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Stratification of the lubricant in radial slide bearing


Stratification of the lubricant in radial slide bearing

Mukutadze M.A.

Incoming article date: 27.01.2015

In the presence of liquid lubricant particles precipitate from wear products or additives, as well as from the wall of the adsorption and chemisorption on metal surfaces contacting bearing surfaces separation occurs at the layers of lubricants with different viscosity properties. For viscous incompressible stratified lubricant in the gap thrust and radial bearings seen in the works. A significant drawback of these studies is that the calculation model is ignored pressure dependence of viscosity. For large values of the pressure in the lubricating layer of lubricant viscosity increases significantly, and there is the need to address the dependence of viscosity on pressure.

Keywords: double-layer lubrication, maintenance force adapted profile, stratified flow, demfiruyuschie properties, pressure dependence of viscosity.