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Deformable flat supporting parts of bridges


Deformable flat supporting parts of bridges

Makarov A.V., Zhuravlev A.V.

Incoming article date: 11.02.2018

In this article we consider correspondence problem of the supporting parts containing deformable polymers used in the beam bridges (used in bridge constructing - лишнее, мне кажется). According to the shear diagram, supporting parts shall provide free angular and linear displacements of the beams' end faces sections. Otherwise gradual destruction of the nearby areas is possible. We study a rubber supporting part (RSP). Factors contributing to the deformation of the supporting part and their calculation with different algorithms, including the differential equation of the curved axis and Mohr method are given. The values of angular and linear deformations for the concrete reinforced bridge beam are calculated.

Keywords: bearing, adjustable bearing, deformation, bridges, bridge beam, shear strains, angular displacement, linear displacement, crumple.