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Justification life extension bearing precast low-pressure water-lifting shield dams


Justification life extension bearing precast low-pressure water-lifting shield dams

М.A. Bandurin

Incoming article date: 11.06.2014

The problem of justifying extending the service life of hydraulic structures in Russia is unsatisfactory condition requiring modernization and refurbishment. Currently in Russia over the length of the river network of 2.37 million sq km includes more than 125 thousand rivers that can be used for navigation. When locking, the most widely found as regulator control structures of low pressure shield dam spillways with metal swivel farms most widely used when evaluating the residual life of structural elements carrying water conveyance structures, has an integrated risk assessment of the accident. According to the distribution curves can be classified technical condition of each item, such as rods and plates in various defects as small and dangerous damage the elements included in the design. During the simulation obtained contour plots of stress-bearing low-pressure water-lifting precast shield dams for subsequent prediction justify continued reliable exploitation. The concept of life extension studies supporting structures prefabricated low-pressure water-lifting shield dams on the example of individual structures bearing elements, prefabricated low-pressure water-lifting shield dams, based on modeling of the loading process from various defects and damage due to prolonged use.

Keywords: water-conducting structures, prefabricated pumping low-pressure-mounted dam, modeling, technical condition, residual life.