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Multiagent system for modeling of electricity energy consumption and production in hres


Multiagent system for modeling of electricity energy consumption and production in hres

Shcherbakov M. V., Nabiullin A.S., Kamaev V.A.

  ▼ Меню                                 Журнал→Номер 2, 2012 г.→Статья Abstracts  Аннотация или Abstract                   Figovsky O.L. «The review of the latest western nanotechnologies (on materials of the international NanoIsrael-2012 conference) » Recently (on March 26-27 of this year) there passed the international NanoIsrael-2012 conference which showed considerable successes of the world community as in basic researches in the sphere of nanotechnologies, and in creation of real innovative productions in this area of the industry. One of the main sponsors of conference was also RUSNANO which presented information on nanoindustry development in Russia. The review of the western nanotechnologies presented at conference is provided in article.
Keywords: nanotechnologies, the Israeli companies in the field of the nanotechnologies, the nanostructured polyurethanes, technology of nanoreinforcing, a nanowire, nanostructure. Vasilenko D.M.  «Rational use of different types of resources in the system of priorities of economic modernization of the North Caucasus Federal District» The implementation of a regional policy aimed at ensuring the economic development of regions, advances as a primary focus of sustainable development effective use of the resource potential of providing a regional process of reproduction. It is particularly acute issue of increasing the efficiency of the resource potential of the regions.
Keywords: The resource potential of the territory, a savings component of the resource potential of the region, the labor component of the resource potential of the region, institutional management tools economies in the region. Azhmukhamedov I.M., Marenkov A.N.  «The search and estimate of anomalies in network traffic on the basis of the cyclical analysis» The mathematical model for automation of search and an assessment of anomalies of volume of a network traffic is offered. The developed model can be used in a traffic control system for the analysis of a condition of the computer network for the purpose of detection of malfunctions of the network equipment, identification of casual and deliberate actions from users, and also action of malefactors.
The offered scheme can be used in a control system of a traffic both internal, and an external network. Input parameters can be described by qualitative values that allow developing base of rules for elaboration of response to the arisen situation.
Keywords: Computer Networks, analysis and forecasting network traffic, anomalies in traffic.   Subbotina I.U. «Sociolabor relations goodwill systems «Person-manufacture»
In article formation of sociolabor relations goodwill systems «person-manufacture» which is the consolidated process of personnel selection of the enterprise is considered and mentions all stages of organizational work with the personnel
Keywords: Sociolabor relations, personnel selection, goodwill system «person-manufacture», personal and professional qualities of workers, labor potential, motivational audit.   Vasilenko D.M.  «Development tools of correction of social and economic policy in the regions north Caucasus federal district»
The complex nature of the institutional problems of the North Caucasus federal district determines the need for the correction of social and economic policy of the state in part, due to the redundant labor force regions. An example of effective implementation of such policies is the work created in the 2010 Inter-Regional Resource Center.
Keywords: The resource base area employment potential of the region, Management tools and their application in the management of socio-economic development entities SKFO.   Baranova D.A. «Mathematical model of deformation of reinforced shells of revolution with an allowance for variable material properties»
Mathematic model considers the geometrical and physical nonlinearity, the adaptability of creep flow. Arc work is accounted for by the method of constructive anisotropy, but with due regard for shear and torsion rigidity. In solving physically nonlinear problems, secant modulus is defined directly from the «σ-ε» curve, found experimentally. Mathematic model is written in the form of functional of total deformation energy. This model can be used for comprehensive analysis of the stability of reinforced shells of revolution.
Keywords: stability of reinforced shells of revolution, linear-elastic problems, the nonlinear-elastic problems, the problem of creep flow.   Boiko N.I., Fisenko K.S. «Investigation of the surface quality of weld metal cylindrical part machined in hot condition» Investigated the quality of the surface layer of weld metal cylindrical part in the combined processes of under the flux layer welding and cutting, as well as follow grinding of weld metal in the hot and cold. Showing photos of the weld surface and the machined part and its structure. Keywords: grinding, hot weld metal, structure of the metal, micro hardness.   Guskova N. I., Brumshtejn J. M., Travova E. S. « The medical equipment for home application: analysis of park of equipment available on sale and its actual use by the population» The expediency of in-home population health services development is shown, forms of such service are specified. Advantages of medical equipment for in-home application (MEfIHA) usage from positions of patients are proved. Results of the population questioning, concerning with MEfIHA usage, executed by authors are presented. Structure MEfIHA available in sale and actually used by population is compared. For the majority of MEfIHA kinds their functionality, ranges of costs, features of application by patients are characterized. Variants of maintenance service for MEfIHA are investigated. The conclusion, that volumes of population MEfIHA usage are insufficient, are substantiated. Keywords: the Medical equipment, in-home application, Availability of medical service, Quality of medical service, Technological level, Questioning.   Veselov S.L.  «Formation of competitiveness of production in housing» This article specifies and analyses various factors affecting consumer choice in the purchase of residential real estate in buildings under construction. The work sets forth a structured and specifies hierarchy of such factors. Keywords: Incomplete housing, consumer preferences, competitiveness of construction production, residential real estate.   Nazarenko I.S.  «The CRM technologies in logistics process of modern enterprise»
The author's vision of CRM systems with their orientation to maximize the mastering potential of all stakeholders of the enterprise is presented in the paper. The objectives and results of implementing CRM systems are systematized; their comparative characteristic is represented, as well as results of the analysis and selection of a CRM system for a modern industrial company “RUSAL” with accounting the strategic aims and directions of development.
Keywords: CRMsystems,logisticsprocess,logisticsoperations,Logistics Department,informationsupport, software, operatingsystem, 1 C: Enterprise.Thebasicversion, informationproducts. Trishkina N. U.  «Features of evaluating the effectiveness of educational services»
In the information society education is a factor in the effective functioning of public and political system. In this regard, management of the education system is of particular importance. The most important are the issues with the system analysis of factors influencing the development and modernization of the education system, effective use of resources in this sphere, the quantitative and qualitative assessment of performance of educational institutions functioning in a market economy.

