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Influence of thermal insulators for heating polymers at high electrothermics


Influence of thermal insulators for heating polymers at high electrothermics

A.V. Livshits

Incoming article date: 30.03.2014

The article is devoted to mathematical modeling of high frequency electrothermic of thermoplastics in relation to a technological system in the form of the component plate, including electrodes, insulators, the processed material, and the study of the influence of termoisolation on heating of the thermoplastic. In the article the mathematical model in the form of a system of nonstationary heat transfer in considering the internal heat sources with different boundary conditions and delivers its software. 
The software provided in article enables to study the influence of geometrical and electrophysical parameters of technological systems of high-frequency heating of the thermoplastic. In this article the results of research of influence of termoisolation on the nature of the heating of the thermoplastic. Based on the calculations presented in numerical and graphic kind, identified the following areas of heating polymer: uniform heating, regional zones of thermal influence of insulators. Heat-affected zone is characterized by depth and temperature of the contacting surfaces. The thickness increase of insulators over a certain value does not change the zone of thermal influence of insulators, which allows to speak about effective from the energy point of view of the thickness of the insulator, the excess of which increase energy consumption, time of heating of the polymer.
Conclusion is made according to result of the study about the necessity of the presence and settings termoisolations when building technological processes electrothermic of polymers. The developed software allows a new approach to the study of the RF heating, ensuring minimal energy consumption while ensuring uniform heating details.  

Keywords: electrothermics, thermoplastic, mathematical model, polymer, thermoinsulator, welding, drying, polyamide, high-frequency treatment