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Features selection design parameters bus passenger seats


Features selection design parameters bus passenger seats

S.N. Zykov, S.V. Ovsyannikov

Incoming article date: 27.02.2014

The passenger seat is a complex modern design, which is a combination of different structural elements (frame, headrest, armrest, etc.). In this design the passenger seats of buses is a complex of measures aimed at creating as an optimal combination of design elements and the development of these elements. The purpose of the study - to identify the features and limitations of choice of the design parameters required for the design of passenger seats of various types of buses. Based on the analysis of operating conditions and destination buses identified constraints that have influenced the formation of the structure sitting. Just are structural diagrams seats depending on the destination of the bus. The information presented in this article will be useful to specialists in the field of engineering and design of passenger seats, and understanding of the choice of design parameters will ensure the optimal complexity of the design which positively affect the cost and quality of the passenger seat in particular and the entire bus as a whole.

Keywords: bus, passenger seat, the design parameters; ergonomics.