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Gender-specific of emotional conditions among the students of Rostov-on-Don


Gender-specific of emotional conditions among the students of Rostov-on-Don

Ivanova M.I., Bugayan I.F., Yaroshenko A.N.

Incoming article date: 25.06.2016

The purpose of this paper is an analysis of emotional conditions the young people depending on gender characteristics, and to identify less emotionally stable group. There were interviewed 157 students ( 49% - men, 51% - women) of RSUCB, DGTU and, SRIM RPANEPA. It is revealed, the man give identical estimation of economic levels and social security. Women show a difference between these indicators on 1 point on average values. Emotional condition at the time of research is equally for men and women . Parameters such as the ability to enjoy small events, to feel emotions and be open to other people - are more typical for the female audience. Men are more inclined to feel guilty and noted the possibility of emotional mood swings. High assessments level of fullness life and the meaning of life activity are common to both gender groups.

Keywords: subjective perception, emotional condition, questioning, distribution function, comparative analysis, relative deprivation, social tensions, gender