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Prospects of automation of technological processes of chemical production


Prospects of automation of technological processes of chemical production

Silaev A.A., Kondratsky D.E., Petukhova Ya.A., Sizonenko A. S.

Incoming article date: 20.03.2019

The article reviews considers the current state of automated process control systems. The main disadvantages of these systems are identified: the lack of full integration of process control systems into a single enterprise system, the lack of a single system of monitoring and diagnostics of equipment, local data storage. The principles of development of automation of the chemical industry in the conditions of digital production, such as end-to-end modeling, implementation of a unified data collection system based on the technology of industrial Internet of things, the introduction of cloud technologies to store the accumulated database and knowledge. This strategy of automation development allows to increase the competitiveness of the chemical industry.

Keywords: production automation, digital production, end-to-end modeling, industrial Internet of things, production management integration.