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Polyvinylacetate as graphite softener


Polyvinylacetate as graphite softener

V.D. Eroshenko, B.B. Haydarov

Incoming article date: 19.03.2014

This article investigated the possibility of creating a new composite material for electrical products based on natural graphite as the main component with the addition of a plasticizer . Adding plasticizer necessary to solve technological difficulties pressing process products with a high content of natural graphite . This is due to large shear between the interphase graphite flakes . As the plasticizer used polyvinylacetate . The paper presents the technological aspects of production material and study the influence of the plasticizer on the composition, both qualitative and quantitative . Conclusions about the most appropriate ratio to the amount of graphite esmestvennogo adds plasticizer.

Keywords: Еlectrotechnical products, softener for graphite, composite material, copper-graphite composition, tokosjemny material, current collecting Box, рolyvinylacetate, modification of the surface of graphite.