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Modification of Pan-Thompkinson’s real-time QRS detection algorithm


Modification of Pan-Thompkinson’s real-time QRS detection algorithm

Leonova A.V., Ageychenko A.A.

Incoming article date: 15.06.2015

The article discusses the Pan-Tompkins algorithm to detect QRS complexes in real time, when applied to a PC for analysis of records not in real time and pre-recorded. QRS complexes detection algorithm was published Dzhiapu Pan and J. Willis. Tompkinson in the journal IEEE Transactions on biomedical engineering, vol. BME-32, NO. 3 in March 1985. The algorithm has been designed for use in real time. Pan and Tompkinson developed an algorithm for real-time detection of QRS complexes of ECG signals. Algorithm for QRS complexes reliably recognize, by analyzing the inclination of the complex amplitude and width. Special digital bandpass filter reduces the number of false detections caused by different kinds of interference present in the ECG signal. This filtering allows the use of low detection thresholds, thereby increasing the sensitivity of detection. The algorithm automatically adjusts thresholds and parameters periodically to adapt to such changes ECG QRS morphology and as the heart rate. For standard recording duration 24 hours from the database MIT / BIH arrhythmia database, this algorithm correctly recognized 99.3 percent QRS complexes. However, this time the algorithm is rather outdated, as it was designed for computers that time. With certain modifications and current capabilities, parameters can improve the quality and speed of analysis. A modified version of the algorithm has been developed for use in the client software mobile multifunctional hardware-software complex and long-term cardiac monitoring ergonometrii. Better and more precise analysis of QRS complexes in the signal more accurately assess the state of the cardiovascular system of the person, which is an important factor in the treatment and diagnosis of heart disease in the early stages.

Keywords: ECG, accurate analysis, detection of QRS, algorithm Pan-Tompkinson, cardiovascular system.