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Q optimization of mm-wave LC circuits


Q optimization of mm-wave LC circuits

P.S. Budyakov, A.I. Serebryakov, N.V. Butyrlagin, I.V. Pakhomov

Incoming article date: 18.09.2013

Сollector mm-wave load circuit of differential stages, as well as the optimization of Q-factor are considered. Optimization of the form of microstrip line in order to increase quality factor is shown. Differential line shorted at one end, at the resonant frequency in the operating mode of the standing wave. At the shorted end of the line voltage is at minimum level, while the current at the maximum, so losses are mainly due to the series resistance of the microstrip line. On the other side of the line, the current is minimized, and the voltage - maximum, so the parasitic losses associated with shunt conductance between the differential lines. This effect use for reducing line losses and increasing the Q-factor. To this end, at the shorted end of the line is necessary to increase the line width and the gap between them, and at the other end to reduce the width and gap.

Keywords: resonant circuit, SiGe, mm-wave, BiCMOS, monolithic integrated circuit