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The structure of the group political attitudes RGSU's students in 2015


The structure of the group political attitudes RGSU's students in 2015

M.I. Ivanova, I.N. Mochtchenko, I.F.Bugyan

Incoming article date: 15.06.2015

The analysis of group attitudes structure among RGSU’s students in relation to a political order in 2015 is carried out. Presents the distribution function of a indicator set, such as a socio-economic protection, involvement in political processes, relation to power structures, the assessment of the political situation, the level of protest. It revealed a low level of participation in the political process, and the average level of emotional involvement, and as a result are weak electoral and social activities. The assessment of a political situation is the average level, both in the region and in Russia as a whole. The level of latent protest is generally below average. Analysis of the level relative deprivation showed separation group into three subgroups with low, medium and high levels of social tension.

Keywords: a political tension, deprivation, group installation, cognitive component, behavioral component, questionnaire, the descriptive statistics