Keywords: market economy, social sphere, the sphere of services, the education system, the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the effectiveness and quality of educational services. Abullaev R.R. «The basic directions of stimulation of development of business in the Rostov region»

In article directions of the enterprise activity, capable to provide development of economy of the Rostov region are considered. The author considers as those manufacture of agriculture production and innovative sphere. Ways of development of branches of agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of a business cycle forecast of the given segment of the world market are considered. The special attention is given a problem of creation of favorable conditions of managing for innovatively active individuals.  The making very small percent from all population. Actions of state support of enterprise activity are offered; positive changes of economic expectations of inhabitants of region become the main which result of realization. Keywords: Business, agrarian and industrial complex, innovative sphere, the state support of business men. Magomadova H.A. «The principles of the economical utilization of natural resources. Molding of the ideas of steady development»
Is analyzed the problem of the principles of the economical utilization of natural resources of strategy of ecologically steady social and economic development taking into account market conversions in Russian economy.  Anthropogenic processes in the biosphere, including connected with the environmental pollution, should be evaluated in connection with the stability of natural systems. From an ecological point of view steady development must be provided by the integrity of biological and physical natural systems.
Special importance has a viability of the ecosystems, on which depends the global stability of entire biosphere.

Keywords: Are natural resources, biosphere, steady development, market use of natural resources. Sannikov N.I., Adigamov K.A., Alekhin S.N., Denisenko E.A., Alekhin A.S. «Mathematical representation of the characteristics of the interphase boundary surface of the transition layer»
It is shown that to describe the phenomena and processes in a transition interfacial layer having a certain thickness, it is useful to distinguish the boundary layer of the surface and boundary diffusion layer, which lies entirely in the less condensed phase related. In accordance with this energy and power characteristics of the transition layer should be attributed to the boundary surface of the interphase transition layer. The basic equation of electro capillary boundary of the surface layer, establishing the dependence of the surface tension of this layer on the chemical composition of the second phase, and bordering the jump of electric potential between them. Keywords: Interphase layer, Entropy, Concentration, Adsorption, Surface tension boundary layer, the surface energy, electrochemical electrode. Ananyev A.S., Butenko D.V., Popov K.V. «Intelligent technologies for design information systems. The method of design software products in the presence of a prototype»
The method of design new information systems with the list of procedures which it allows you to create new non-trivial projects, for example,  software of psycho semantic analysis of audio data. In article describe that base on existing requirements, in the presence of the prototype, these technologies allow us to formulate requirements to the functional structure of the future system, to determine its operating principles, and present options for technical solutions.
Keywords: conceptual design, intelligent technologies, information technologies, digital signal processing. Bereza N.V. «Modern trends of developmentthe globaland the Russian marketof information services»
This paper presents an analytical overview of the global and national market of the information services, and examines the main trends and prospects of development of the information market.
Keywords: Market of the information services, IT outsourcing, cloud computing, data centers, information security, green computing, green IT. Glazunova L.V. «The thermal stabilization system in the combined equipment» The thermal stabilization system of combined equipment based on methods evaporation-condensation and liquid cooling was engineered and produced.  Some constructive decision of device fluid cooling, results of heat and hydromechanics simulations and testing was presented. Keywords: thermal stabilization system, combined equipment, cooling, thermal simulation. Glukhov A.U., Neginsky I.V. « Digital synchronous measuring of the surface impedance» We describe the hardware and software package designed to get the dependencies of instantaneous values ​​of the electric field E of the magnetic field H, and, depending on the module surface impedance and phase shift of the electric and magnetic fields on the amplitude of the alternating magnetic field. The digital synchronous detection method applied in this article to analyze the spectral response of the substances. This article gives the results for ferromagnetic materials, paramagnetic materials and dielectrics.

