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To unstable coloration centres in rear earth gallium garnets


To unstable coloration centres in rear earth gallium garnets

V.G. Kostishyn

Incoming article date: 24.09.2013

The coloration centres (CC) in crystals of rear earth gallium garnets (REGG): Gd3Ga5O12 (GGG), Gd3Sc1,6Ga3,4O12 (GSGG) и Nd3Ga5O12 (NGG) obtained by Chohraljskiy method, were investigated by methods of optical spectroscopy and spectral analysis in the wavelength range of 0,2-0,87 microns. In the case of keeping the samples under dark conditions, unstable CC were formed in the crystals of GGG and GSGG. The absorption maxima are at λmax1 = 0,243 m and λmax2 = 0,275 m at concentration of N ~ 1018 cm-3. It is suggested that the observed enlightenment is caused by the recharging of growth defects and occurring the energy levels in the band gap of garnets. It appears that these CC correspond to centres of O- holes, originated from gallium vacancies V3-Ga 3+ in tetrahedral and octahedral nots which form near clusters of [V3-Ga 3+ - V2+O2- ]

Keywords: color centers, rare earth gallium garnets, kristylly, Czochralski method, the crystal lattice