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Parameters selection of load testing using fuzzy logic for monitoring systems


Parameters selection of load testing using fuzzy logic for monitoring systems

Temichev A.A.., Fayzrakhmanov R.A.

Incoming article date: 13.08.2015

The article considers the method of parameters selection of the stress testing parameters of the load testing system, which is used to evaluate the performance of a distributed monitoring system. The proposed method on the use of intelligent technologies, namely the fuzzy logic is based. The novelty of the proposed method in comparison with existing methods is use both fuzzy logic and feedback. Feedback allows getting information about the parameters of server performance of monitoring system and timely adjusting of parameters of the test system, providing the required load on server of monitoring system. A method of fuzzy logic allows responding flexibly to changing the state of the monitoring system, without human intervention, using the information obtained through feedback. To illustrate the proposed method was implemented in an experimental load testing system. Further experimental verification was performed of the implemented load testing system on a simple monitoring system. The final part of the article presents the results of the experiment. The experimental results show that the proposed method allows keeping the required load on the monitoring system server with various changes of states of its work.

Keywords: fuzzy logic, feedback, load testing, monitoring system