Keywords: surface impedance, ferromagnetisms, alternating magnetic field, alternating electric field, digital synchronous detection. Grinenko S.V. «Marketing research as an instrument of monitor the migration of graduates of vocational education»
The article presents approaches to the development of information and analysis subsystem in the formation and development of scientific and educational infrastructure of the professional community to improve the coordination of interests of the labor market, which determines the balance between supply and demand on the basis of monitoring the migration of young professionals.
Keywords: The labor market of graduates of vocational education, market research, scientific and educational infrastructure of the professional community, information and analysis subsystem, migration. Guguev I.K., Pershin V.A. «Universal stand and methods of diagnostics of elements of gidrosistem of machines of the communal appointments».
In article the schematic diagram of the universal stand used at diagnostics of elements of hydro systems of domestic cars by a thermodynamic method and a method of similarity of functioning of technical systems is presented. Conclusions by efficiency of use of the stand and methods are given. Keywords: hydro system, a technical condition, universal stand, structural and functional parameters. Haiduk V.I., Kalitko S.A., Shevtsov V.V. «Increase of efficiency of use of the mechanism of insurance of risks in agrarian and industrial complex»
The recommendations for the choice of insurance companies, and new approaches to agricultural insurance for 260-FZ. Identified ways of increasing the efficiency of the mechanism of insurance in the agricultural business.
Keywords: Risk, Insurance, Insurance premiums and payments, Agriculture. Dobrynin N. F., Levitskiy A. A. «The role of the system the benchmarks in the construction and maintenance of railways»
The paper proposes a new concept of benchmark system on the railways for the control of the geometric parameters of paths. It can be used for the preparation of projects of reconstruction and repair of roads.
Keywords: reference system, the rotation angle slopes, lateral leveling, fiducially marks. Kalmykov B. Y., Vysotsky I. Y. «Suggestions for assessing the strength of construction of passenger vehicles»
The authors propose a method for determining the total impact energy of a bus rollover to the conditions of the Rules of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe № 66 (UNECE) intended for the certification of passenger motor vehicles of category M3. Propose an adjustment to the formula for calculating the height of the fall of the center of gravity of the bus.
Keywords: The bus, safety of bus construction, strength, deformation, a centre of mass, energy. Capenko I. V., Mironova D. D. «The human capital and innovative factors of its development»
In article the concept and structure of the human capital, the investment as a basis of its formation are considered; classification and features of investments into the human capital; an optimum parity of market and state investments into the human capital. Creation of the scientifically-educational centers promoting integration of the advanced researches and formation, for the purpose of growth of the human capital in Russia and to its more effective use is offered.
Keywords: reproduction of the human capital, the investment into the human capital, features of investments into the human capital, components of the human capital, the scientifically-educational center. Obojmova N. T., Dovlatyan G. P. «Study of the socio-economic potential of the territorial development using marketing tools»
In this article we describe the General and specific regularities of the development of the economy of the city. Mines, the analysis of economic potential of the city, identified internal contradictions and tendencies of development of municipal economy and housing and communal services. According to the results of application of marketing tools in the analysis of territorial development, and it is carried out SWOT-analysis of the development of the city and mentioned vital industry presents forecasts and threats, which can be used for strategic planning.
Keywords: SWOT - analysis, marketing tools, strategic planning of branch and territory. Troilin V.V. «Methodological basis of the investment strategy for modernization and development of water transport industrial enterprises»
Efficient investment strategy for modernization and development of water transport industrial enterprises requires using the forecasting methodology aimed at searching for new opportunities of economic development based on intensification of the existing and creation of new competitive advantages of Russian economics. Analysis of regularities in the development of water transport indicates advisability of a four-stage algorithm for the development of a mid-term investment policy forecast and scenarios.
