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Parametric model of pseudorandom sequence generator by OrCAD


Parametric model of pseudorandom sequence generator by OrCAD

E.V. Kuzmin, F.G. Zograf

Incoming article date: 09.08.2013

This article describes the model of the pseudorandom sequences (PRS) generator developed in OrCAD program suite.The described model is applicable for radio systems modules circuits simulation that are using in the operation a PRS. The PRS generator implementation in OrCAD make possible to change PRS parametres immediately in the program, without using other software. A model specificity is that it is parametrised. Parametrization facilitates model control and that is reduce to a minimum necessary manipulations for changing of PRS type. The model is constructed on the basis of circuitry implementation of the linear feedback shift register (LFSR). For adjustment of model it is enough to instal code words setting starting state a LFSR, parametres of a signal of a clock source and to specify register tap output. As an example, used a 16-bit LFSR to create maximum length PRS, tap sequence {0, 5, 9, 13}. Emulation results are presented.

Keywords: pseudorandom sequence, PRS generator, LFSR, OrCAD, circuit simulation