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Problems of computer diagnostics of modern automobile engines


Problems of computer diagnostics of modern automobile engines

Surgutskov K.N., Titla I.M.

Incoming article date: 15.03.2019

The relevance of the correct approach to the verification of modern electronic engine control systems of the car with regard to structural complexity, as well as the possibility of timely use of various diagnostic equipment to prevent engine failure, due to the timely detection of malfunction and reduce the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of road transport. The technology of diagnostics involves the mandatory verification of data received from the diagnostic system by measuring the corresponding physical parameters. The fault may be in the wires connecting the sensor and the control unit, in the control unit itself, in the connectors. To detect a fault, it is necessary to make a certain number of measurements of voltages, currents, and resistances and to establish the fault location using special diagnostic devices. On the basis of the obtained results, malfunctions of individual systems, assemblies, and aggregates are identified, then, taking into account indirect performance indicators, their technical condition is analyzed. In the end, it is possible to reliably assess the technical condition of the car, to detect and eliminate the causes of deviations from the norm.

Keywords: electronic control unit, car, engine, check, diagnostics