Keywords: Water transport, Industrial enterprises, Investment strategy. Tsapko K. A."The Methodological Fundamentals of Formation Value-Oriented Backlog of Road-building Complex Design Companies» The article examines features of the backlog of business formation for design companies of road-building complex which apply value-based management system. The most important factors influencing the decision making about inclusion potential projects in the backlog of business are considered. The close attention is payed to substantiation of VBM metrics reflecting the contribution of projects to value creation by analyzed companies, and to value modeling of projects which let to evaluate projects depending on tender prices. Keywords: Backlog of business, value-based management, Design Company, tender.   Karapetyan G.Ya.,DneprovskiV.G.,BagdasaryanA.S.,Bagdasaryan S.A.,NikоlaevA.L.,Kaidashev E.M.«The passive wireless sensor on surface acoustic waves for measurement of gas and liquid environments parameters»
The sensor design on surface acoustic waves (SAW), representing the delay line with unidirectional inter-digital transducers (IDT) is considered. The factor of reflection of SAW from the unidirectional IDT loaded on impedance depending on value of resistance connected to it is investigated. On dependence of factor of reflection on size of resistance there is almost linear site at values of resistance more than 50 Ohm. The new design of the connected lattices of nanowire of zinc oxide, having the general resistance in a range of 50-250 Ohm which is connected to reflective IDT as loading is developed.
  Keywords: passive sensors, ZnO nanowire, surface acoustic waves, interdigital transducer. Ignatjev V.K., Nikitin A.V., Perchenko S. V., Stankevich D. A. «Dynamic cancelation of additive error of precision analog-to-digital converter» Analog-to-digital converter, with modulation, amplification and demodulation of the input signal is carried out. To compensate the additional error of voltage conversion, concerned with temperature instability, used dynamic cancellation technique, based on the correlation between offset voltage and modulator temperature fluctuation. ADC with response time 0.85 s performs the threshold of sensitivity 1 nV; 8,5 s - 0,31 nV, 85 s - 0.13 nV, 850 s - 0.1 nV, respectively, in the full-scale range 400 mV. Estimation of offset voltage temperature drift is 40 pV / ºC, time drift - 100 pV / h. Keywords: analog-to-digital converter, ADC, error cancellation. Zverev A.P., Zverev D.A. «About use possibility neuronets at the organization of works on elimination of consequences of emergency situations. »
In article use of neuronets, for elimination of consequences of emergency situations is considered.
Keywords: emergency situations, a transport problem, neuronets, training of neuronets. Boldyrev S.V. «The use of hybrid self-organizing neural networks and fast discrete wavelet transform for the construction of systems of classification of signals»
In this paper we consider the problem of constructing a classification algorithm signals using self-organizing hybrid neural networks and fast wavelet transform, which is a special type of linear transformation of the signals and these signals are displayed physical data about the processes and physical properties of natural environments and objects implemented using fast neural networks.
Keywords: signal, classification, neural network, self-organization, the wavelet. Serbinovskiy B.Yu., Chefranova O.V. «Controlling the realization of the policy and strategy of transport and road complex development»
The results of the creation of a controlling subsystem as part of the system of strategic management of the transport and road complex (TRC) development are given. Structural
And process controlling subsystem components for different hierarchical levels of strategic management and state policy in the sphere of TRC development are defined.
Keywords: strategic management, state policy, road and transport complex, controlling. Shcherbakov M. V., Nabiullin A.S., Kamaev V.A. «Multiagent system for modeling of electricity energy consumption and production in hres»
In this paper we consider the problem of modeling the production and consumption of energy in hybrid systems. Hybrid power systems combine traditional electricity suppliers and components generate electricity from renewable energy (photovoltaic cells). Simulation allows calculating the optimal number of components and parameters of the receipt of renewable energy as a function of the projected demand for electricity consumption. An approach is proposed based on the allocation of tasks and agentifikatsii agent ¬ collect information on consumption, ¬ agent gathering information about the production and agent modeling. Experiments are shown for different seasons.  

Keywords: energy efficiency, hybrid renewable energy systems, modeling.