the coefficient of transverse deformation. For the first time, a method of recalculation of the distributed transverse load applied on the surface of the plate at equivalent moments of constant intensity, time-dependent and applied at the edges, is proposed. For the first time with the help of this theory, the problem of bending a plate pinched at a single angular point distributed by a transverse load is solved. As examples, calculations of rectangular plates under the action of their own weight are given.

Keywords: roller blade, horizontal mixer, optimization, design, process, material procurement, machining, reduction of production costs